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Day 1

Gokudera had always thought that he was smart and everything he did will lead him to no wrong, except for some things like cooking and some other stuffs but those can be left unattended. As well for the equation he gave to Yamamoto yesterday when everything was so beautiful and precious, as if they were already dating. However, right now, what Gokudera's witnessing, was something that proved his egoistical self wrong.

Only did Yamamoto not bid him goodbye when class ended but he also did not flash that 1000 watt grin at him. The silverette was incredulous and decided to see where the raven haired male's heading, the Tenth was staying back for intensive classes, and what he saw was nothing he liked.

Yamamoto was heading towards that Hibari jerkass' office with a really happy face. What was this? He never knew that they were on good terms until now. Heck, Yamamoto's always been on good terms with anyone. But the skylark? When? How? Why? All kind of assumptions barged right in to Gokudera's head harshly, leaving him no space to think straight.

Alright, maybe giving the equation to Yamamoto, a Mathematics-idiot, was wrong and will result in the blooming of Yamamoto's and Hibari's relationship but then if not for the equation, he didn't know how to convey his feelings. Now he's really contradicting with himself. Ugh, why is he the one suffering here? Shouldn't Yamamoto be the one since he's the one solving that shit. Maybe...maybe Hibari and Yamamoto has been dating all along but they tried to keep it as low as possible but right now, Gokudera had created a chance for them to meet as frequently as they could since Yamamoto needed a tutor besides himself. Just the thought of it made Gokudera angry.

Yamamoto's feelings be damned. Gokudera told himself and walked home, alone. He decided to ignore the baseball star until the day he solved the equation to see whether his feelings are considered important to Yamamoto or not. Though he doubt it after seeing the happy face he plastered when meeting with Hibari.

"Yamamoto Takeshi, are you paying attention?" Hibari threw a cold glance at a really tired raven haired. He never liked it when someone asked for his help yet he couldn't receive the same amount of attention he gave to the other. Normally he would threw a tonfa at them, just like he would with that stupid blonde, but something odd about Yamamoto just wouldn't let him do it. He knew he had always liked this baseball star but he had never experienced it, how would he know? It's just a smart guess.

"Oh?" Yamamoto tried to blink away the sleepiness and straightened his back that was previously crouching lazily with an arm propped up to rest his chin. "Yeah, of course!" He grinned widely and let out an awkward chuckle when all Hibari did was judging him with his stare. He knew he couldn't lie to Hibari and so, "What were you saying again?"

Hibari sighed in exasperation. Really now, why did he ever agreed on this?

"Do you want to get your answers in three days time or not?"

"Of course!"

"Then pay attention, or else I will kick you out."

"Yes sir."

Really now, why?

"First, you need to get the basics of simplifications." Hibari started and took a book from his desk, flipping it to the page he wanted.

"What's that?" Yamamoto asked dumbly.

"You simplify the equation." Hibari tried to explain nicely but he only got another dumb look from Yamamoto. Now that he think about it, "Do you even know the basics of Algebraic Formula?"

"Algewhat?" Yamamoto blinked his eyes stupidly, staring straight into Hibari.

Hibari squinted his eyes at the overly too dumb teenager. Was his mind really only filled with baseball? How did people even cope with him? The skylark placed down his book and massaged the bridge of his nose. This is gonna be tough.

What a tiring day, Yamamoto thought to himself on his way back home. Hibari was a good teacher, as good as Gokudera himself minus the interesting reactions he would get from the Italian whenever he behaved stupidly. He chuckled when an image of Gokudera fuming in annoyance flew into his head. How adorable. How can such an adorable yet beautiful human being be real? When Yamamoto first met Gokudera, he thought he was like an expensive porcelain doll. His skin so pale that he thought it would easily break, his eyes so green he thought he would lost in them and never come out. Despite their disastrous meeting, Yamamoto still grew interested in Gokudera.

Until now, he's in love with him.

Yamamoto blushed faintly and opened the door to Takesushi, a soft smile plastered on his lips.

"Hey Takeshi!" His father greeted him enthusiastically before his face changed into a curious one. "You look happy."

"Eh?" Yamamoto looked up from the ground and saw his father grinning slyly.

"What what? In love already?" His father teased while wiggling his eyebrows. Yamamoto got all flustered and replied with a fast "That's not it!" before dashing right up to his room. He swear he can hear his father snickering in amusement in the background. He smiled in aggregation and let out a sigh.

He took out the equation from the bag before throwing it on the floor. He proceeded to his desk made for studying but when did he actually sit down here to study? He chuckled and took a pen nearby, trying to solve the equation with the little knowledge he gained today. But alas, that little knowledge was not enough. After 15 minutes of solving, Yamamoto gave up. He didn't understand a thing. The pure white paper, only tainted with the line of equation, was now filled with undone and crossed out works. Yamamoto sighed and flopped directly onto the soft floor, staring up at the spinning fan.

I'll just sleep for now.

With uniform still undressed, bag unpacked, Yamamoto laid there, drifting off to sleep.

Day 2

Even though Yamamoto slept unorganized yesterday, he was right on time to wake up and organize everything neatly. He didn't even panic and to his luck, there was no morning practice today, giving him more than enough time to prepare everything. He left Takesushi after bidding his dad goodbye.

He met his friends along the way but they were not the ones he was looking for. He talked to them a little before proceeding, searching for the brunette and silverette he will always meet on their way to school. Soon after, he spotted the Italian that stood out so much more than the petite Japanese. He grinned and jogged to them, clinging his arm on them as usual as if it was already a habit whenever he sees them.

"Mornin', you two." Yamamoto greeted cheerfully. Tsuna, as always, nodded and greeted his best friend meekly before glancing at an annoyed Italian. Yamamoto, too, noticed Gokudera's annoyance and had already braced himself for the worse to come but no, Gokudera was surprisingly calm. He did throw a glare at the raven haired and shrugged his arm off but that's all before he continued what he had left off with the Tenth.

Yamamoto was dumbstruck. Gokudera was surprisingly cold to him today. Though he acted like he's always cold to him but in truth, he was not. At least he successfully gained the silverette's attention up until now. He just couldn't understand why. The happy grin on his face faltered into a confused and disappointing one as he followed behind them. Gokudera was rambling about anything to Tsuna with a excited face, totally ignoring Yamamoto's presence like it was air. Yamamoto felt hurt.

Tsuna noticed the abnormal atmosphere around those two and he glanced backwards at Yamamoto. He was right.

Sometimes he wondered whether his friends are the childish ones or himself. Either way, he's gonna be the one helping them to solve this somehow. Tsuna was expecting it the day Gokudera told him about his feelings towards the raven haired.

It was not a nice feeling to ignore Yamamoto like that, Gokudera knew. He was good in this since forever, but right now, after he saw the sad look on Yamamoto when he accidentally glanced backwards, totally not trying to care about the baseball-idiot's feelings, he felt bad. He had ignored Yamamoto for ever and it would never bug him but why now? When it's such a normal thing to do. Maybe he shouldn't let his jealousy take over him. He acted like a ridiculous childish kid but then again, it was Yamamoto's fault for acting so buddy-buddy with Hibari.

Gokudera frowned and his determination to act cold towards Yamamoto grew.

Gokudera was cold towards Yamamoto all the way until they reach their classes. Yamamoto was left behind, staring at his back with such a distant gaze that may be obvious to the surrounding people. They went to their respective seats in the class and their class started. Not talking to Gokudera for the whole morning made Yamamoto's mind even more unfocused towards the things teacher were teaching.

Yamamoto rested his chin on his propped up palm and stared at the blackboard with empty eyes, his mind filled with reasons why Gokudera became so cold to him.

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