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"…moto-kun," Yamamoto can hear his name being called by a soft voice, only vividly before it blurred. He tried to muster enough attention to focus on the voice, trying to make out what the owner was trying to say.

"..mamoto-kun." A little bit more, Yamamoto told himself.

"Yamamoto-kun!" The voice suddenly amplified itself as the shrug on his forearm vibrated more, successfully snapping him out of whatever place he was in. He jolted up and caught the person that was calling him unaware, shrieking beside him. Jolting up suddenly wasn't a good choice. He felt his head spinning and his vision obscured. He shook his head and shut his eyes before resting his forehead on the heels of his palms that were propped up by his elbows. It took some time for his vision to become clear.

A plastic table painted with cheap wooden color greeted his sight first when his vision focused. At the top right side was his notebook scribbled with drawings of baseball and dynamites. The top left side was his cylinder shaped blue pencil box, its surroundings shattered with pencils and pens. Now that he thought about it, the teacher should be teaching but he couldn't hear any familiar voices of a teacher. All he could hear was noisy chatters all around him; some male students talked about games and girls while the female students gossiped and discussed about the newest fashion. Was it recess already?

He screwed his eyes shut again, letting it close for a while before opening them again, removing his forehead from his palms. It was then the sleepiness hit him. He let out a yawn and rubbed his sheepish eyes lazily. Right, he fell asleep. But it was his first time sleeping through all the classes before recess. Guess thinking about Gokudera really squeezed the juice out of him. Gokudera?

He scanned his gaze all around the classroom, trying to spot for a certain silver haired male but he found none. His heart sank and so was his gaze.

"Gokudera-kun went to the teachers' office. Tanaka-sensei doubted his Math's test again." Tsuna's voice rang beside his ear and Yamamoto turned to face him. The brunette was smiling nervously while scratching his cheek, his eyebrows curved up in a sorry look for Gokudera's encounter.

"Ahaha, is that so?" Yamamoto laughed it off, his heart felt relieved at Tsuna's remark. Did Tsuna read his mind or something because he definitely did not voice it out loud. Or did he?

Noticing Yamamoto's worried look, Tsuna can't help care for both his guardians-no, friends. Tsuna didn't know what to do, all the options that ever came to his mind was to wait. Wait for them to come for his help eventually. Tsuna was never one to poke his nose into other people's businesses if they didn't want him to and he wouldn't do it right now either.

"Let's go eat." Tsuna smiled, placing a hand on Yamamoto's shoulder. Yamamoto looked at the hand before glancing up at his brunette friend. His smile can't help but stretch into a smile of gratitude. He pushed his chair backwards and stood up, Tsuna slipped his hand away.

"Yeah, let's." He grinned widely, receiving a small grin from Tsuna.

They exited their classroom and headed to the cafeteria. Both of them didn't prepare lunchboxes today so they settled with yakisoba bread each. They proceeded to the rooftop where the three of them, now only two, always had their lunch. It was a breezy and relaxing place for them, free from any stressful events and occurrence; that's why they enjoyed their time there. However, with Yamamoto's mind currently filled with the bomber, it didn't help at all the presence of the rooftop, not even the absence of Gokudera.

The atmosphere was awful. Yamamoto ability to brighten up any gloomy tension wasn't working right now since he was the prior cause of said gloomy tension. Tsuna eschewed any taboo subject involving Gokudera as possible as he can to take Yamamoto's mind off the bomber. Yamamoto was glad to have a friend like Tsuna, he thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

Recess break ended soon enough as they were eating. They walked down to the corridor and headed to their classroom. On their was, the tension was still there, suffocating Yamamoto. Tsuna tried his best to cheer him up but he was the one not cooperating. Tsuna was a great friend and Yamamoto believed that he wouldn't mind if he told Tsuna about his crush on Gokudera. And so he did.

"Hey, Tsuna," Yamamoto started and Tsuna turned to him.

"I'm worried about Gokudera." The raven haired frowned slightly, facing his brunette friend. Tsuna only smiled, expecting it.

"Why?" Tsuna probed further.

"He's ignoring me nowadays." Yamamoto said in a pouty voice, looking down at the concrete hallway.

"Why do you care so much? Isn't Gokudera-kun always like this?" Tsuna knew he might sound bad and judging but if not this way, he don't think Yamamoto would be honest with him. He must behave like the Vongola Boss some times, no?

"No, that's not it." Yamamoto's voice sounded desperate. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath before exhaling, turning to face Tsuna, determination shimmered in his honey-brown orbs.

"I like Gokudera."

Tsuna's smile widened.

"And just when I thought our relationship was getting better, he started ignoring me. I know he said not to talk to him after I've solved the equation but I can't afford him not acknowledging my presence like this." Yamamoto started to ramble. Venting out his worries to Tsuna who only listened with a knowing smile. Yamamoto apologized for his rants but Tsuna just shook his head and told him he was happy Yamamoto told him about his problems. He told Yamamoto they were friends and he shouldn't keep things to himself. Tsuna'd be more than happy to help. Hearing that, Yamamoto was really glad to have Tsuna as a friend.

"So do I." Tsuna agreed with him. He then told Yamamoto everything would be settled once he solved the equation. Yamamoto let out a smile, slightly frustrated about his comment since it was the cause to everything but he tried to keep his cool. They entered their classroom afterwards as the class started. Gokudera was seen sitting at his own desk already. It wasn't until 30 minutes after the class started Yamamoto realize: How did Tsuna know about the equation?

Yamamoto frowned in confusion.

School soon rang its final bell, the students secretly cheered in their head. After the teacher gave out today's assignment, she announced their leave. Everyone packed their belongings and headed out of class, towards the school gate. Yamamoto remained at his table for a while, staring at Gokudera's empty seat.

The silverette was forced to stay back for detention since earlier this day, he blew up some of the school's classroom when Lambo decided to infiltrate the school perimeter. Gokudera was chasing him all around the school with dynamites in his hands, leaving holes here and there. Recalling back that scene was amusing it made Yamamoto chuckle. When their homeroom teacher told Gokudera about his detention, the Italian apologized profusely to the Tenth about his inability to accompany him back home. Yamamoto can see Tsuna was troubled. He envied Tsuna at that moment, having all of Gokudera's attention yet he didn't appreciate it. Yamamoto felt bad thinking about it and shook the idea off. Tsuna's not the one in love with Gokudera after all.

Finally done packing his stuffs into his bag, Yamamoto stood up from his chair and headed outside to start his baseball practice. Maybe I can talk to Gokudera after this. A smile made its way to his lips.

Baseball practice was harsh today. Not to mention his head was not in the game, got him into quite some trouble with his seniors. They already got their hands full with the upcoming tournament yet Yamamoto's here increasing their stress. He's the star player, they must assure he's in his best condition when they play. Yamamoto felt guilty for making his seniors worry. That wasn't the worse part though, he still had tuition with Hibari later. Just thinking about it made Yamamoto want to whine, give up on his life; but he can't. After all, his happiness with Gokudera depended on that line of equation.

He tried his best to give it his full focus when Hibari started their lesson. Of course, his cheek still made contact with the tonfa no matter how much he tried to pay attention. When their tuition session ended, it was already late. Yamamoto doubted Gokudera's detention would last till such a late hour. No hope today, I guess. Yamamoto let out a long and disappointed sigh.

He dragged his heavy legs to the shoe lockers, pin-pointing out his own locker easily as he toed his shoes from his feet, his hand taking out his sports shoes from the locker. When he bent down to take his school shoes, his eyes caught a shining silver out of the corner of his eyes. Yamamoto turned its way and his eyes widened.

"Gokudera?!" The baseball player exclaimed in surprise.

Gokudera didn't notice Yamamoto's presence at first, focusing on the cusses he could manage to describe the detention teacher. He was in a foul mood and hearing Yamamoto's voice calling him was not helping. He turned to the familiar voice and twitched in annoyance when Yamamoto graced him with his 1000 watt smile.

"Yo. Bye." Gokudera made it quick and simple before he pivoted on his heels to leave. He was already done wearing his shoes.

"Ah, wait!" Yamamoto halted him, stumbling on his shoes and caught onto Gokudera's wrist. Skinny.

"What?" Gokudera growled out with gritted teeth, totally not amused by this. His heart was pounding like mad right now. He should stay mad at Yamamoto and not react to his touch. What the Hell is he doing?

Yamamoto sensed the irritation in Gokudera's tone and felt sorry for halting him but it's now or never, that's the feeling he got at that time. He started to worry his lower lip, looking at the side for a while before staring straight at Gokudera again. His eyes reflected the resolve in his heart.

"Why are you avoiding me?" Yamamoto finally found the courage to articulate the thought that had been eating him alive.

Gokudera felt his heart sting and he chewed on the insides of his cheeks. So he noticed. He wanted to shout at Yamamoto for being stupid and not realizing he was acting jealous because of his intimacy with Hibari but he couldn't . Not until he solved the equation.

"You'll find out once you decoded the equation." Gokudera whispered but clear enough for Yamamoto to hear.

Hearing the word 'equation' and 'solve' fueled Yamamoto's anger. His forehead that was not used to being creased folded in peeve, his grip on Gokudera's wrist became painful it made the silverette jolt.

"Why is it always with the equation?" Yamamoto breathe out with cold anger, glaring at Gokudera. "I'm already fed up with it! You too, Tsuna too… All you guys ever say was 'solve the equation'. What's so important about that?!" Finally, Yamamoto let it all out. His breath quickened as he rant it all out in one-go, his menacing look at Gokudera didn't falter. And so did Gokudera's.

When Yamamoto started, Gokudera was already angry. The equation's everything and Yamamoto dare say why was it always the equation. If he wasn't so stupid, he'd figure the equation out faster and he wouldn't have to endure all of this. It was all his fault and here he was, yelling at him. He should be the one yelling, not him! That fact pushed Gokudera more over to the edge of outrage and finally he snapped.

"It's okay if you fucking leave the equation alone." Gokudera hissed coldly. "But I have to remind you, I won't ever talk to you in the future if you really did."

As if suddenly struck with an appalling truth, Yamamoto loosened his grasp to register what Gokudera had said more thoroughly. Taking his opportunity, Gokudera yanked his hand away from Yamamoto's, shocking the raven haired back to the reality. Gokudera glared at Yamamoto once more before taking his leave.

All Yamamoto could do at that time was let Gokudera slip from his hand and watch as Gokudera's fury expression morphed into a bitter one.

What was that?

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