Alternate Reality

Hello everyone ancient keyblade here with a new chapter!

Dale: I was enjoying my five day break from your torture.

AK: While you were having a break, I was breaking my back with walking and making spears to get food for camp.

Ajay: Did you catch anything?

AK: No...

Kai: LOL.

AK: On with the story!

I swear there was a broom next to me! I continued to move my arms to seek out the elusive broom. After a few moments I felt my hand come in contact with metal. It must be the broom, I thought. As I griped the piece of metal I felt a rush of power.

I didn't care about it and swung the broom in a wide arc around me. It battered away the darkness with results I didn't expect. The light became slightly clearer before I could see everything perfectly, it was even clearer than this morning!

"So you three are the ones." Xephos said as I stood up. I ignored him and looked at my hand. No broom could give anyone a rush of power. When I saw what was in my hand I nearly dropped it. It was a sword!

The sword looked liked Excalibur in a way, but was slightly curved and bigger. The sword itself looked like it was made out of space itself! I could see stars and other galaxies in it! It had a faint blue aura around it.

"What the hell!" I heard Kai yell. I look towards him and nearly choked on air. He had the same sword! (With the exception of a few minor details)

"What's going on?!"Ajay asked/yelled

"Xephos they have been chosen already, get out of there!" A voice bellowed.

"NO! I can beat these guys!" Xephos countered

"Your funeral, again." The voice replied. Wait, again?

"Heartless, ATTACK!" Xephos screeched as the heartless appeared. We took immediate action and got in our battle stances

"Destroy the heartless!" I bellowed taking the position as leader. We took the back to back position for the fight. I would be at the front taking out as much as possible using my limited training, while Ajay and Kai was behind me taking out the other one that tried to surround us.

Our efforts were wasted as the pure amount of the heartless was completely overpowering us. We all knew the hope was lost but we wouldn't back down. We couldn't. Slashing left and right at the heartless and at long last stop their assault. Blood and sweat beaded down our faces as we fell to our knees, gasping for air.

"Uh oh." Xephos said "your back up has arrived, so see ya" I heard the faint noise of a portal opening and closing. What back up?

"Cure." I heard a small voice say as I felt a rush of energy. It was enough to get most of the fatigue out of my body. I groaned as I got up. Ajay and Kai helped each other up.

"Youse three fought like true warriors." Our strange redeemer continued.

"Thank you for the compliment KING MICKEY?!" I exclaimed as we looked at the small king standing in front of us.

"Yup, youse three must be confused right now." He continued. We just stood and nodded. "Whelp, we better head inside" he said as he walked to the front door.

"Wait! What about our parents?" Kai asked

"Minnie's in the house calming them down, we're fine with going inside." We were still sketchy around him, what? You don't just see a cartoon character in real life every day.

When we stepped inside we were barraged by hugs, kisses and a lot of questions that mostly revolved around "are you ok?" and "what happened out there?"

"Every one be quiet!" Mickey yelled as every thing went quiet. "Now I suppose youse want to know what's happening."

Most of the answers were "yes" or "yup" but SOMEONE had to be an idiot.

"OF COURSE WE WANT TO KNOW WHATS HAPPENING YOU DUMB MOUSE!" I should bitch slap him, and then pimp slap him. Any how, that was my other cousin Andre', and honestly, I don't know how any one can put up with him for a second, I feel sorry for his girlfriend.

"SHUT UP ANDRE'!" That was Alfred, most people call him Alfie






"BE QUIET!" I screamed as the two stoped. They knew that was my serious voice. "Thank you, go on Mickey."


To make a very long story short, the organisations' back, Sora and the gang is missing along with Kairi and Riku, the organisation is looking for the "Riftblade" wielders (which is us) for an unknown reason.

"What is the Riftblade anyway?" Ajay asked.

"The Riftblade is a new weapon to me; I do know that it is a bit like the Keyblade, it can destroy the heartless like the Keyblade and cast magic, it looks like a regular sword, except it seems to be made of space itself" Mickey replied.

"Other than that, it's a complete mystery." Minnie continued.

"Being called the Riftblade it must have some effect on space." I reasoned. Just after I said that, there was a long droning sound outside the front yard.

"More heartless?" Kai asked.

"No, it's the gummi ship" Minnie replied. That was all I needed before I sprinted outside to see it. It looked like in the games, made of blocks (-_-). It was very colourful and I was amazed to see it fit in the front yard!

"Welcome to the gummi ship!" Mickey announced suddenly from behind me.

"It's rather… Flamboyantly coloured isn't it." Kai remarked.

"Just wait until you see the inside." Minnie said as we begun to walk in.

AK: and to piss every one off, I'm a stopping right there

Dale: why are you such a basterd?

AK: 'Cause I can be, what are you going to do about it bitch.

Kai: Hit you with a log.

AK: what?

A log suddenly hits AK in the face.

Ajay: Score!