For All Time

"Kayla, he was so HOT!" smiled Riley Grant as she walked down the hall. Kayla West shook her head in playful frustration. "Ri, I don't know how you define hot, but I at least consider it to be something other than long hair, guitars, and a look like you're on something!" "Okay, maybe you have a point," conceded Riley as the two approached her locker. "But his tan! His eyes! Ohhhh." Kayla just shook her head and sighed.

"Hello ladies," came the voice of Jett Jackson, stopping in front of them with his best friend J.B. Haliburton. "What's up?" "Riley's trying to convince me that the new lead singer of the Bombslingers is the hottest thing since Brad Pitt," muttered Kayla as she rolled her eyes. "But I told her I was already with the best-looking guy in the world," she grinned, as Jett, also smiling, leaned in for a kiss. J.B. and Riley each coughed, and the two abruptly pulled away, remembering where they were. "Jett, we've got to get to class." "Yeah. Hey, you two want to get together with us after school? J.B. and I are going to work on that poetry book project Mr. Dupree assigned us all." "Always ready to spend time with you, Jackson, " teased Kayla. Jett tossed a sardonic smile her way, and turned to Riley. "What about you, Riley?" "Sure thing guys," said Riley. "But Jett- remember, we have to be at the set by 5:00 p.m." "Yeah, I know. See you two later," hollered Jett, quickly and lightly kissing Kayla before running off after J.B. to class.

As the two boys ran down the hall, Riley's eyes lingered for a long time on the path J.B. had taken. Why did she always seem to be entranced by him? Suddenly, she became aware of Kayla's hand, waving in front of her face. "Hello? Earth to Riley, come in please!" "Sorry," breathed Riley, still thinking about J.B. "Must have zoned out there for a sec." "Yeah, just a bit," said Kayla. Suddenly, she stepped back, appraising her friend. "Wait a minute. Ri, I've never seen that look on you before. You look like..oh my gosh! You don't have do! Riley, you have a thing for J.B.!" exclaimed Kayla.

Riley sighed. "Kay, it's more than a 'thing.' It's like nothing I've ever experienced before in my life!" "Whoa. Sounds serious." "Yeah." "Want to talk about it? We could hit my place if you like after the four of us study." Riley opened her mouth, intending to refuse and go on dealing with this by herself, but to her great surprise she said "Sure."