The drive to high school was filled with conflicting opinions. Was I looking forward to the new school year, or wasn't I? New opportunities, new friends, or just being pushed around as usual. The bus arrived and I walked out, only to be surrounded by Garth and his friends.

"Hey coyote, how was your school break?" said Garth, with Hutch and Candu snickering behind him. I sighed, trying to pass him. "Just get outta my way, you brute" I mumbled, as I walked towards the school doors.

Garth just picked me up by my collar, and punched me in the gut. He threw me to the ground, and I looked up at them and I noticed Kate standing there, giving me a regretful look. I got lost in her amber eyes, and was literally shaken out of my trance by someone behind me.

I stood up out of the snow and turned around to see Salty, Shakey and Mooch staring at me. "You are one crazy wolf, Humphrey" exclaimed Shakey. Salty and Mooch nodded in agreement.

"Well I…you know…I just…" I stopped and turned to see Garth's gang walking into the school, Kate following. She looked towards me and gave a small smile. I smiled back and caught myself staring into her eyes again.

"C'mon Humphrey, it's not worth it. She the most popular girl in school." said Salty. I ignored him, and joined them in the walk to a new year at Jasper High School.

I waited patiently for the rest of my class to finish the test. I was top of the class, so I always finished first. I put my feet up on the desk. "HUMPHREY, FEET DOWN!" the teacher screamed at the top of his voice. Garth, Candu and Hutch were watching and burst into laughter.

Kate just rolled her eyes at them.

After class, Kate walked up to me. My heart started racing. "Um, Humphrey, can you …well, um… help me study on my English?" Kate asked kindly. It felt like my stomach did a back flip inside me. I nodded, breathless. "Great, come round to my place later, just don't tell Garth.

As if on cue, Garth walked up. "Kate, why are you talking to a geek?" asked Garth. "Oh…I, uh, wasn't" said Kate, following him away.

Just then, Lily, Kate's sister walked over. "Oh, hi Humphrey, what did Kate say?" she began. "Oh, hi, she said she wanted me to help her study" I told her. "You can come home with me. Meet me in the school parking lot after school." "T-thanks" I stuttered. She giggled, and then skipped away.

I waited, leaning against a wall, sketching a row of pine trees. "Wow, you're good." Lilly pointed out in a loud voice. I jumped, with eyes as wide as dinner plates. She put her hand over her mouth, trying to contain her laughter. "Come on, you" she said patting my shoulder with her paw. We jumped into her car and sped off towards the hills of Jasper City.

"Wow." That is all I could think when I saw Kate and Lily's house. Well, it was more like a mansion. The huge gates creaked open to reveal a massive estate. We drove past a tennis court, a pool, before pulling into a titanic garage, filled with the vintage cars. "My dad's a bit of a car nut. He's president of Wolftech. It's like a weapons company, I think.

We walked to the front door. A screen flickered into life, revealing a golden wolf. "Oh, Lily, you're home. What's he doing here, then?" the wolf asked.

"Mom, its Humphrey. He's here to see Kate." I waved to Eve through the camera. "Hi, Humphrey. Well, at least he's no stranger to see her. If he were, I would personally see to it that his tail be tied in knots…and that he…" Lily switched the camera off. "Don't mind her. She's a bit stressful lately." Lily said. I said back to her, "A-a bit." I stammered shakily. She smiled, rolled her eyes and took me upstairs to Kate's room.

"Oh, h-hi Kate" I said. "Hi, want to come in?" she questioned. I nodded, and walked in to start her tutoring.