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1999 – Japan, Iwatodai City – Minato POV

"No" I weakly murmured; the tone of fear quivering from my voice. I heard a monstrous roar before I saw my parent's faces for the last time. I was also only 6 at the time.

The sound of machine gun fire and metal clashing on metal rebounded on my ears, the pain of death, the pain of the several wounds on my body, and finally the pain of discovering that the ones I called father and mother were gone; dead, lost from me forever. The last thing I heard before I lost consciousness was...

'It matters not who you are... Death awaits you.'

"Wake up. Oy little boy; wake up." I heard a voice calling out to me. Is this it? Am I dead? That voice said that death awaited me, so I inferred that I was already dead. Another call from the voice began to give me a few doubts though.

"Little boy, are you awake?" The voice asked once more; I now determined that it was the voice of an old woman, who asked me. I opened my eyes and saw an old wrinkled woman, and several other kids behind her that were staring at me. The lady noticed this along with my nervousness, and then began to act.

"Now, now everyone run along, Minato-kun here just came from the Hospital, and I will be having a private conversation with him; would you all please head on outside for now?" She kindly asked the kids who then promptly began to leave through the door. I watched them leave until only the lady and I were left.

"Minato-kun, this is an orphanage, more specifically the Iwatodai Children's orphanage. I went through your personal effects along with your parents and-"

"My parents? Where are they?" I immediately cut her off; I couldn't believe what was happening to me back then. I began to panic as a deep surge of despair began creeping up into my heart.

"Minato-kun..." The woman, whom I now recognized as the caretaker, or at least a worker, for the orphanage tried to calm me down by calling my name.

"Papa..." Tears began to well up in my eyes. If it was not for a certain event that happened; my inner feelings would have died; I would have become an unfeeling and silent individual. After I calmed down; the caretaker, after introducing herself to me as Shelly, began to explain how no one from my family, be they relatives or at least distant relatives, came to pick me up, and that they could not find any contact number on my parents, nor on myself. She also told me that I had the choice to stay there and grow up to get an opportunity to work, or I could sign some papers to acknowledge myself to be allowed for adoption.

I obviously went for the latter, but during that time I had no hope, no sadness, no joy, and no feelings within my eyes.

It would only be two days later when things began to get interesting for me.

4 days later – Iwatodai Children's Orphanage – 11:59 pm – Minato POV

I did not know how, or when it began to happen; but all I know was that it was at this day that I first experienced this time of the night where everything took an eerie dark green and water became red blood. I took note of the changes; from the water turning into blood, heck the water I was about to drink, before everything became as it was even tasted like some kind of thick metal mixed with salt until I looked at the glass I was holding.


What was most unusual was that I couldn't find anybody within the orphanage, all I saw were coffins, black coffins that had an eerie red glow to them, I couldn't find anything scary about them at all; in fact it seemed as though I was drawn to them...

When I went outside; I saw several more coffins; I figured that with the orphanage being in the shopping district, there will surely be a lot of people instead of these coffins... Facing my childhood curiosity and that inner longing into touching one of them, I then proceeded to sate my wants.

As I touched one of the coffins; the coffin then began to unleash a bright hue of red; glowing brightly before suddenly dimming out. I then noticed that the coffin began to slowly fade away; and as I suspected, a person was inside; a person who was sleeping was inside and just as the coffin fully dissolved away, the sleeping person began to wake.

I reveled in amazement and wonder; at how I could show this strange time with the others since I just woke someone up, I had a smile to my face; until I noticed the person, whom I identified as a man began to scream, a scream that I was all too familiar with, a scream that I heard the time I lost everything.

"WAAAAAAH! AAAAAH!" The man; began to wail in pain as a black ichor of liquid began to flow out from his eyes and mouth. I began to think and wish that it was all a horrible dream; I began to think, 'Was I going to die? What about the others? What if I accidentally touched them too?' These and many more morbid thoughts entered my head.

As sudden as the fear of death and the cries of the man appeared; was the disappearance of said cries, and I then felt as though everything was safe, wishing that everything was all just a bad dream.

"Minato! What are you doing out here?" The voice of Shelly, asked me. It seems as though she just came back from a trip; she had several grocery bags with her, it must have be stew tonight I thought. My life went on as normal after that event, albeit the nights afterwards, about how everything went green and water became red. However, I simply dismissed these nights as nightmares.

Einzbern Castle – Germany – Illyasviel's POV

"I see, the alternate reality is constantly growing its affected area per night, very well; continue to monitor the situation until I get there myself." My grandfather, Jubstacheit von Einzbern, spoke with a hint of disappointment through a concoction of several reagents that enabled him to speak with the person, whom I assumed was another homunculus of our family. The homunculus whom I assumed is assigned to observe the said situation seems to be doing a terrible job at it, and I can only mourn its future demise as a fellow homunculus.

"Illyasviel, I am going on a trip to Japan." Japan! My grandfather said, oh how I long to go there to kill the one who took my own father from me! The boy, who I learned was named Shirou Emiya, the boy who took my father from me and dared call my father his father, lives in Japan!

"Grandfather take me with you!" I immediately responded with fervor. I will do everything I need to do to take that boy's life! 'Oh how I will enjoy tearing off every part of his body and then twist it with the several spells that I was taught with the use of Alchemy!'

"No. I cannot take you with me Illyasviel, this is a matter of personal business; you are to stay he-" At the point my grandfather said no, I was not listening to anything more that he was saying, I was about to leave my grandfather alone inside his room, and then proceed with my daily duties after hearing him say no.

"Illyasviel." My grandfather called out to me; I immediately turned around to face him. What I saw was a face that held contempt, most probably for that boy, Shirou Emiya, and anger, for what I believe was the loss of my mother Irisviel that was caused by Kiritsugu Emiya, my father.

"I am going on a trip to check a place where a major layline suddenly emerged. It is a place called Iwatodai, not Fuyuki as you can see, as much as I want to hunt down the last Emiya myself, it is simply not within the family's best interest as of the moment. I want you to prepare for the upcoming Grail War, is that understood Illyasviel?"

"Yes grandfather." I replied unceremoniously, and quietly left the room to continue my daily routines.

3 Days later (5/29/1999) – Iwatodai – 2:00 PM – Minato POV


The bell that signals the end of the school day reverberates around the school. I was currently at 1st Grade, and so far my grades are doing about average.

"Minato-chan!" A girl named Kotone, from what I heard transferred here 4 years earlier and is currently a 4th grader, called me over at the gates. She was assigned to me as part of the school's optional charity program, aimed at teaching its students on how to care for the more unfortunate members of the society.

Kotone was a bubbly sort of girl, who somehow forgot about a friend of hers from her earlier elementary years. She usually keeps on talking about how fun her 1st grade life was to me, although when it came to the subject of friends, she simply gets a headache from trying to remember what happened; although she does remember that she did have a best friend who helped her out at every step of the way. Remembering who this best friend was, however, a different story.

"Uwaaaah! I just can't remember who this best friend of mine is Minato-chan! How about we go to the cafe today?" My "Caretaker" for the day suggested, and she didn't mean any cafe; she meant that new maid cafe at Paulownia mall; Chagall Cafe.

A few minutes of walking later, we finally reached our destination, a maid ushered us in, and sat us in comfy bright green leather seats.

"I'll have a cup of your pheromone coffee; and Minato-chan here will have a cup of your Sweet Sweet Chocolate!" Kotone ordered for us; we were sort of regulars at the place, ever since she became my pseudo-caretaker for the school's program, we always went here after school.

"Minato-chan; do you need any help with your homework?" The bubbly girl asked me.

"Ms. Takayama didn't give us too much homework today, I can manage."

"You really need to put more feeling Minato-chan! If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask me!" she shouted in response to my answer. It was really freaky, the way she just shouts everything out; I mean every other person in the cafe is looking at us, I can already feel their eyes drilling holes at the back of my skull! But fortunately, the cafe's staff was used to Kotone's random shout-outs.

"Here's your order Ojou-sama." A butler this time served us our drinks, while Kotone calmed down and began to drink her coffee. After spending an hour in the cafe and talking about our school lives, well mostly her school life and everything else related to her life, Kotone brought me back to the orphanage.

It all started that night; I woke up at midnight for a glass of water. When I went to the faucet to drink; I was then reminded of what happens at this hour with a grueling sensation.


I spat out the liquid that I had in my mouth, I can't believe I forgot what happens at this time, or maybe it was due to my drowsy state, but that blood was nasty, it felt as though I drank of a thick metallic substance.


I heard a strange noise outside, and being the curious kid I was, I decided to, in simpler terms, check it out. Once I was outside, I immediately regretted my decision of heading outside; what I simply saw, was a monster.

Jubstacheit von Einzbern POV

I cannot simply believe it; I was bearing witness to the Second True Magic, the Kaleidoscope of all things to be considered! Yet once I set up a city-wide boundary field, I felt no presence from the Apostle turned Sorcerer at all; thus this is a natural phenomenon! With this the Einzberns will once more gain prestige among the Association and rise above the other families! I must study and investigate this matter and make sure no other mages will interfere with this place. Yes, I can buy this city, and have the Einzberns be its owners thus preventing anyone else from discovering this phenomenon.


I heard a growl of sorts; could this dimension be bringing its own life-forms into existence into Earth? Truly, another specimen I can study! I walked towards the direction of the sound when I came upon the figure.

A boy? No, the boy, despite being awake at this point in time, seems to be moving away from something with signs of fear etched into his face.

A monster? I saw a black discharge of ichor forming up in front of the boy, a mask with the roman numeral "I" etched onto it. Could that number be some form of identification, or maybe some form of seal? The wonders which came upon my mind at that point in time and now I was about to bear witness to how these strange creature hunted their prey.

Minato POV

"N-No! Stay away from me!" I screamed in fear; never letting my gaze leave the monster, for fear of what might happen if I turned my back on it. Instead, I opted to slowly back away, but even then it was simply hopeless, all I could pray for was for some hero to save me, or for this nightmare to end.


The monster's growl now had a longer pitch to it; a tone of it sensing its prey and the excitement associated with it.

"No... No... No..." I kept on murmuring to myself, and then I heard a young man's voice.

'Thou art I... and I am thou...'

What does the voice mean? What is it talking about me being someone else? Why is it even telling me that? I lost my identity as Minato Arisato a week ago on the bridge, why now when I am in a life or death situation? Why?


The monster wouldn't give me any more time to think as it roared loudly as a lion-shaped head came out from its front.


The monster this time lunged at me, and I braced myself for impact, for the death that awaits me.

*Crackle *Crackle

I heard the sound of shattering glass, and time seemed to freeze around me. I saw a glowing blue card with a picture in the middle of it. A picture with a mask of some sorts that is divided into a black half and a silver-like white one.

'... from the sea of thy soul I come forth.'

And like a sudden thought that pervaded my minds and controlled my lips; I spoke a word in a way that it sounded as though I knew every inch of what I was doing. My hand reached up for the card in front of my face, and in tandem with what I said, I crushed it.

"Per... so... na..."

The moment I spoke those words, the sound of shattering glass can be heard. The card exploded into a dozen fragments as though it was the glass that shattered. I then felt a sudden intake of power, a power that began to overflow that it sought release, and once I thought I was about to explode from the power gaining size within me. A silver metallic-like figure, with a harp stuck to its back appeared in front of me, as though defending me from the monster that lunged at me.

The monster itself stopped in its tracks as the being suddenly appeared in front of its target.

"I am Orpheus the Master of Strings"

The moment the being that appeared said those words; the monster, with its head focused on me, then set its sights on the being that called itself Orpheus.

"GRAAAAAAAAWWWR!" The monster roared, and once more propelled itself towards my direction, but this time with Orpheus as its target.

*Crackle *Crackle

The sound of shattering glass once more reverberated on my ears. And again, I had the impression of a heavy object that was looming control over my very mind by weighing it down; it was as though I lost control at that moment. With a flick of my arm; I pointed at the monster, and with my gesture; the being that was called Orpheus, grabbed its harp, and smashed it upon the monster.

The monster, upon being hit by the blunt, but heavy weapon, was crushed by the impact. The sounds of flesh and bones being cracked and mushed was heard; but as the monster somehow appeared, so did its corpse; as its remains melted into the night. Then somehow, sensing that the danger is gone; Orpheus faded away... along with my consciousness.

Jubstacheit von Einzbern POV

Oh what joy I felt when I saw what the boy did! As a head of the family that originally held the secrets of the Third Magic, the similarities of what that boy did was simply too much! And to go as far as summoning a Heroic Spirit, Orpheus, was simply a feat that I cannot ignore. This boy, this blue haired boy has the talent! I have not felt this much excitement since that no-excuse for a magus Kiritsugu Emiya had the chance at getting the grail!

This time, I will make sure that I get what the family needs; this boy has the potential; summoning a heroic spirit is no simple feat, and this is comparable to the capability that we Einzberns have lost! If I am able to get this boy, no, maybe even raise this boy and give him the necessary lessons on Magecraft, the Einzbern Family will rise back up through the ranks of magi, and with his power; the future Holy Grails will be ours!


Ah the boy seems to have collapsed, maybe with the necessary modifications... No... The human boy is simply that... A boy; but maybe with the minimum modifications, as that of placing more magic circuits within the boy, may prove beneficial in the long run; it has been a long time since I did a proper procedure on a human; but maybe reviewing some of the works and theories of the Homunculus, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern may fix some of the problems that may arise. Studying the boy is also within the equation, for we Einzbern have been known to keep our specimens alive throughout our experiments; it will not do at all if the Einzbern's future is hurt or destroyed in any form after all.

Now on to the next train of thoughts; that boy, he said the word, "persona" before he summoned that heroic spirit. Haha! Definitthin hearing distance of me, I can see all those little parasites slowly moving away from me; but yet the person who called my name walked up to me; could it be another magus who witnessed what thiely, what the boy did is within the Einzbern's supposed lost sorcery after all! What he summoned was simply a materialization of his inner character! But to summon a heroic spirit of all things! I cannot simply wait to study and take this boy as one of our own!


The boy seems to be mumbling something; my strengthened hearing can only make it out as some form of gibberish. Well, nothing will happen if I simply stay here, maybe nearing the boy will help my observations out, and if possible even interact with the boy!


As I was nearing the boy's location; I heard a voice.

"Who is it?" I boomed out in a question.

Immediately intimidating anyone within hearing distance of me, I can see all those little parasites slowly moving away from me; but yet the person who called my name walked up to me; could it be another magus who witnessed what thiely, what the boy did is within the Einzbern's supposed lost sorcery after all! What he summoned was simply a materialization of his inner character! But to summon a heroic spirit of all things! I cannot simply wait to study and take this boy as one of our own!

s boy did? s boy did?


The voice this time quivered. Wait... I see, the people walking away from me; it seems as though that other dimension has dissipated. Looking around me, I felt a stroke of luck, or maybe it was simply the will of the root in favor of the Einzberns! I was standing in front of an orphanage, and the boy was passed out by its door.

"Ah, I am very sorry; I am Jubstacheit von Einzbern, and I would like to say that I saw something special within that young little boy, may I inquire if he is up for adoption?" I immediately answered the old woman, whom I assumed was the caretaker of this dank place, while utilizing a few minor hypnosis spells in the process.

? - ? - ? Minato POV

Last thing I remember was being attacked by a monster, and the next I found myself sitting on a bluish chair, inside an elevator?

"Ahh, it has been quite some time since I had a guest here."

I was then broken from my stupor by a long nosed man in a suit. What was most weird about the man was his eyes; they seemed as though they were about to bulge out from his eye sockets. Next to the man was a woman who had short white hair, alluring yellow eyes, and was wearing a blue uniform-akin to the ones I saw in elevators when I went on a trip in a hotel with the orphanage once. The woman who seems to have noticed my gaze, met my own, and gave me a smile that somehow creeped me out, not in the sense like the monster's, but in a sense that the woman was planning some form of massive prank; the kinds that we used to play in the orphanage; ranging from missing chairs to a tag of paper with the words, "kick me" written on them.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room."

The woman stated, her smile nor her gaze never disappearing on me. Then, the long-nosed man, gave a subtle cough, and somehow gave me the signal that I must give him my utmost attention.

"Where am I?"

I asked, looking for answers; since the place I was in is very different from where I was earlier; in fact, I had more questions; questions like, "Am I dead? Who are you? What am I doing here?" And as if to answer my questions; the long-nosed man answered me.

"If you are wondering; you are not dead, and I believe we have not met; I am Igor, and this is my assistant Elizabeth, we of the Velvet room are delighted to make your acquaintance."

The man, named Igor, introduced himself along with the woman whom I identified as Elizabeth. Was he psychic or something? It feels as though he read my mind.

"This place exists between dream and reality. Mind and matter! Only those with the potential to hold the potential of a Wild Card are deemed to enter." The man stated, before a piece of paper; along with a pen, appeared on his table.

"Now let us go on to the specifics of our contract; if you would kindly please?" Igor gestured me to stand up and move towards the table. I took the pen, and then read what was written.

I chooseth this Fate of my own free will.

Signed, _

Looking over the contract; I signed my name on it, seeing that there was nothing bad, the words on it actually meant.

"Now that you have signed the contract," Igor then began to speak, just as the paper with my name on it disappeared, and then reappeared on his hand. "The Velvet Room will offer its services to you." He stated, while Elizabeth then walked up to me and handed me a blue colored key.

The key had a purplish shine to it, it was as though I was enchanted by it, it felt as though the key itself was alive; and will only accept me as its user. Looking back up at Igor, I felt as though I needed more answers.

"What services do you offer?"

"Ah, the services the Velvet Room offers, is only available for those who have utilized the potential of the Wild Card; the power that you currently possess."

"The Wild Card? How do I utilize its power?" I asked, as my mind began to form more questions despite the answer that Igor has provided.

"One, who has the Wild Card, can utilize the power of several different personas! However you will only be able to do this through the power of Social Links."

"Social Links? Personas?"

"Social links are the bonds that you will form with people; bonds that will carry on despite long distances! Personas on the other hand, are the facets of your soul, their power can only be attained and realized through the power of Social Links." Igor explained, fully answering my questions. So the being that called itself Orpheus is a persona of mine that I summoned through a power, a power called the wild card that lets me use multiple personas, which are in fact facets of my soul. And in order to nurture this power, I will need to form these so called Social Links with other people, in other words; make friends to help me develop these other facets of my soul.

"Now time is moving on in your world; you will soon visit us here at your own free will. Until we meet again." Igor bade farewell with that wide smile adorning his face. I then began to lose consciousness within the room, and the next thing I saw was sunlight.

6/5/1999 – ? – 9:32 AM – Minato POV

"Huh?" Was the first word I mumbled out as I woke up to the cold, yet sunny morning... Wait... Cold? I then noticed that I was wearing a white plain shirt, and a purple trench coat, with its front buttoned up was layed out at the foot of my bed. I also noticed that I was wearing a pair of formal-looking black trousers.

When I looked around; I also noticed that I wasn't in the orphanage in Iwatodai anymore. I woke up on a Queen-sized bed; with red drapery tied on four posts at the corners of the bed. I then looked outside the windows from the bed and saw snow! Now that with my current environment could only mean a few things.

1) I was neither in Iwatodai nor Japan anymore.

2) The other; I was unconscious for a very long time and it's already the winter season.

3) The orphanage was renovated... By a very generous person.

"I see that you are awake."

A tall large man, with the voice of a patriarchal elder, spoke down to me; his eyes scanning every inch of my entire being, as though scrutinizing me, but yet there was also the sense of pride and relief(?) In the man's eyes.

"Who are you?"

"Quiet boy." The man stated, his tone showing that he won't tolerate any form of speaking-out-of turn. His form now towering over me, in a sense that it looked as though he was a ruler who has come down and has graced his subjects. It felt as though he was observing me.

"I am Jubstacheit von Einzbern, and I, as the eighth and current head, welcome you to the Einzbern family!"

"M-Me?" I asked, clearly confused at my current situation. Last thing I remember was collapsing, and then waking up in that Elevator Room with a long-nosed man and his assistant; and now I once again find myself in an unfamiliar place, and is currently being welcomed into a family by a powerful-looking old man, scratch that, this old man is powerful!

"Now, I believe you have many questions; but let me ask this of you first, Minato, do you believe in magic?"

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