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"Young Master, it seems as though you are about to wake up; do not worry, since we will always be here; here in your soul, so we will be with you wherever you go." Apsaras explained just as she gave me a hug to calm me down.

"You merely need to think of us, and we will immediately come to your aid; remember we are always with you." Were the last words I heard from the Water Spirit Persona before I blacked out, and came to consciousness into the real world.

End of Flashback

Minato POV – Einzbern Castle – 11:53 AM – 6/6/1999

Once I awoke; pain surged throughout my entire body. Pain, it was so painful I couldn't open my eyes, it hurt, it was beyond all of that; it was as though a bullet was being jammed into my skull very slowly, while several needles were being inserted through my fingers and toes. I simply had one reaction: scream.

"Hmmmmmmmm!" My mouth simply won't open.

Tears welled up in my closed eyes due to the pain; it simply wouldn't stop no matter what I did. I tried to move; but my body simply won't; it's as if a heavy block of cement was weighing me on the spot. Everything was so painful; I even tried opening my eyes; and it was then I realized; I could not open them as well.

'Master; please try to hold on, I pixie will help you!'

I then heard the childish, voice, now laced with concern; in my head. And afterwards, I felt a bit of instant relief, but the pain still continued, it kept on coming and coming; it simply wouldn't stop; the puncturing of the needles, the jamming of the bullet in my head; it all simply wouldn't stop!

'I'm sorry Master, it seems as though my Dia spell can only heal you in one instance; please hold on, I'll cast it several times more!'

A sense of relief and relaxation then washed over my body. Pixie, from what I remember the Persona's name was seems to be constantly using that Dia spell of hers... I guess this is what Apsaras meant by always being with me. Urrgh! Ah! The pain once more surged instantly throughout my entire body, just as I felt Pixie's power fading from my body, it was then that I, once more lost consciousness.

Jubstacheit von Einzbern POV

This boy; he is more interesting than he looks! For the past several hours I have been working on him, his body has been constantly rejecting my prana and it is even healing the damages done to his body automatically! Yes, this procedure may be painful for sure; but it is the only way for the boy to be able to use his Magic Circuits at 100% capacity, and with my healing magecraft, the boy feels less burden on his body, and at the same time keeps him alive.


Hmm... It seems as though the boy has woken up. Fortunately, I have placed a minor petrification spell on the boy to prevent him from being able to bear witness to what is being done to him. Unlike the time I did the modifications on his brain, which those fools at Atlas can only dream up to increasing their thought acceleration; the boy did not have overworked Magic Circuits. Since all 22 of his Circuits were activated, albeit not at their best capacity, the boy is susceptible to awake any moment.


Ha! It seems as though the boy has awoken now, and with it his body's healing factor seems to have sped up. His prana is now circulating at an impressive rate; the affected areas are showing less swelling, this is simply magnificent! Alas, however, this stunning healing factor of his is impeding my own prana from affecting his body and Magic Circuits, rending the boy unconscious will prove most suitable for the moment; thus a simple well-placed strike to the boy's nervous system is to be done.


With a swift hit to his neck; the boy is once again limp and more accepting of my prana within his system.

To work on the efficiency of the boy's circuits to increase output and control is a very simple task; but it has been a very long time since I have worked on a living specimen, and there is also the factor of the process being very painful for the specimen. Thus, utmost concentration and ample time will be required for the process. The boy and I it seems, will be spending an entire week together.

Illyasviel POV – Einzbern Castle – 6/8/1999 – 1:31 PM

It has been two days since Grandfather has taken Minato into his workshop. Sella and Leysritt say that Minato is fine, but Minato and Grandfather have not made any signs of coming out from the workshop anytime soon. I can only hope that Grandfather did not do anything dangerous or do something that might kill my little brother. Grandfather usually only admits other homunculus into his workshop and this is the first time I have seen him admit someone else inside... And the homunculus who went in with him never came back out! Oh! I really hope my little brother Minato is fine!

"...viel... yasviel... Illyasviel von Einzbern!" Sella called out at me at the top of her lungs.

"Now that I have your attention, let us go back to our lesson on the Third Magic. As we both know, the Third Magic is also known as the Heaven's Feel, and this is a magic that allows for the materialization of the soul. There are several applications..."

As Sella continued her lecture on the Third Magic, I could not simply take my mind off my new little brother. The fact that he is in Grandfather's workshop worries me, but I have also begun to wonder as to why Minato is even there, or why he was suddenly accepted into our family... Leysritt and Sella told me that it was not their place to say, and when I asked Grandfather, he simply said that Minato was special thus worthy to be brought into the Einzberns!

"Heaven's Feel was originally achieved by us, the Einzberns, and it is said that we have lost..."

Again, I simply cannot fathom as to why Minato was brought here, and right now I fear for his safety. Grandfather said that he was simply going to teach Minato about magecraft before he locked himself up along with my little brother in his workshop. Grandfather has taken care of me since I was left alone due to my father's betrayal, but Minato is my little brother and he has not done anything bad since coming here... In fact he is a very interesting little brother!

"It is said, that the Third Magic can show the future, and it would have been better for it to have been discovered last..."

Now back to my earlier thoughts... Why was Minato accepted into the Einzbern's? I am very curious as to what Grandfather meant by special. Is it also possible for Minato to be a new type of homunculus? Impossible; the blue haired boy has fewer prana reserves and Magic Circuits than a homunculus created by the Einzbern, and Minato doesn't have any features that shows that he is a homunculus.

"The Holy Grail War is a concept that was created to help the Einzberns achieve the Third Magic... And with it Archmagus Justeaze..."

I guess my questions don't really matter. What matters is that I have a little brother, and I will do anything to help him! I am going to check up on him later, I will even break down Grandfather's workshop doors if I have to!


"brlsssmmmmff..." I answered a voice that sounded like it was calling my name.


"Y-Yes?!" I responded in surprise; it seems as though I was really deep in thought. Sella was once again towering in front of me! Ready to give me another lecture! I am sorry Minato; I guess my checking up on you will have to wait a bit!

Minato POV – 6/10/1999 – 6:27 PM

'...ster... Master... Master! Young Master!' I woke up to several voices calling me master from within my head(?). Judging from the tone; one being a chirpy child-like voice, and the other, a voice which belongs to a young man in his twenties, the two can only be Pixie and Orpheus.

Opening my eyes; I once again find myself on the hard-tiled floor of my soul. As I expected, I find Orpheus and Pixie, both somehow crouched over, were looking at me. My other persona, Apsaras seems to be missing however.

"What... What happened to me?" I asked the two, since I was literally out for I don't know how long, and it seems as though my persona were keeping watch.

"I'm very sorry Young Master, but we are also limited in our knowlege like you." Orpheus answered. Oh yeah... Darn, I forgot that they are also me; thus we're both technically the same. It seems as though asking about what happened to me will get me nowhere, so I believe it is time to change the subject immediately.

"How about Apsaras? Where did she go?"

"Master, Apsaras is currently keeping your physical body intact. She is currently casting healing spells to make sure that your body does not go into shock." Pixie answered with utmost seriousness. I observed that Pixie acts more professional in times of danger, and it seems as though my Persona at least know about the current condition of my physical body.

"URRGH!" I immediately collapsed upon trying to stand up; even within my own mind, it looks as if I am also affected by whatever is happening to me physically.

"Master! -Young Master!" Both my personas called out. "The effects are reaching towards the spiritual level! It is affecting master very deeply!" Pixie shouted out; I guess, whatever is happening to me might literally kill me, or even cripple me up to the spiritual level.

With that, I once more passed out... Into consciousness(?).

Jubstacheit von Einzbern POV – 6/10/1999 – 7:29 PM

Oh what a magnificent new discovery I have made once again! I believe it is due to Alaya or even the Root itself, but this child, this boy that has been given to me has the most peculiar elemental affinity! For the past few days I have been pondering on ways to keep the Association from making the boy a sealing designate due to his unique form of the Third Magic, and I believe this discovery will aid in providing the most suitable cover! The boy's elemental affinity is ether.


Alas! The boy seems to be finally stirring awake. After days of experiments and modifications on the boy, I thought he will not wake, or I have broken him; but as I calculated, along with the boy's very strong healing factor, the boy, Minato von Einzbern has endured!

"Where am I? Grandfather?"

The boy looks as though he is in confusion in lieu to his surroundings and the people that are near him. But with the modifications on his brain that rivals that famed Thought Acceleration ability of those third-rates in Atlas; he will be able to analyze and understand the situation swiftly enough. With that thought, I believe I need to begin with my "recommendations," for little Minato here.

"Good Evening boy, I believe you understand your current predicament?"

After asking the question, I waited a few moments, and the boy nodded his head. Perfect! Now to test if he does indeed know his current situation.

"Now boy, how do you feel?"

"Grandfather, I feel a continuous heat throughout my entire body, did you do something with my Magic Circuits?"

Success! He was able to think rationally in less than 7 seconds! Activating his Circuits has, in effect, triggered the acceleration and controlled growth of the boy's neurotransmitters thus giving him better focus and rational thought. I cannot wait to see what effects these new changes will do, once the boy grows up!

However, I cannot rule out the possibility that the boy was affected by a curse or something else similar. Throughout the entire process of activating his Magic Circuits, there were these faint foreign traces of prana that was aiding the boy's own prana in healing and repelling my own prana from affecting the boy, and these traces of prana, when it came into contact with my own, sent a sudden jolt of feelings. It was the feeling of... Fear... of death. A feeling that I have long forgotten, yet through this encounter, I was able to feel it the fear; the fear of death.

Minato POV – Einzbern Castle - 7:31 PM

As soon as I entered the conscious world, thoughts immediately began to form in my head. Ideas on what was currently happening to me, somehow, easily formed within my consciousness, it was as though I seeing multiple possibilities of what happened and what might happen, within my head. Thoughts mostly about how grandfather, whom I recognized a second after waking up, experimented and did things on my body surfaced the most within my mind.

I then felt a continuous flow of heat throughout my entire body. It was as though I was in a kitchen, surrounded by several open stoves, yet here I was in the Einzbern castle, where it was always snowing everyday. I was again, somehow, instantly able to conclude that my Magic Circuits were working at full capacity. Once more, I was able to come up with the idea or possibility(?) that grandfather did something to me and my Magic circuits. So, in effect, I answered his question with another question; asking if he did, indeed do something with my Magic Circuits. And the response I received was simply...

"I did."

That answer, if I received that answer before I was adopted into the Einzberns and have not received that brief lesson about magic (even though I slept through most of it), and whatever Grandfather did with my head, then it would have horrified me. Now however, that answer barely affected me; I did however have that very slight feeling of nausea whenever I think about what grandfather may have done to my body.

"Now boy; I believe you are contemplating if what I did to you was moral or not?"

Grandfather asked me; immediately jolting me out of my slowly sickening thoughts on what may have happened to me while I was unconscious. His question had me thinking about those brief words that I was able to catch from Sella-neesan while I shifted from sleep to barely awake during the very abrupt lesson that was given to me and Ilya-oneesan.

Brief Flashback

"... All research... Aimed at reaching the Root..." I heard Sella-neesan say, while I closed my right eye that was hidden behind my hair, while my left eye remained open, in order to conceal my sleepiness.

"... Now our research... Many experiments... Rule is to make sure that magecraft will be kept a secret... World.." With those last words as I drifted from sleep to barely awake, I once again fluttered to a light sleep.

End of Brief Flashback

Minato POV

"It is not moral grandfather, but a magus must have values that are different from those who do not practice Thaumaturgy so I understand completely."

Wow! I am completely surprised and amazed with myself; I believe I only heard parts of what I just said from Sella-neesan, and I said everything as though I knew it, no, I do know it! This means that Grandfather did something to my head, something that is making me say, or know more than I should have known. This thought brought a slight smile, which only showed at the corners of my mouth. It was an expression, despite being very negligible, was still detected by my Grandfather.

"I see, it seems as though you have learned the effects or at least have an inkling of what I did to you." My grandfather said with a bigger smile of his own, a smile that was somehow able to send a few shivers down my spine.

"You will meet me again here in my workshop tomorrow morning at 8, do you understand boy?" Grandfather asked me. Answering quickly with a nod, I swiftly moved out the doors, and into the corridors, where I surprisingly found Ilya-neesan asleep while leaning on the walls.

Just as I reached my sister's location, a voice, which almost made me scream in surprise, spoke from my back.

"Ilya has been waiting for you, ever since she heard from Master Jubstacheit, that you will be returning tonight." The voice whom I have identified as Leysritt-neesan, the homunculus whom was given the duty to be Ilya-neesan's bodyguard, walked up right next to me, looking at Ilya-neesan who was sleeping with a thin line of drool flowing down her face.

"Ilya-neesan... Ilya-neesaaaan." I called out softly, taking care to wake her up as softly and as gently as possible.

"Errrrrghhhh..." Ilya-neesan shifted in her sleep as though she was trying to block out my voice. Leysritt-neesan who was still standing near us, was simply watching us intenty... Which in its own way made me feel weird.

"Ilya-neesan." I once more called out.

"Uwa... Minato? What are...? Minato! You're back!" Ilya-neesan shouted in surprise, immediately embracing me in a suffocating hug. "I was so worried! I thought grandfather did something horrible to you!" Nee-san was now crying... No tears of relief(?) were streaming down her face; it was as though I was gone for a very long time. Speaking of a long time... I couldn't breathe...

"Ilya, if you do not wish for your brother to disappear permanently, then I recommend that you let him go."

Ilya-neesan, immediately released her choke hold on me, thus allowing me to take in such much needed air. I thank you Leysritt-neesan, from the bottom of my lungs! Again... Speaking of a long time...

"Ilya-oneesan, may I ask what day it is?" I asked. Even with whatever grandfather did to my head; the answer I got was simply I did not expect. When Ilya-neesan told me what day it was, her answer was simply silent. It was as though it was put on mute, yet I was able to understand it due to subtitles. It was a truth that I simply could not understand.

"F-Five days?"

"Yes! Five days little brother! It is now June 10th!" Ilya once more answered, thus confirming the thing that my mind was currently questioning.

I was out for five days, yet the time I spent in my soul with my personas did not feel as though it was five days, it felt more like a few hours. It was as though time fast-forwarded around me, while I was in a sort of time capsule.

'Young master, the time spent within your soul is not proportional to the time spent in the physical world.' A voice, whom I recognized as Orpheus, spoke through my mind.

'Just like the Velvet Room, time runs differently within your soul, when compared to the world outside' Orpheus continued, thus answering most of my questions.

"Minatoooooo!" Ilya-neesan broke me out of my mental conversation, by once again hugging me, while calling out my name.

"W-wait Ilya-neesan! Hmph!" I once more got strangled, thus once again passing out. I was able to feel someone carrying me to what I supposed was my room, before the last fragments of consciousness left my body. And once more, I was asleep, even though I feel like I have been doing a lot of that these past few days. Just as my eyes closed however, I heard the same voice that I have heard when I formed a Social Link with Ilya-neesan.

*Crackle *Crackle

'Thou art I...

... And I am thou...

...Thou shalt have our blessing when thou choosest to create a Persona of the Moon Arcana...'

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