Archive - TV Show - Revolution (2012, NBC)

Characters - Charlotte 'Charlie' Matheson, 'Nate'

Summary: So... how did Nate show up so conveniently to help Charlie out of her predicament?

Beware of Strangers

Part 2 – Stranger with a Good Heart?

It was sometime before he could pick up the tracks of Charlie Matheson, having to wait for the water to filter through and night had fallen. His path led him to an abandoned airfield, bathed in the light of the full moon.

Squinting against the darkness, Nate bent down holding his lamp up to see the tracks left in the grass, going around the fence to see where they led to next, stepping carefully so as to leave very few tracks of his own. A small boot-print, marred with two others – three to be exact – was by the red and white sign attached to the fence. She had company. He was about to climb over the fence with some glinting a few inches away caught his eye. He turned to investigate, picking up a long sharp piece of broken mirror. Holding up the lamp, he looked closer; it had fallen into a deep boot-print. And there was another three sets of tracks.

He swore softly, stowing away the mirror blade and blowing out his lamp, shoving it into his backpack before scaling the fence with swift movements and dropping down on the other side. He unhooked his bow from his back, running lightly towards the nearest crumbling airplane just as faint screams began to echo out of it. He picked up the pace, tearing off his backpack, dropping it to the ground and running faster. He needed that girl – his superiors wouldn't be too happy if he lost his lead.

And it really had nothing to do with the fact she had a nice smile, was cute, and was a breath of fresh air after living so long in the discipline and uniformity of the militia.


The screams grew more high-pitched; Nate searched for the entrance, drawing an arrow from his leather pouch quiver secured to his back and nocking it the string. He followed the sounds of the screams, spotting a dark patch against the white – two shapes were visible and the screams and frantic thuds came from there. Nate raised his bow, drawing the arrow back to his cheek and aimed, letting the arrow fly.

There was a thud and a squelching noise – Charlie's screams were abruptly cut off as a choked gasp came from his victim and the shadowy form that Nate could see fell to the floor with a thud.

Letting out a long breath to calm himself, Nate slowly lowered his bow as Charlie looked outside, trying to catch her breath. Her face was shadowed in confusion.

Why was he here? Did he followed them?

"Are you alright?" Nate asked her with seemingly genuine concern, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"Charlie!" Nate tensed as another voice resounded from within the plane and footsteps sounded – a moment later, a large man appeared, looking anxious. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine," The man noticed Nate standing there and stepped in front of Charlie.

"Who are you?"

"It's okay, Aaron, he's fine, he – he shot him," Charlie said, stepping around Aaron and pointing at the bandit's corpse.

"Who?" Light footsteps this time and a pale woman with blonde hair appeared in the doorway of the plane, tugging at her companions when she saw his bow, Charlie impatiently tugged her sleeve out of Maggie's grip. "And you would be...?"

"A friend, Nate. I heard screams," he explained, glancing around for his backpack.

"Well, thank you for your help," Maggie said, turning to Aaron and Charlie. "We should find another camp site,"

"I'll get our stuff," Aaron volunteered, disappearing into the back of the plane.

"You didn't set up guards," Nate interrupted. "You should take turns keeping watch,"

"Thank you for your advice," the blonde woman said, tugging Charlie's hand. Charlie yanked her hand out of her grip.

"I'd like to get down," Charlie explained as Aaron reappeared with their things. Charlie took her backpack and crossbow with a nod of thanks and secured them to her person. Nate retrieved his own backpack from the ground and walked up to the entrance of the plane.

"I'll catch you," Charlie looked at him doubtfully. "I promise. Just jump,"

Charlie peered out of the plane door. "Is there a pile of old...cases over there?" she asked, pointing to the wing of the plane.

Nate looked. "Yes,"

"I'll climb down those," she decided, stepping out onto the wing carefully. Maggie and Aaron followed several steps behind; Nate shifted positions, watching their feet as they descended and telling them where to step.

"Thank you," said Maggie somewhat stiffly. "For your help,"

"Yeah, thanks," Charlie agreed.

"The farther we are from this airfield the better," Maggie said, taking the lead. "Let's go,"

"Wait, we can't just leave him by himself!" Charlie protested. "What if more bandits come?"

"I'm sure he can take care of himself," Maggie said, shooting a look at him. Nate chose to remain silent.

"We do owe him our lives," Aaron pointed out, shifting his backpack around.

"My life," Charlie corrected. "Or health, whichever,"

"I can go on by myself," Nate said though it would be more advantageous to be traveling with them instead of following them.

Aaron and Charlie both gave Maggie looks. "It appears I've been outvoted," she muttered, walking ahead. Aaron hurried to keep up.

"That's Maggie by the way," Charlie explained as she and Nate hurried after their older traveling companions.

"She's cheerful," Nate commented. Charlie scoffed.


"She's just looking out for you,"

Charlie grumbled. "I didn't even want her to come along,"

Nate latched on to that, detecting the bitterness in her voice. Tension in the group - this he could use. He ignored the slight feeling of regret; he hoped she wasn't very attached to this uncle of hers.

"Charlie, keep up!" Maggie called.

"I am, I am," she huffed in irritation, picking up the pace. They reached the fence fairly quickly and climbed over it - Aaron had a little trouble due to his bulk.

They walked in silence, letting both Charlie and Nate sink into their thoughts.