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"The Trick Is To Open Your Eyes"

Your hands are hot, and my clothes melt away beneath them. You whisper my name once, breathlessly, and I moan as your breath stirs against sensitive skin. A snicker, and we fall onto the bed, hopelessly, wonderfully entangled.

I am so in love with you that it hurts.

Your fingers slip down between my legs, tangling in the coarse hair there and I hiss in surprise. I have felt these things before, with Miyako, but never with so much emotion behind them. The difference is almost indescribable- like being blind all one's life, and then suddenly realizing that the trick is to open your eyes. You feel stupid and foolish, but you're also so incredibly grateful that you've finally gotten it right.

I slide backwards on the bed, leaning back against your pillows, and your sweet smile turns unabashedly predatory as you slink towards me on your hands and knees. I shiver with anticipation, and your eyes gleam in what little light is in the room.

"Dear," you purr, and slide into my lap. My reaction is what one would expect from a naked person with a beautiful and horny boyfriend spooned up against them, and your smile is absolutely wicked when you notice.

"Daisuke," I say weakly, my face reddening. You chuckle and wink at me- and then lunge forward and take me in your mouth. I barely keep myself from shrieking in shock even as stars explode across my vision.

Your tongue is already going to a number of inventive places, and it's all I can do not to wail. But the children are just down the hall, and if I educate them about my sex life, I think Miyako will quite literally kill me. Or worse.

I gasp hoarsely, my hands flying to your hair, and you yelp in surprise, jerking back with a pained curse. I feel my face reddening again and I mutter an apology. You just shrug and rub at your poor, sore head.

"It's okay," you tell me. "Um, Ken . . . you know- I don't think I told you this before, but . . . I've never . . . done this. I mean, I HAVE, but not with . . ." You trail off, suddenly blushing.

"Never with another man?" I guess, and you nod quickly, blush darkening. "I haven't either."

" . . . Do you have any idea how we're supposed to do this?" you ask finally.

"I was hoping you would."

The two of us stare at each other for a long moment; then simultaneously crack up.

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