The first day of Kurt's senior year of high school came too fast for his liking, putting an end to the best summer of his life, but he didn't mind it very much. He still had Blaine, his family, all of his friends. He had every ounce of support and love he'd ever needed.

The year ahead of him was going to be tough, but he sprung out of bed that morning, willing to take up whatever challenge was waiting for him. He made a detour on the way to the kitchen to wake up his brother, who was still snoring loudly. Only a decent shake to the shoulders could work on him in this state, and Finn hated it. (And he didn't fail to remind Kurt of that as he dragged his feet to the bathroom.)

Burt and Carole welcomed their sons with smiles and pecks on the cheeks, and bid them goodbye, stuffing lunch money in their hands and wishing them luck.

Kurt bolted out the door as soon as the familiar rumble of Blaine's Chevy sounded from down the street. His boyfriend greeted him with a grin and a kiss on the lips.

'How are you, handsome?,' Blaine asked playfully.

'Great, just like last night, sexy.'

'Ooh, sexy, I like that.'

With a beaming smile on his lips, and as Kurt was rolling his eyes, Blaine drove out into the street, heading for McKinley High. Finn's truck was close behind them for a couple of blocks, before turning towards Rachel's house to pick her up.

In the student parking lot, Kurt waited patiently for Blaine to lock his car up and extended a hand for him to take when he was done. For the first time, they entered the school with their fingers intertwined, a little worried if there would be any consequences, but proud more than anything else.

Before they even managed to reach their lockers, Jacob Ben Israel appeared before them out of nowhere with his ridiculous microphone and camera, and his even more ridiculous hair.

'Hey, McKinley, this is Jacob Ben Israel reporting from the halls of McKinley High, here with the school's first ever gay couple, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson,' he said to the camera, throwing the other two off guard. They still hadn't fully collected themselves, when he turned to them. 'Why did you decide to confirm your relationship only this year? Did your summer trip to San Francisco make you prouder?'

'Wait, how do you know we were in San Francisco?,' Kurt asked, frowning.

'Puckerman is a terrific source of school gossip,' Jacob replied.

'Really?,' Blaine said, pondering the fact.

'So why didn't he tell you me and Blaine weren't a couple last year?,' Kurt inquired.

Jacob's eyes darted from Kurt to Blaine and back in a moment of horror.

'I- I didn't ask him. Everybody thought you two were dating-,' he stammered.

'Next time, check your sources!,' Kurt huffed, but Jacob wasn't paying attention anymore, his gaze fixed on something further down the hallway. Kurt followed his eyes, a fear of what he might see rising in him. 'Oh no.'

Several feet from them Brittany had just closed her locker and Santana took her hand gently with a small smile tugging the corners of her lips up. The two had been a little more reserved in public since returning from California, but the Lopezes' positive reaction to their daughter's coming out had apparently made Santana a little bit braver.

It still made Kurt's heart skip a beat. As much as he and Blaine were accustomed to hateful remarks, sneers and other kinds of blows, he wasn't sure the girls would be as immune.

'Oh my God!,' Jacob exclaimed. 'Exclusively for JBI, the first official footage of Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pierce, a.k.a. the hottest couple in school ever!'

The girls were close enough to hear him and turned around.

'Jacob Ben Israel, if you want I can invite you to a special episode of Fondue for Two,' Brittany told him, flipping her hair almost as if she was in a shampoo commercial.

'Will you share the details of your sex life?,' Jacob asked hopefully.

Kurt stopped paying attention to them as he noticed Santana's bright expression. She'd never been this happy, never in the years he'd known her. And then he glanced at Blaine, reminding himself of how perfectly blissful they were.

After the ups and downs of the last two years, everything was falling into place. Their only concerns were grades, graduation – Blaine was going to do his best to finish school with his boyfriend, college plans and finally winning Nationals.

Everything was the way it was always supposed to be.


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