After reading my own work (Cullen's Pride through to Cullen Evolution) in an attempt to get to re-know my own vamps I decided to set myself a task that would serve two purposes.

I needed to reconnect with them and their individual traits and idiosyncrasies.I've had this idea for a while and was going to do it as a separate piece, but the longer it sits in my brain the more I think it can help me achieve goal number 1 above.

So, dear followers. Here is how this is going to go

My name, for the purposes of this 'plot' (and I use the word plot in its most liberal sense) is Lisa Pimm. For no other reason than my name is actually Lisa, and I needed a surname for the 'Edward' portion of the plot to help point out his nerdy, weedy old fashionedness.

I am an ordinary 'vamp' myself with no talent or gift to speak of. I am much younger than most of those whom I'm about to question. As a human I was a librarian and I brought with me the need for data/documentation when I was changed.

What follows is a collection of interviews with selected characters from my books.

In no particular order.

A random selection of characters.

I decided early on that I needed a legitimate 'reason' for interviewing them. A friend pointed out that no reason was necessary, but upon further thought we both decided that there would be no way my particular vamps would document anything about themselves without a solid reason.

These interviews occur between Bella's Dawn and the start of Cullen Evolution. Purely for my own reasons, nothing more.

With the implementation of the Council it was decided (in my head) that those involved in the previous war should have their thoughts documented to help those who come after. It's a slim premise, I admit, but one that I hope will allow each of my random characters to be able to freely communicate with me during their interview.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

And for those of you who see my thin veil of 'plot' and think I'm being a twit, but who have asked for me to please finish Evolution, hang in there. This will help me finish it!

Once I am done relearning my own characters Evolution will continue.



Interview conducted in the office of Principal Edward Cullen at EC College, Port Angeles, WA.

I first met Mr Edward Cullen at his family home in Forks, WA. Three brief meetings were held, at which we discussed the types of questions I would ask and the way in which the answers would be recorded and transcribed for posterity.

Edward scowls as his PA, Linda Collins, ushers me into the inner sanctum of the head of the College.

Edward: (Reaching across his desk as I make my way toward the visitors chair opposite him) It's nice to see you again Miss Pimm. Please, have a seat.

Lisa: Good to see you again too.

I take the offered chair and take out my recording device and set it between us on his desk. He scowls at it without any real (as far as I can tell) malice and leans back in his chair.

Knowing that he can read my thoughts I try to calm myself and prepare my first questions in my own head before speaking again.

What follows is a transcript of the actual interview. Nothing has been omitted, censored or changed from the original recording. These are the thoughts and feelings of the interviewee and the thoughts and feelings of the interviewer have in no way hampered the transcription process.

Lisa: Please state your full name

Edward: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Lisa: The year you were turned?

Edward: 1918

Lisa: And your sire is?

Edward: Carlisle Cullen

Lisa: Your mates full name please?

Edward: The beautiful Isabella Marie Swan Masen Cullen

Lisa: And your daughters full name please?

Edward: The lovely Miss Renesmee Carlie Masen Cullen

Lisa: And your place, however you'd like to describe it, inside the Olympic Coven?

Edward: An interesting question. I am the first turned son to Carlisle Cullen and am the son of Esme, brother to Rosalie and Emmett Hale and also to Alice and Jasper Whitlock. And most recently an uncle to Angel Hale.

Lisa: Is that how you think others, other vampires not from your coven, see you?

Edward: (Chuckling softly) From your thoughts I can see that they don't, no. Alright Miss Pimm, I'll give you my full title as others probably perceive it. Perhaps that will make me fit where others see me. I am the surrogate leader of the Olympic Coven whilst my sire deals with some personal issues. I am to be Principal of EC College, Music Master and piano teacher here also. I am husband and mate to Isabella, father to Renesmee, somewhat of a mentor to Seth and brother to those who I've already listed. I am uncle to Angel Hale as I mentioned and friend to all comers. (He punctuates the end of his statement with another soft chuckle)

Lisa: And the Council? What position do you hold on the Council?

Edward: (His grin disappears now and is replaced by a darker one) For now I am Chairman.

Lisa: And your tenure lasts how long?

Edward: A decade

Lisa: We'll talk some more about the Council a little later. But for now let's go back to your own personal history. What was your age at your transformation?

Edward: (With a small chuckle) Now, Miss Pimm, I do hope you aren't going to ask the ladies that question. I was 17 at my change.

Lisa: Please, call me Lisa.

Edward: As you wish.

Lisa: Thank you. Now, is it safe to say that you were somewhat reluctant to be interviewed?

Edward: I think reluctant may be too strong a word, shall we say hesitant?

Lisa: Can you tell me what your hesitation stems from?

Edward: Our kind, as you well know Lisa, is taught to steer clear of being documented. It is normally in all our best interests to remain anonymous.

Lisa: I agree. So what was it that made you agree to this today?

Edward: My daughter. And others like her. New vampires and the humans who they choose to keep in their lives after their change. It isn't reasonable to think that there will be no humans who know of us any longer. The life we've built here is a point of example. My family consists of vampire, wolf and human alike. Should anything befall me I'd like to know that those who remain will know my story and perhaps be able to pass it on to my grandchildren, or great grandchildren if I'm lucky enough. Anything they can learn from me, or my mistakes, can only help future generations.

Lisa: Is it true that you voted no the first time this interview process was put to you?

Edward: That is true, yes.

Lisa: And your reasoning for changing your mind?

Edward: As above.

(At this point Edward leans further back in his chair and laces his hands behind his head. He smiles warmly)

Lisa: Alright. Is there anything you'd like to tell me about your early life, either human or vampire?

Edward: (At this point Edward turns his attention to the framed photograph of his wife and daughter that stands atop his desk. He doesn't hide the look he's given it) Until I stumbled across Isabella as a child I existed, but did not live. I had a normal childhood filled with normal childhood things. Family, friends and schooling. After I was changed I was given a chance for a new life and I am grateful for it. But, until I met Isabella it was a lonely, empty existence.

Lisa: As is true for most of us until we meet our mates, I'm sure. Can you describe a little about how your life has changed since meeting your mate?

Edward: Nothing is the same. (He laughs openly) Everything changed. And nothing has returned to its monotony, thank heaven. She brought with her an extended human family and a whole host of new problems, but also more fun and love than I can ever remember having had in my life prior.

Lisa: You say she brought problems with her? Do you mean with her parents being privy to your nature, or something else?

Edward: Partly that, yes, but also other things. Isabella wanted her family near her, even after her change, so we've all had to learn to be in close contact with humans again. It's been good for us. I think we've all regained some of our own humanity by being near her parents and friends. But quite apart from that Isabella is still very human. The most human of us all really. She also kept her friends; she still engages in very human past times and has been instrumental in teaching our daughter to behave as other humans do.

Lisa: Your mates change was traumatic, wasn't it?

Edward: (His cringe is not hidden) It was. Although she'd made the choice to join me in this life should anything ever befall her, none of us was prepared for how quickly that came about. The Alpha of the local shifter tribe took a shine to her and you could say that he didn't appreciate her choice of company.

Lisa: Your sire changed your mate, is that right?

Edward: He did. At her request.

Lisa: Not yours?

Edward: No. Not at my request.

(It seems that is an end to that line of questioning judging by the scowl on his face so I move along)

Lisa: The world will soon know of you via your school, but I wondered if you'd tell me something that nobody else knows about you?

Edward: Something personal?

Lisa: If you like, yes.

Edward: That's a difficult question to answer. I'm sure your other victims, oh, excuse me, volunteers, would have difficulty answering that one. Alright, something nobody else knows about me. I was once the proud owner of a lead spiked ball and chain.

(He laughs heartily)

Lisa: A real lead ball and chain?

Edward: Indeed it was. Part of my bucks turn and the brainchild of my two annoying brothers.

Lisa: (I find myself thinking back to prior interviews in my thoughts. When I hit pay dirt Edward cringes good naturedly) Ah yes. That is the buck's party that ended with yourself, your sire and your brothers rats-arsed, correct?

Edward: (Laughing harder now) It is, yes. Jasper had soaked up the good spirits emanating from our wolf friends and projected it onto us. It was a memorable night.

Lisa: Do your siblings gifts often end in fun then?

Edward: Not always, no. (His face clouds over at this point and I wait as patiently as I can for him to continue) Though there have been a good many times where both my siblings' gifts have saved our lives. Jasper can hype us up, or tone us down, as the situation requires and that in itself can be quite amusing. But my sister Alice' gift can be quite annoying.

Lisa: In what way?

Edward: Imagine being second guessed at every turn!

Lisa: Surely that would make for some interesting situations?

Edward: It has happened, but more often than not it makes it bloody difficult to surprise ones mate. (He laughs)

Lisa: I can see how that would be, yes. Thinking about your sisters gift specifically, it must bring up a few unique challenges because she is unable to see your daughter, correct?

Edward: Correct.

Lisa: Does that make it difficult to plan ahead for your family?

Edward: It has done, in the past, yes. We've learnt to work around it.

Lisa: How so?

Edward: I don't care to elaborate on that for now. I take very seriously the security surrounding my family. That is off limits in this interview.

Lisa: As you wish. Alright, let's move on to your school then. Can you tell us a little bit about how it's come about?

Edward: (His smile returns at this point) The idea was a simple one. I wanted the opportunity to teach music and I couldn't do that in the human realm, so I built somewhere I could. At least for a short time anyway.

Lisa: Is it true that the idea for the school was solely yours?

Edward: In its infancy yes. But the rest of the family soon came onboard. If I hadn't had the backing of my wife and family it never would've come to fruition.

Lisa: Your wife and siblings will teach here, won't they?

Edward: They will. Isabella will teach photography, Alice will teach fashion design, Jasper is to be the head of the History department and Emmett will run the mechanical sector.

Lisa: And your daughter will attend here?

Edward: She will. Year about, under different enrolment names to protect her secret and her gift.

Lisa: We'll get onto her gift shortly. You have shifters who will be attending this school also, is that correct?

Edward: It is.

Lisa: Would you care to elaborate?

Edward: No.

Lisa: Moving on. The council. Can you tell me what its main aim is?

Edward: Certainly. In its purest form it is not unlike what you are trying to achieve with your interviews. It's a central information bank.

Lisa: But it funds other things too?

Edward: It does. We've invested in safe houses all over the world as well as giving those registered access to travel and identity documents as well as legal advice and funds should they need it.

Lisa: Those registered? What does that mean?

Edward: Anyone wishing to use the services of the Council has registered with it. They pay a nominal induction fee and have access to the information stored as well as the funds.

Lisa: As well as a chairman does the Council have Councillors?

Edward: It does. Six at all times. They were nominated from the larger group and a democratic vote was held.

Lisa: Is the Council only there to serve the needs of the vampire community?

Edward: No. Our friends the wolves are members and have an equal right to the information and its resources.

Lisa: Alright. I'd like to move on to your gift, if I may?

Edward: If you must.

Lisa: Would you describe it for me, as simply or as elaborately as you'd like.

Edward: It is very simple to explain actually. I read minds.

(At this point he laughs and returns to leaning back in his chair)

Lisa: It's that simple? You hear what those around you are thinking.

Edward: Yes, it's that simple.

Lisa: Do you hear what they think or see it?

Edward: I hear it.

Lisa: Can you hear everyone's thoughts? Human? Wolf?

Edward: Yes, so far, with only one exception.

Lisa: That being your mate?

Edward: Correct.

Lisa: I believe she is a very powerful shield. When she was human, could you read her then?

Edward: No.

Lisa: So she is a shield?

Edward: You'll have to ask her that, that is her story to tell.

Lisa: Have you ever been able to read her?

Edward: Again, that is her business.

Lisa: Not yours, you don't think?

Edward: (At this point his grin lights up his whole face) It's very much my business, yes. However, gifts that can be shared only between mates should be the ladies prerogative to divulge, don't you think?

Lisa: (I'm unable to hold back a giggle of my own here. He slips freely from modern, 21st century man into his heritage. It is very, very attractive) (This errant thought earns me a soft growl) I agree. I'll be sure to ask her.

Edward: You do that. I'll look forward to finding out if she answers.

Lisa: Moving on. Your daughter's gift. Could you describe it for me please?

Edward: As she is a minor at the time of this interview, I reserve the right, as her father, to only give you vague details. Agreed?

Lisa: Agreed. Anything you'd care to tell me I'd be happy to document.

Edward: When she is older she will decide whether or not she wants her information documented. But for now I can tell you that one of the gifts she possesses is akin to being something of a savant. Not an idiot savant, I must stress. She can absorb and retain any and all information on any given subject and recall it at will.

Lisa: But can't we all do that, Edward? Our brains are cavernous.

Edward: Our capacity to hold information is cavernous, I agree. However, recalling and putting into practical use the information gathered are quite two different things.

Lisa: Are you saying she can read from a text and apply the knowledge?

Edward: An example might be easier. If I were to give her the mechanical specs text of an iPad she would be able to build one.

Lisa: No shit? (I blurt this out without prior thought)

Edward: Yes, no shit. (His laugh is infectious)

Lisa: Sorry. But that is incredible.

Edward: I agree, it is, and so is she.

Lisa: On the registry of gifts held by the Council your daughter is listed as an image projectionist. Would you care to comment on what that is exactly?

Edward: No. Move on.

Lisa: Is it true she can read minds, like you do?

Edward: No, that isn't true.

Lisa: It isn't? Is the registry list I've been given incorrect?

Edward: No. It's quite correct.

(At this point I remove the gift registry from my case and put it on the table in front of him. He scans it with his eyes only and then smiles at me)

Edward: Your interpretation of her gift is incorrect, not the listing you've just presented me with. She isn't like me. Our gifts are quite different. I cannot turn my gift off.

Lisa: But she can? Is that the difference between you?

Edward: It is. She can choose to read from you, I cannot.

(It's now obvious to me that he can be quite the pedant. This thought earns me another soft growl and I quickly change tack)

Lisa: How would you describe the relationship between your daughter and Seth Clearwater?

Edward: He is hers, she is his. It's very simple.

Lisa: Is it true he imprinted on her the day she was born?

Edward: It is, yes.

Lisa: And that he played a part in hunting, and ending, the three rogues who tried to take her?

Edward: He did.

Lisa: And has she imprinted on him then?

Edward: I don't believe so, no. We call it bonded.

Lisa: Bonded. Yes, I can see that they could be bonded. Can she read Seth?

Edward: If she chooses to, and with his permission, yes.

Lisa: Does he give her permission?

Edward: You'd have to ask him.

Lisa: Alright. Let's move on. Have you ever sired?

Edward: No.

Lisa: Have you ever wanted to?

Edward: No.

Lisa: But your mate...

(He gives me no time to form the rest of my question before he continues, quite firmly)

Edward: My mate was turned by my sire, at her request. I have never had the desire to turn another. That is an end to that line of questioning Miss Pimm.

Lisa: Understood. Is there anything you'd care to share with me about the conflagration that occurred here recently between yourself and the Romanians?

Edward: (He thinks on this a moment before answering with what has been, so far, his most candid recollection) A few months ago our Romanian friends came to meet with us here. There was a disagreement on a point of unwritten law regarding, for want of a better term, interspecies relationships. Unfortunately it could not be resolved with words alone.

Lisa: Interspecies relationships? Do you mean the bond between your daughter and Mr Clearwater?

Edward: I do.

Lisa: And this perceived flouting of this unwritten law led to a fight, is that right?

Edward: It did indeed.

Lisa: Is it true you lead an army, Edward?

Edward: Some would call it that, yes.

Lisa: What do you call it?

Edward: I call it a coming together of vampires and wolves that refused to condone the annihilation of innocent children on the whim of an outdated, arbitrary pair of fools.

Lisa: And you lead this coming together?

Edward: I did.

Lisa: Can you describe the outcome for me?

Edward: The outcome? That is quite simple. We won.

Lisa: Others have told me it was a vicious battle.

Edward: Have they?

Lisa: (It is at this point that I realise that he is playing with me and has no intention of answering with any fact or provable comment) They have.

Edward: Well then, you'll have to take their word for it, won't you?

Lisa: Alright Edward, we'll leave that alone then. (I can't help but laugh at this point. He is very difficult to talk to, not least because he is so self assured and so very attractive. I earn another growl but move on.) My last question for you is this. What does the future hold for Mr Edward Cullen?

Edward: Another simple answer. A peaceful life with my family and continued success when my school opens.

Our interview concluded then and as I was leaving he thanked me for coming and apologised for not giving me too much to work with. As a concession he agreed to meet with me at the conclusion of all the other interviews to revisit some of the questions.

I must confess, just sitting across from him for the hour it took was enough reward for me.

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