This interview was conducted with the permission of both parents. No request was made to have a guardian, or adult, present during the interview.

What follows is a transcript of the actual interview. Nothing has been omitted, censored or changed from the original recording. These are the thoughts and feelings of the interviewee and the thoughts and feelings of the interviewer have in no way hampered the transcription process.

Lisa: Hello Renesmee, my name is Lisa. Is it alright if I ask you a few questions today?

Renesmee: Can I ask you some questions first, please?

Lisa: (I will admit to being startled, though not shocked. My interactions with the rest of the Cullen coven, and others attached to it, have given me a heads up regarding the enigmatic Renesmee Cullen) Yes of course.

Renesmee: Where do you live?

Lisa: Um, in Utah.

Renesmee: And do you have a big family to live with?

Lisa: Um, no, not exactly.

Renesmee: How exactly? Do you just live with your mate, then?

Lisa: Well, I live with another girl, Louisa, and her mate. I don't have a mate of my own.

Renesmee: You have pretty eyes. They're just like my mommy's. Do you, and your friends, hunt people?

Lisa: No, we don't.

Renesmee: So, you're just like my family then? You don't want to hurt people?

Lisa: That's right. We don't want to hurt anyone.

Renesmee: Your brain's funny. (She says with a charming giggle as she tilts her head to one side, not unlike her father's habit)

Lisa: Funny?

Renesmee: Yes. You want a mate because as soon as I asked you started thinking about having a family like mine, but then your brain said you didn't really want one because you like to travel. And that makes no sense at all because mates can travel, together. My Aunty Alice and Uncle Jaz they travel all the time, and Nana-me and Pa too, they travel lots.

Lisa: Okay.

Renesmee: You should come and stay with us for a bit here. Lots of nice girls find mates when they stay here with us. Like Katie and Tanya and Zaffy and Senna and Kachiri. You should meet Jonathon, he's very nice, he's Australian you know, that's in the South Pacific, a very long way away but not far if your Pa can fly big airplanes like mine. Can yours? Or maybe you'd like a wolf. They're so much fun and they live right here, so you could stay close to us.

Lisa: (At this point in time there is a slight pause on the recording while I attempt to compose myself.) Um, okay, I'll think about staying for a while. Can I ask you some questions now?

Renesmee: Yes please. This is fun.

Lisa: Alright. Can you tell me your full name please?

Renesmee: Easy peasy. My name is Renesmee Carlie Mason Cullen.

Lisa: And how old are you?

Renesmee: I'm only three, but as a human I'm nearly ten.

Lisa: And you were born to whom?

Renesmee: My mommy and daddy, silly.

Lisa: Right. And do you know their names?

Renesmee: Of course. I'm not dumb. My daddy is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and my mommy is Isabella Marie Swan Masen Cullen.

Lisa: That's a lot of names.

Renesmee: We need to have lots of names. Daddy says that's so we can live in lots of places and stay safe. He's very clever.

Lisa: He is. You have a very nice family here and I believe you have some other friends, friends that aren't vampires, living close by too?

Renesmee: Oh yes. We have lots of friends. Human ones and wolfie ones too. (She giggles)

Lisa: That's right. Humans and wolves. Your human grandparents live close by, don't they?

Renesmee: (Cocking her head to one side, again) Yep. But you don't need to ask me questions like a baby, you can just ask me the ones in your brain. Daddy says I can answer anything I want to, I'm allowed to. I'm a big girl in my brain, so you just ask whatever you want. You won't make me cross. (She smiles)

Lisa: (Having been thoroughly 'checked' I continue in a more adult fashion) Your grandparents live nearby. How would you describe your association with them as humans?

Renesmee: They are my grandparents. I think everyone has them. Even the wolves. I go there to visit, or they come here. My Pop is a policeman and my Nana-ne runs a daycare. They are very normal. Nana-ne taught me to be more normal and my Pop takes me on his boat, and to football in the city and to dinner in real diners. We are very normal.

Lisa: And the wolves?

Renesmee: I think they are normal too but Aunty Rosie thinks they are horrid. (She giggles)

Lisa: I'm sure they're very normal. But what makes them special enough to be such good friends of yours?

Renesmee: That's an easy one. They are nice people. They protect me when I'm in danger and they love and play with me when I'm not.

Lisa: Do they frighten you when they turn into wolves?

Renesmee: No. I don't think so. They are very big but they are very cuddly too. If you ask nicely they will let you ride on their shoulders when we're running in the forest. They like a good scratch on their tummy's but don't pull their tails (She points a finger at me and looks stern) because they don't like that.

Lisa: They sound a lot of fun.

Renesmee: They are. And fast. They can run very fast, almost as fast as Daddy, and they love to go hunting so they run with us a lot.

Lisa: Do you hunt with the wolves too?

Renesmee: Sometimes. I don't hunt as often as the rest of my family. I don't like human food very much, but I do want to fit in with humans so I don't hunt very often. Sometimes I get to go as a treat when the bobcats come down from the very high mountains in spring.

Lisa: You hunt bobcats?

Renesmee: No. Mommy says I'm too little still. (The little girl does not look at all amused by this) But sometimes Sethy lets me go for them. (She grins adorably)

Lisa: Sethy?

Renesmee: My Seth.

Lisa: Seth is a wolf, yes?

Renesmee: Hmm mmm, and he's my wolf.

Lisa: How so?

Renesmee: Your brain says you already know, silly.

Lisa: I do already know, yes, but would you tell me a little bit about your Seth so I can write it down?

Renesmee: Alright. Seth is a wolf. He's sixteen and really, really big now. He's mine and I'm his. I'm going to live in a big, big bright house with him one day and we'll have bacon and grapes whenever we want. And we'll go hunting bobcats too.

Lisa: That sounds like a good plan.

Renesmee: We have lots of plans. Daddy and mommy make lots of plans. It's a good thing, I think. They are always talking about what's going to happen next, and what I should be doing and where I should be going. But Sethy and I have plans too.

Lisa: Would you like to tell me some of them?

Renesmee: I guess I can, they aren't a secret or anything. Well, we're going to live here, in Forks, in a big house like I said. We'll build it in the woods behind the big house, like mommy and daddy and Aunty Rosie and Uncle Em did. But not too close. We don't want to hear them. (She scrunches up her nose at this) We are going to have lots of little babies and Sethy is going to be a doctor, like my Pa and my daddy are. And he's going to work at Forks Hostible and make all the little children better. I'm going to teach at daddy's school. I don't know what I will teach yet though. Daddy says I can pick whatever I want. But I think I'd like to teach a bit of everything. I can remember things, you see.

Lisa: Really? Lots of different things? At the same time?

Renesmee: Your brain says you know about this too. (She giggles)

Lisa: I do know a bit of it, yes. Your daddy told me.

Renesmee: He says I'm a savant.

Lisa: What do you think you are?

Renesmee: I'm Renesmee.

Lisa: Is that all? Just Renesmee?

Renesmee: (Thinking hard) No, I guess not just Renesmee.

Lisa: What else, or who else, do you think you are?

Renesmee: I'm a part of my family and I'm friends with lots of people. I'm Angel's cousin and Seth's special person. I'm smart and I'm a little bit human and a little bit vampire too. (She whispers the word vampire very carefully whilst looking about the room.)

Lisa: Do you like being a little bit vampire?

Renesmee: I guess so. I will like it much more when I'm done growing I think.

Lisa: How so?

Renesmee: I will be allowed to decide things for myself then. Like Angelica and Nathaniel do.

Lisa: What sort of things will you be able to decide for yourself when you're grown?

Renesmee: I like to put syrup on my food and mommy says it's gross. But I like it. And I'll be able to go to the Rez whenever I want, not just when mommy says it's alright. I can go swimming at First Beach whenever I want then too. And have friends over. And decide what to wear. No ribbons. Aunty Alice always makes me wear ribbons. (She huffs)

Lisa: Do you like going to school at your daddy's school?

Renesmee: Oh yes. (Clapping her hands excitedly) I love it there.

Lisa: What parts do you love most?

Renesmee: I like homeroom because I get to be in class with mommy for a few minutes. Next I like morning tea because I sit with my friends and we talk about what they watch on television and what they played. Then I like assembly best out of everything.

Lisa: Assembly?

Renesmee: Oh yes. I love assembly.

Lisa: Really? What's so good about it?

Renesmee: Well, all the children go to the big hall and sit in neat rows. Everyone is real quiet while my daddy talks to them about important things.

Lisa: And you like that best of all?

Renesmee: I do.

Lisa: Because your daddy talks to everyone?

Renesmee: Your brain says you don't understand. That's okay. Not everybody understands me. Daddy talks to all the children and all around everyone is quiet and polite and respectful because they like my daddy and his school. They think nice things about him while he tells them important things.

Lisa: And you listen to their thoughts during assemblies?

Renesmee: Not all at once. That would be too loud. I like to pick one or two children and listen to them. But mostly I listen to the bigger children, and daddy lets me listen to his brain while he's talking. I like that best of all.

Lisa: What does he think while he's talking?

Renesmee: He thinks about all the important things. About keeping the children safe and making sure they are happy there and learning a lot. He likes to think about his teachers and how much he likes them. He especially likes it when one of his music students plays the piano for the national anthem. That's his favourite part. Mine too.

Lisa: You like music?

Renesmee: Oh yes. All music. But most especially the piano and the double bass.

Lisa: Really?

Renesmee: The big bass makes my tummy rumble. (She giggles) And daddy and I play the piano a lot.

Lisa: Your daddy said I could ask you about your gifts. Is that okay?

Renesmee: If daddy said I could tell you then its okay.

Lisa: Alright. So, you can listen to people's brains, just like your daddy can, is that right?

Renesmee: Sort of. Daddy has to listen to everyone, all the time. He doesn't like it too much. But I can just listen to who I want, or nobody at all.

Lisa: So you can turn the voices off?

Renesmee: Yep. I can.

Lisa: So you can read minds and you're super smart, is there anything else that you can do?

Renesmee: (Nodding) Yep. But it's hard to explain. Can I show you?

Lisa: Sure.

At this point in the interview Renesmee reaches across the table and places her fingertips to my cheek. Immediately I can see a replay of the last minute or so of our interview. In living colour. As though it is a 3D movie playing inside my own head.

With the retreat of her little hand the 'movie' stops.

Renesmee: That's what I can do.

Lisa: That's amazing.

Renesmee: Not really. My friend Zaffy can do it too and she doesn't need to touch you to do it, either.

Lisa: Yes, I met your friend Zaffy a few days ago. She's very clever too.

Renesmee: She can make you see waterfalls and birds and once she even showed me elephants and giraffes!

Lisa: Can you do that too; show someone whatever you want them to see?

Renesmee: (giggling sweetly) Your brain already knows I can.

Renesmee once again reaches across the table and as her fingertips come into contact with my cheek I see bright green frogs leaping from lily pad to lily pad across a bright turquoise river.

Lisa: They're beautiful.

Renesmee: I like frogs.

Lisa: I can see that you do. Alright Renesmee, it's been so very nice to talk with you today. Thank you for answering my questions. Is there anything else you'd like to add before we finish?

Renesmee: Not really. But I do have one more question for you, is that okay?

Lisa: Sure.

Renesmee: If you really, really want to explore Australia like you said in your brain then would you come to the big house with me and meet Jonathon? You'll like him, I promise.

Interview concluded.


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