A/N: This idea originally came from Hedo's fanfiction "The Johnny Depp Maternity Ward". It's sort of a really long continuation of that idea, but with a few more characters.

Phish Tacko helped me beta this. She is absolutely one of the best authors on this site, so go check her page out! She has many wonderful stories and I am EXTREMELY grateful for all of her help with this. Further, the characters of Carlie Hightopp and Harvey Montgomery are hers – she just let me rent them for the story. Nurse Ashley is my character. =)

This is an MPREG fanfic, and there are also mentions of rape in this story – it's not that graphic, but if either of those bother you, turn back now.

Chapter 1

So, it was decided that the easiest way to deal with four pregnant men, and one man who thought he was pregnant, was by having them all under one roof. The doctor had both personal and professional reasons for running the shelter. Knowing that he was helping others, and that he could write a great research paper on the residents – one that would make his career – made the doctor more than willing to spend his money on it.

There were several bedrooms, but everyone was divided up so as to save space in case other patients were to arrive. The doctor got one room, while Edward and Jack had another. Willy and Ichabod shared a room, as they seemed to get along fairly well, and Mort... well, Mort had his own place to stay, since he was "special".

Everyone had taken the morning to get unpacked, and soon enough it came time for dinner. The doctor had made what looked like a bunch of good, nutritious food: green beans, chicken, potatoes, and a salad.

Everyone began helping themselves, except Edward. As he did not have hands to eat with, the doctor had bought him some type of disgusting looking protein drink instead. The boy looked on sadly as everyone around him enjoyed their food, wishing that he could partake in it as well.

No one seemed to notice how sad and quiet Edward was. No one except Ichabod. He knew what it felt like to be an outcast and he felt extremely bad for the boy. Sighing, he got up, picked up his chair, and headed over to sit between the doctor and Edward.

"Can you move?" He asked, annoyed that the doctor had made no effort to let him in.

The doctor rolled his eyes, but moved to let Ichabod in.

Ichabod smiled at Edward, took a plate and filled it with food, and began feeding it to him. He got some odd looks from the other people, especially Wonka, who thought sharing food like that was just germy and gross. The constable ignored them all, though, and urged Edward to do the same.

"Don't pay attention," He said, loudly, as he began feeding Edward some salad, "They should be mature enough mind their own business."

Edward nodded slightly, "Okay."

Sparrow looked as if he were about to say something in reaction to Ichabod's statement, but Mort, who actually did have a tiny bit of a soul left inside him, jabbed him in the leg with a fork when he saw Jack open his mouth. The rest of the dinner was spent in a somewhat awkward silence.