Tarrant and Alice moved into Tarrant's house in Underland together, where they began to raise their daughter, Daisy Carlie Mirana Hightopp. Neither the Red Queen, nor Stayne, bothered them. Within a year, Alice had proposed to Tarrant, and they began planning a wedding.

Jack, Angelica, and Angela continued to sail around the world. Jack and Angelica made it a point to show Angela as many sights as possible. They kept in contact with their friends from St. Joseph's by sending them videos as often as they could.

Sam, Joon, Edward and their kids all continued to live together. Sam and Joon paid for Edward to take some sculpture classes at the local community college, where he excelled. Sam went back to work at the video store part time.

Wonka continued living at his factory and raising Rae. He decided not to have any more children and kept in contact with some of the people from the shelter generally by mail.

Mort moved out of St. Joseph's and back into his house in the woods, taking Anakin with him. His mother moved in as well to help him raise the baby. She also helped to run the house, as Mort still had some problems with memory due to his heart attack and the lack of oxygen that followed. He also brought Buster home with them, and the cat lived happily chasing small animals in the house and into the woods.

In time, Gilbert's son Tommy started to like him more, and thus stopped screaming every time Gilbert held him. Becky continued to work while Gilbert watched Tommy, and the two planned to get married as soon as possible.

Sweeney raised Emma with the help of Mrs. Lovett, Johanna, and Anthony. He felt slightly less angry than he had in the past, because Emma made him happy and he loved her very much.

Anthony and Johanna visited Sweeney very often, and themselves tried to get pregnant again. They wanted a family of their own. They, along with Marmalade, lived a short distance from the shelter and often stopped by to say hi to Dr. Schnabel and Ashley.

Ichabod and Katrina raised Jackson together, but frequently fought. Ichabod had problems with his medications for a while but eventually he stabilized. In time, Ichabod started back at work at the police station, though he was occasionally mocked by coworkers. However, the return to a typical domestic life made Katrina happier overall.

Dr. Schnabel and Ashley continued to run St. Joseph's Shelter and also continued to provide free medical care to their past residents and children.

THE END (for now).