In the bright and sunny of town of Inazuma, there was an out of place, ominous, visible cloud of hate rising from a tiny spot of the settlement and it didn't go unnoticed by some of the locals.

"Does anyone notice that Tsurugi seems…" Hamano muttered over to Hayami as Tsurugi used Death Sword with more ferocity than he ever had in a long time with an equally as ferocious expression to back it up, his eyes practically screaming die over and over again even though their goalkeeper definitely meant no harm in whatsoever way.

"Really, really angry...?" Hayami finished for him with a shiver as his fear began to build again.

"Yeah, I haven't seen him like this since before." Hamano said and it wasn't just him. Everyone noticed in the school noticed but not a soul pointed it out as they were all too fearful to whenever they saw him walk by, glaring poisoned daggers out at anything and muttering and cursing lowly with inaudible words while a black, malignant aura emanated from his very soul for all to see.

"I wonder what got into him?" he said. Even though he was yards away, Tsurugi somehow managed to hear his brightly comments and turned back at the two with another sharp glare, causing the two to run away like rabbits.

This did not go unnoticed by their coach who was very sure what the cause of his rage was after giving Fuyuppe a call just hours ago and she gladly explained to him everything or what she thought had happened which so very did.

He had stayed overnight at the hospital just as he thought and then upon asking her to check Tenma's visitor list, she confirmed to him that the man from before had paid a visit too right before Tsurugi left. And when Tsurugi left, many doctors and nurses corrected her to write 'thrown out' rather than 'leave' on the guestbook.

He still probably is there then or at least that was what Endou thought. Surely no caring father would abandon their child at a time like this but with that man's character, it was difficult to tell.

Finally, his watch struck 4:30 and he couldn't be happier. With a raise of his hand, he yelled "That's enough, everyone. Time to pack up and go." and didn't waste much time himself. Haruna went over to ask where he had been all this time but by then he had taken his bag and ran off.

She was worried because despite having disappeared for a long time again and hearing Tenma's situation for the first time, he still remained as casual as he ever did like nothing had happened which wasn't earning him points with the kids now. She could see Kurama glare back in his direction and she couldn't help but worry for what could happen for the entire team.

Back when Fifth Sector was in control, both the team looked close to falling apart, only managing by a line which frail as the second team fell and disbanded. Had it not been for Endou or…Tenma. Yes, had it not been for him, perhaps the Raimon Eleven would have ceased to exist just as it did many years ago. Just thinking at how it could have happened made her heart break and just thinking that it could be happening again made her close to breaking down.

"He left already?" Endou asked, disheartened at his missed opportunity to question him about Tenma.

"Yeah." Fuyuka answered but in a happier tone. "Just about and hour ago."

"So was he the one who left those?" he asked, point down to a tiny dish sitting by a sleeping Tenma who unfortunately didn't look like would be waking up any moment soon. "It's a little bit cutesy but I guess when you're a father, a side like that has to exist."

"Wait, he's Tenma father? That guy!? But they look nothing alike!" Fuyuka gasped.

Endou let out a nervous chuckle. That's right. He forgotten he hadn't told her anything yet.

"It's just a hunch though." He lied ever so slightly. A hunch but was one he was very sure was correct.

"I think your hunch might be off on this one." She disagreed to no surprise. No culd believe the two were related, Tenma being the man's flesh and blood. They resembled nothing of each other, neither in the way they looked or how they acted. She shook her head with a stirred huff. This wasn't the time for it. She was working now so it was time to do her job which was to simply watch Tenma to make sure nothing of anything should happen to him.

"Anyway, um, is it all right, can I get some private time alone?" he asked. Fuyuka, who was deep in thought was taken off guard and nodded and left the room.

Once she stepped out, she muttered to herself, "How insensitive could I be?" She hadn't even thought about Mamoru. Things must have been tough for him, the only difference from before being that he never really showed it.

Once she was gone though, Endou scanned the area quickly to make sure nobody was around. Once he was sure, he went and opened the windows. "The coast is clear. Come on out."

"Squack! Welcome back! Welcome!"

Endou jolted and shushed the source of the noise perched snuggly on the window sill; Coo, his pet parrot and if Fuyuppe learned of this, she would scold him to no end.

"Shush, Coo! You're supposed to be quiet, remember?" he whispered. "If Fuyuppe hears you, she'll chase you away and have me on the coroner's table!"

After returning to the office yesterday to hand Coo his reward apple, he got worried about Tenma. Not that he didn't trust Fuyuppe or doctors or hospitals but he just didn't trust hospitals. It was a problem of his. He just couldn't rest easy just leaving it up to them to watch over the child. What if something were to happen?

And so he asked Coo to go and watch over Tenma from the window and he agreed, for a price that is. Coo was a very persuasive negotiator.

"Here you are." Endou said with a shiny, bright-red Misthallery Pippin, Coo's favorite which he had a lot of trouble finding.

"Apple! Squaa! Delicious! Apple!" Coo squawked over and over. Endou shushed him again to keep his voice down for Tenma's sake.

"So, Coo, Fuyuppe told me someone came over. Was it a scary looking guy in a trench coat?" Endou asked.

"Yes, yes! And a white coat!" Coo squawked.

"You mean a doctor, right?" Endou asked and he nodded.

"Looking after, Tenma! Answers! Tell me!" he squaqked again, now his voice changing.

"Answers? About what? What did he say exactly, Coo?" Endou said.

"Difficult! It's just difficult!" Coo repeated in a deep same husky voice, the same as the old man with great likeness.

Mimicking was something Coo was well-known for. Unfortunately, he had trouble copying sentences exactly and so most of his mimicry ended being fragmented words, short sentences at best, which one had to work out to sense for themselves. "Had to! Letters! Here! Don't worry! Protect!"

"Protect?" Endou wondered. "He might have meant Tenma but what was that about letters?"

"Here, here!" Coo answered. "Hold it! Should anything happen!"

"Hmm…by the sound of it, did he give it to the doctor with him?" Endou asked.

"Yes! I'll put it in my desk!" Coo answered.

"I see." Endou answered. "I'm going to go and try to find those letters now, Coo. If Tenma wakes up, stay here until I come back, okay? And speak a bit more clearly. Tenma won't be in the condition to understand the way you talk unlike me." Endou asked and the parrot just nodded, repeating 'Yes!' and 'Apples!' over and over.

Coo was smart. He would definitely do as he instructed but why wouldn't he just speak with full sentences instead of just picking it apart? Sometimes he found himself wondering if Coo talked like that on purpose just to give him a hard time, remembering the countless days he had tried to teach him.

As Endou told that to himself with a chuckle, he forgot to shut the window. Coo was nibbling on the apple when he noticed some more sitting near the bed.

With his big, juicy one, he flew over to polish off the rest of the delicious apples.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm sure this is…still illegal but it's for a good cause." Endou said to himself, not entirely believing it himself. He was going to break into a doctor's desk to look for something even he himself didn't quite know.

Surely it wasn't abnormal for a doctor to receive letters of other sorts. Hopefully, he wouldn't realize that it was missing.

It took a minute or two to pick the lock but once he opened it, the desk was almost empty, save for a phone and a wallet.

"You're kidding me." Endou said, feeling around inside. "Where did he put-"

Just as he said that, door clicked and Endou quickly realized that someone was coming and ran and hid behind a nearby curtain.

"And I'm telling you, get the man a room and run some blood tests." He yelled angrily.

"But sir, none of this is necessary! It's just a flu-" The nurse said but the doctor quickly caught him off.

"Who's the doctor here?" he asked in a very furious tone.

"Uh, you are…" he answered with fright.

"Then do as I say and get the man room and start running blood tests!" he yelled and the scared nurse ran out quickly.

"Rookies!" he huffed. He took a seat behind his desk, sitting down angrily, obviously ticked and angry. He took out the keys to his desk which he never went without, it's a principle, but after pushing the keys in and turning them, he was a little surprised that when he pulled the drawer, it didn't budge.

"Huh?" he wondered. He pulled several times but it remained unmoved. He took a look under his desk and frowned to see his candy wrapper there.

He got up, looking around the room warily and then he saw the curtains. He walked there and quickly pulled them.

"…keh." He grumbled as he stared at the empty space. "The late shifts must be starting to get to me. I was sure someone was here."

"Quickly, doctor, we need your help with something!" a nurse yelled as one came running in. The doctor grumbled, giving one last look around his office before leaving.

"Phew…" Endou sighed as he crawled out from under the bed. He went over to the desk and picked up a tiny parchment lying just under the man's office chair.

"That was too close. I didn't think he planted something in his drawer to alert for snoopers." Examining the parchment as he said that. It was an old trick to plant something to check if someone had been looking through your belongings. Leaving the drawer half open or placing a small twig in front of it was a common trick that even he used occasionally now and then. He was shocked to see that he used it too when he the paper fall from the drawer.

Endou got up but in his haste, he accidentally hit the desk, make a tiny yelp from the pain.

"Ow. Anyway, perhaps inside the drawer is a bit too obvious for him. I better take another look at his desk." Endou noted while nursing his bump but that was when he noticed; the desk looked expensive! It was nothing like he'd ever seen before.

"This must be specially built." Endou said. He wondered, if he had it was specially built, then he could have requested for some hidden compartments to be added.

Endou began to check around under the desk and there, a strange number lock. He had a good feeling about this.

"Now all that's left to do is figure out the number…" Endou thought for a bit and began moving the dials. "…0..6..0 and…3."

Endou was ecstatic to hear a click and when pulled, low and behold; a secret compartment in the desk, literally! And there inside was an envelope, with a tiny bit of parchment visible. It had to be the letter Coo was talking about!

He took the envelope out and looked behind it and there it was.

Tsuyoshi Masanori

That was the name of Tenma's father, his name typed on the back. He slipped the parchment out and everything he was afraid of became real in that moment.

I know who your son is…

I know what happened ten years ago…

and what you've been doing since then.

It no longer matters.

Now that I know…

I plan to finish what I started ten years ago…

and kill your precious child.

Endou's spine shivered. This was definitely not good.

"I think I've stayed long enough. I better go before he comes back." Endou decided.

He hurried out the room as swiftly as he could, making sure no one saw to keep the good doctor from finding out. Unfortunately though, someone did notice.

The figure watched as he walked right by, hiding just in the shadow of the stairs with a scowl across his face.

"Another one… Fine. That's fine. I'll just do away with him like I did with that last one. Then all I need to do is wait and that obnoxious little brat will be dead...

The Misthallery Pippin is a delicious, red apple that is Coo's favorite. He used to steal it from fruit stands back when he lived in London. Endou tries his best to feed him it or else he will go and steal apples again, much like what he's doing to Tenma's apples.

Also, he's not joking about Coo being a 'persuasive negotiator'. Coo likes to fly around in town when he can so hears and sees a lot things, some you might not want to go around. Unless Endou wants those to go public, he needs to keep Coo happy. Still, Endou cares for Coo as much as any pet owner.