"The Egyptian goddess"

This story takes place in Ancient Japan and Egypt, when in Egypt's society was divided into two classes, the nobility and commoners. As well as Japan. God's and goddesses, dark magic, witches etc.

Who is she?

Zafina was taking off her jewelry and her gold silk dress, leaving only her white, flawless skin. She was taking a bath in a river, near to her secret temple. The temple was built by the God's (told by her mother) Zafina is a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Greek origin ruled Egypt after Alexander the great's death. And she is the last Philopator who lives. Back then—Zafina prepares to ascend to the throne of Egypt, but is interrupted by the Spartans; which caused into chaos. The Spartans believe, that Zafina is the key of destruction of the world. The oracle had foretold. "A woman who has a cold-selfish heart; will bring destruction to the world."

Queen Cleopatra VII, mother of Zafina was killed during the ceremony. They didn't kill her, Zafina did. It was an accident, she never intended to do it. She loved her mother so much. The oracle was there, and she said. "Kill that monster! She killed her own mother!"

painful words made her cold and selfish.

"Your Highness! We've been looking for you!" Jiao said. Jiao is Zafina's personal maid, Jiao is a half- French and half-Japanese. She was once from Lebanon. One day, the Queen attends a peaceful gathering, then Queen Cleopatra found her alone in the woods. The Queen wanted to adopt Jiao,but she refuses to, she just wanted to be a servant to the princess.

"Lady Ayah is very worried, please come back to the temple." Jiao pleaded. She is handling a brown beaded chiffon robe to her. " Princess Zafina, next time—please tell us if you're going to take a bath"

Zafina took the robe slowly, putting her robe against her shoulders. "Alright." Jiao quickly picks up the princess clothes, after that she manages to walk with her.

"This is your 5th time going alone here in the river? Is there something wrong?..."


"Then—" Zafina cut her off.

"I just need space, I wanted to think things up."

After that, the two never spoke up to each other, it was a silent journey back home at the temple. Jiao is very hopeful, that the princess will be happy again. It's been years since Jiao saw the princess smile.

Lady Ayah was standing there at the entrance of the temple, waiting for Zafina. When Ayah saw her best friend, she was gladly nothing happened to her.

"Oh my god!" she said, hugging her tightly. "I thought something happened to you!"

Zafina's calmed face turned into, what do you call this? Squished.

"Yes, I'm okay—will you please cut it off! I can't breathe…"

Ayah had let go of her best friend. "I'm sorry, you made me worried! I thought that King Kratos had found you."

Zafina pats Ayah's shoulder. "You know he can't find me. As long as we're together, no one shall hurt us…"

Ayah only manages to nodded. What is she going to do? Ignore her promise? Zafina only talks, when Jiao or her ask something, like 'are you hungry?' 'do you need something?' and whatnot. But, sometimes Zafina only nodded.

"Come on, let's get you some clothes.." Ayah said.

And then, Zafina only nodded.

The sound of the wind, blooming flowers, green grass. Naturally, he hates it. Jin Kazama—soon to be King of Japan. Darkness fills him up, for he his devil is his somewhat like an angel to him. His devil told him to go around the world to find his so-call 'true love'. Tons of women he met but, he still hasn't found that girl to impress him and his devil.

"Sire, we have landed," his men said. Jin took a glance at him. "What is our location?" he asked, he took a sip of his wine.

"Unknown sir, but our captain said, that we're still at Africa.."

Jin chuckles "Okay then proceed." He said, while waving his hand.

His men bow's to his master. When the man was gone. Jin places his hand under his chin. Then his Devil spoke out.

Jinny! We are close! I can smell her from here.

"What a relief! I don't want to spend my life finding that wretched woman."

Tsk..tsk.. don't be such a fag, Jinny-boy. When you see her nor touch her, you'll beg for more.

"Why? Have you touched her?"

No, thank's to the sister's of faith; I saw your future wife to be. But—a tragic, sorrow death will take….


"Sire, we are ready to go.."

Their conversation was cut off by the captain of his ship. Jin sighed in annoyance, he wanted to know who is going to die at the end.


He took his sword and his coat on the other chair.

Come out, come out wherever you are….

" 'Sighs' can't sleep."

Zafina is standing on her closet, taking out a jungle green full length slid her dress from head to toe, without using a bra. She never used Bra's just to hide her beautiful boobs, she's just hate's bra's.

Zafina opened the window, grabbing her skirt; she slowly picks herself up, because she doesn't want to wake up Jiao and Ayah.

She let out a quite groaned, then she jumped. Landing without hardships, she jumps like a cat. Looking back at the window, she smirked.

She always does this, when she can't sleep, having bad dreams. She just opens her window,then jump BINGO! She's out. And no one knows.

"Let's spend the night here. We'll continue this search tomorrow morning." Jin ordered. His troops began to move all the things that they needed, his clothes, jewelry, etc. Jin began to feel his bore coming from his veins. How about a little sight seeing he thought.

In the river, Zafina dipped her toe in the water. The cold feeling sensation made her spine tickles, and she loved it. She made her think about Jiao and Ayah. Zafina is always being selfish to them, however Jiao and Ayah manage to stay with her no matter what. She always sneaks out the temple, just to see the surroundings. She felt guilt between her hands, she shouldn't do this? She knows better.

Jin put's his two hands in his pockets, just like he said earlier, sight seeing.

We're almost there, keep walking Jinny


Just keep walking you dog!


He keeps walking, and walking, and walking then. He saw a river, with a girl dressed in a green chiffon. The young Kazama's eye's widen, he stared at the graceful figure from head to bottom.

The mysterious figure slowly get's up from her seat.



Don't just stand there, stop here!

So, it's here.

Jin came back to reality, then he comes closer to the graceful figure,then he heard her gasp. He had stopped walking towards her, the graceful figure turns her head to him. They locked their eye's to each others. He took a one step, Zafina quickly got up from her seat.

Don't make her run!

Jin start's to running from his point. Luckily, he got her with ease. But, Zafina manages to escape from his grasp. Which made him turn on. No one, I mean NO ONE had ever escaped from him, especially with girls.

When zafina was on her feet, Jin tucked her dress, instead of making her falling down, he only got a piece of chiffon cloth from her dress.

Damn! You made her getaway!

Jin punched the tree with anger, she was there, he thought that his endless searching just to find this girl is over. Jin opened his palm, and he saw the piece of cloth from her dress, he sniffs it just like a dog. Satisfied, he loved her scent very well. His devil was right; he wanted more.

Just wait, I'll find her. And this time—I'm not letting her get away.

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