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The water was still, except for it slowly going higher and higher. Cam held onto Ace, who treaded water with one flipper. There was no sound coming from the chicks, as they waited for Rusty to come back up.

Finally, he came up next to Cleo, coughing, and holding Gracie, who was out cold.

"T-that claw was tough," he spluttered. "I don't know how I got her out of it." He held onto Gracie tightly.

"What's the point?" Cam asked. "We're going to drown here!"

"There's still hope, Cam," Ace said.

"More like a two per cent chance we get out of here alive," Cleo muttered. Then followed a long, dreadful silence, where only the sound of water rising slowly could be heard.

Meanwhile, the Penguins had made it to Hoboken, and were trying to figure out where the chicks could be. They had made it to the Puffin habitat, and had searched everywhere. No sign…

"Maybe they're not here," Private suggested. "Maybe Hans took them elsewhere."

"And where would elsewhere be, Private?" Skipper asked, sounding a little sarcastic.

"Well, I don't know, but…"

Down below, Cleo heard voices.

"Someone's up there!" she whispered.

"Who?" Cam asked.

"I don't know, but they might not be friends. Remember, we are in Hoboken."

"I don't care if they're friend or foe, I want out!" Rusty said. Everyone looked at Ace.

"Alright," he said. "On three, we shout. One, two, three!"

There was such a noise, as everyone shouted 'HELP!' at the same time. Skipper and the team looked around confused, at where the muffled sound came from.

"Can any of you make out what it is?" Skipper asked. Every head shook, except for Rico's. His nodded;
"I' 'ounds 'ike 'elp," he grunted.

"Someone needs help!" Private gasped. "But where are they?" Rico tapped his shoulder, and pointed to the ground under his feet. If they looked closely, they could see faint lines in the concrete, and they realised they were standing on some kind of trapdoor. There was no handle, but Rico threw up a crowbar, in hopes he could slip into the thin crack.

By now, the calls for help had stopped, since the water had almost completely submerged the chicks. They only had one small area of air between the roof, and the water. Ace, in one last weak attempt, slammed his body against the door again. This time, it flew open, and Ace blindly climbed out, water in his eyes, so he could not see who was there. He heard the clatter of a crowbar on concrete over the sound of him, and his friends coughing. The he felt strong flippers scoop him up, and hold him tightly.

"Ace! You're okay! And Cam!"

"Dad?" Ace croaked, opening his eyes properly. He found himself, soaking wet, in his dad's flippers, with Cam right beside him, smiling, and snuggling into her father's flippers. Cleo was also hugging her dad as if she would never let him go.

Rusty gave Private, who was kneeling on the ground, Gracie, who was limp in his flippers. Her eyes were closed. Then she started coughing up water, and began to breathe heavily. She opened her eyes, and clutched to Private, coughing, and crying.

"Let's get these little ones home," Private said, standing up with Gracie still in his flippers. She had started shivering, too.

When they got home, it was around midnight, and the chicks were dried thoroughly, Ace, Cam, Cleo, and Rusty were put into their bunks, and Gracie was put in their old crib (she was so small, she could fit in it on her own). The Penguins made sure they were all bundled up, and warm. Then they, too, climbed into their own bunks for a good night's sleep.

The next morning, the chicks sat at the table while Skipper had a talk with them.

"What you did was very foolish," he told Ace and Rusty. "If anything like this happens again, I want you to contact us right away. We always leave a walkie talkie here, and Rico's got the other on in his gut."

"I'm sorry, Dad," Ace sighed. "It was my idea to go."
"I'm sorry, too," Rusty added. "I went along."

"Good, and Cam," he turned to his daughter. "Why did you come find us, or try to contact us?"

"I-I… I knew you'd be angry, and I didn't think it would be that hard a mission."

"All missions are hard, one way or another, Cam," Skipper said. He then turned to Cleo and Gracie, who had been silently wondering why they were in trouble.

"And you two," he began. "Never, I repeat, NEVER go out for snow cones again, unless one of us is with you. And that goes for all of you." He smiled, ruffled Ace's head feathers, and took his team topside for training.

"Well," Cam said, "that was relatively painless."

"Now what?" Gracie asked.

"We could go visit Eggy?" Cam suggested.

"Or play a trick on Ringtail!" Ace added.

"NO!" Cleo cried, grinning. "We could – dramatic pause – do some experiments in Dad's lab!"

The room was silent.

"Oh, yeah, that sounds sooo much fun!" Cam grinned, winking at Ace. Everyone laughed, expect Cleo, who looked confused.


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