Existing Hearts


Hey everyone :D I'm back for the sequel of 'Surviving hearts'. This is just a quick prologue before the season kicks off here in the UK in a couple a weeks. So please enjoy this little intro :D This will all be based around Layla Grimes until well fingers crossed her and Andrea along with Michonne find the group again!

The time. It used to be part of everyones daily routine, checking your watch, looking up at the clock, checking your phone or iPod. But now nobody knows, it could be four o'clock in the morning and they wouldnt know and this is all due to the dead now ruling the earth. Layla doesnt know how much time has passed since she last saw her family or last saw him. It makes her feel numb everytime she thinks about them.

She, Andrea and Michonee have moved around a lot since Michonne had found them sturggling in the woods and the three of them had become a little family as such. Michonne knew all about what Layla's and Andrea's group had gone through whilst trying to survive. Plus Layla and Andrea knew her story too. Michonne knew about, T-dog, Carol, Maggie, Glenn, Hershel, Shane, Beth, Lori, Rick, Carl and Daryl.

She knew that Layla and Daryl were in love and Michonne would comfort Layla everytime she found herself getting washed with sadness everytime she thought about him and anyone in the group. But Michonne became especially comforting whenever Layla would cry about Carl, her little brother, her little brat with the same crystal blue eyes.

Andrea talked to Michonne and Layla about how she and Shane had hooked up and how she hoped he had survived the rade on the farm so they could talk again. Layla had been disgusted by the thought of Andrea and Shane but she had to accept it no matter what her feelings were towards that vile man. But Layla got her revenge by talking to Andrea and Michonne about hers and Daryl's sexual antics which had disgusted Andrea all the same.

Michonne's two armless and jawless companions were the norm now, Layla had grown quite attached to them since they kept her and her new small group safe from other walkers. Michonne had explained how they were her boyfriend and his best friend and both Andrea and Layla understood that they were something to Michonne so she couldn't kill them. Layla knew that if Daryl became a walker she would do the same, just so she could hold onto him for that little bit longer before she put a gun to his head and ended his misery. But she knew that would never happen due to Daryl being Daryl he would want it to end before it even started.

Layla looks up from the ground that she has been staring at during her thought path, the ground isn't wet but a tad moist so she makes a guess that it could be spring, but really she doesn't have a clue. It could be any season, any month, any time and she doesnt know. All she knows is she is no longer suriving just merely existing on a now dead planet.

She looks into the fire that burns while they all sit around it in a circle and sees his face within it speaking the words ''I love you''. Those three words spoken by him are the only words that keep Layla existing. Existing to find her way back home with Andrea and Michonne by her side.

Well there you go :D I shall be back in a couple of weeks with the first chapter! October 19th is when it premieres in the UK baby! I actually can't wait I've been counting down the weeks until the zombie arse kicking show returns! I have a lot of ideas for this story it just depends what happens with Layla, Andrea and Michonne while they are at Woodbury! Okay see you soon! Leave me a review to let me know what you think!

Love you all, Vmk-xx