Existing hearts

Chapter 21

Hello guys! Well here's the last installment of existing hearts! Thank you all so much for the support you have given me! I know some people were disappointed with the finale but I loved it! Very unexpected about a certain character since you guys know I liked her! But here we go and I hope you enjoy my last chapter...

It was nightfall now and Layla and Daryl hadn't moved from their spot in front of Merle, Layla still has her arms wrapped around Daryl's neck and was refusing to let go. He needed her now even though their tears had stopped but that didn't mean they still didn't need each other.

''We best be getting back, you need to eat.'' Daryl mumbles.

Layla sighs. ''I don't feel like moving just yet. Are we going to bring him back with us?'' She asks into Daryl's ear.

Daryl moves and picks Layla up with him. ''Come on you gotta eat, we can't sit around here all night. Got stuff to do.'' He says pulling Layla away from Merle.

Layla lets him pull her along. ''Daryl he's your brother...'' She starts.

Daryl glares at her. ''I know... I've mourned him now it's time to take the governor down. He's stopped Merle from having the chance to be an Uncle and that's not ok.'' He says putting a hand on Layla stomach. ''Let's go home.'' He says and he grabs her hand and they run back to the prison.

They make it back in the early morning and after breaking the news to the others of Merle's and Chris' deaths. Layla had to console Carl as he let a few tears slip, he had liked Chris, he was the boy who always kept his sister safe, and now he was gone. Layla and Daryl make Merle a cross and place it with Lori's, T-dog's, Oscar's, and Axel's. They stand there for a moment in silence and then Daryl walks away after Layla makes an M in rocks. Layla then makes a separate cross and makes a C out of rocks for Chris.

''Goodbye Uncle Merle. Goodbye Chris look after Jenny up their, I'll keep your spirits alive I promise.'' She looks up at the sky. ''That includes you too Merle, you will always be with me.'' Layla whispers placing a hand on her stomach as she does.

When they reach the cell-block everyone is packing up ready to stage their leaving. They knew the governor would be coming since they refused to hand over Michonne. Layla grabs her's and Daryl's bags and wraps either around each of her shoulders. She leaves out the door and is greeted by Rick.

''Honey give me one of those, don't strain yourself.'' He says taking the bag from her left shoulder.

Layla smiles at her father. ''Thanks daddy but I'm fine.'' She says.

Rick nods. ''I know but you gotta start looking after yourself.'' He says.

Layla nods. ''I know but I can carry a couple of bags it's not like I have a bump yet I'm only a few weeks gone.'' She whispers.

Rick nods. ''I know baby but that little bundle growing inside you will give us hope for the future.'' He says.

Layla nods. ''I know, Judith and this baby are the light and Mama is the sun that causes the light.'' She says.

Rick smiles and kisses his daughters forehead. ''Now I want you with Hershel, Carl and Beth. In your condition, you aren't setting off the tear gas.'' He says.

Layla glares at him. ''Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm going to miss this action. Because of this governor, my best friend is dead!'' She shouts.

This gets Daryl's attention and he storms over. ''You are going with Hershel in the car you are not staying here!'' He shouts at her.

Layla shakes her head. ''No I'm staying and helping you guys!'' She shouts even louder.

Daryl and Rick both look at her with glares. ''No!'' They say in unison.

Layla huffs. ''I don't care what you say I'm staying!'' She demands and she walks away.

They both storm after her. ''Fine but you stay close to Daryl and me.'' Rick says.

Layla nods. ''I know daddy.'' She says.

Daryl approaches her and places a hand on her shoulder. ''Stay with me, keep your weapon sharp and stay hidden.'' He says.

Layla nods. ''I know, come on let's see off the others.'' She says.

Daryl kisses her hair. ''Hmm.'' He hums.

They approach them all, say their goodbyes, and then get themselves into place. Maggie and Glenn armoring themselves up ready to shoot at the governor and his men. Then everyone else makes their way inside the prison, hidden in the darkness with their tear gas cans in hand. Layla has her belt wrapped tightly around her as she crouches down in-between Daryl and her father. They hear the creaking of a cell door and Layla instantly tenses as footsteps begin to move towards them. When the footsteps are close enough Daryl, Layla, and Rick set off their cans and throw them towards the noise while Carol and Michonne set off the alarms. Screaming and moans erupt around them and everyone stays quiet as the governor let's out a loud scream. Then the shooting erupts from Glenn and Maggie and Layla can't help but smile, they'd held them off without a casualty. Daryl helps Layla up off the ground and they head for the front of the prison. When they make it, they all stand in front of the gate and smile as the governor and his troops drive away.

''We did it, we drove them out.'' Rick chimes.

''We should go after them.'' Michonne suggests and Layla had to agree.

Layla watches as Daryl nods her head. ''We should finish it.'' He says.

''We have, didn't you see them high tale it out of here.'' Maggie tries to protest and Layla scoffs.

''They could re-group.'' Michonne says.

''We can't take the chance he's not gonna stop.'' Glenn snaps.

''We can't keep living like this.'' Carol says breathlessly.

''We can't take a fight to Woodbury we barely made it back the last time.'' Maggie says.

Daryl scoffs. ''We don't care.'' He breathes and Layla smirks at her lovers comment.

Rick nods. ''Yeah, let's check on the others.'' He says and everyone begins to run towards the cell-block.

Once inside Layla brushes her hand down Daryl's arm, leans up, and kisses him softly. ''Told you I'd be fine.'' She says with a coy smile.

Daryl smirks. ''Right you did.'' He says.

Layla and Daryl walk into the cells and scout checking for any stragglers. ''I want to come to Woodbury.'' Layla announces.

Daryl looks at her with a glare. ''What?'' He asks.

Layla stares at him. ''I'm coming to Woodbury.'' She says sternly.

Daryl shakes his head. ''No ya ain't!'' He snaps.

Layla glares at him and takes a step closer to him. ''Yes I am!'' She says through gritted teeth.

Daryl leans towards her. ''You're pregnant, I'm not having you be shot and losing our baby!'' He hisses.

Layla stomps her foot like a two-year old having a tantrum. ''I'm coming! Whether you like it or not!'' She snaps beginning to walk away.

Daryl grabs her arm. ''Don't ya dare walk away! I just lost my brother I ain't losing the two of you!'' He shouts and it echo's through the prison.

Layla shoves out of his grip. ''I'm coming I won't get shot! I'm not going to lose our baby and you are not going to lose me!'' She snaps.

Daryl takes a deep breath. ''You're pregnant Layla I wish you would get that in your head you can't keep doing the dirty work anymore!'' He shouts.

''You're pregnant?'' A voice says from the door coming into the cell.

Daryl turns around and Layla looks straight into Beth's eyes. ''Yes I'm having a baby.'' She says.

Beth looks at her hurt. ''Why didn't you tell me?'' She sniffs clinging to baby Judith.

''Why didn't you tell any of us?'' Maggie asks as the rest of the group gather by the door.

Layla ducks her head and begins to twiddle her thumbs. ''I've only known a few days. We were going to tell you all when the time was right.'' She stutters.

Maggie nods her head. ''Great timing Lay.'' She says with a smirk. ''Congradulations.'' She says.

Layla smiles. ''So ya'll are ok with this?'' She asks.

Everyone walks into the cells, begin hugging Daryl and Layla, and offering their congratulations, Beth smiles at Layla, and takes her hand. ''I'm not losing my best friend.'' She says.

Layla brings her into a hug. ''You won't.'' She says.

Layla watches over her shoulder as Carol as she shuffles on her feet, she catches Layla's gaze and nods. The two of them had there differences but Carol had to accept now that Daryl was Layla's and he wasn't going to change his mind. Carol then nods again and Layla and mouths '' congratulations'' to her and she offers Carol a small smile.

Layla then turns to Daryl. ''I'm coming to Woodbury with you, I need closure, that place caused the death of the only boy who has stood by me since the beginning. They need to pay.'' She says.

Daryl nods. ''All right you can come, but the same rules apply, stay close to me and always have your weapon ready.'' He says.

Layla nods. ''Same to you.'' She says before leaning up and capturing his lips in hers in a loving kiss. ''I love you.'' She whispers.

Daryl places their foreheads together. ''And I love you.'' He whispers back. ''Let's get ready to go.'' He says.

In addition, that's what they do, Michonne, Rick, Daryl, and Layla begin to prepare themselves to go back Woodbury, and Michonne needed closure on the place too. Layla and Michonne begin to stock the truck with weapons whilst Daryl prepped his bike. Michonne and Layla both share a look.

''We need to get Andrea out of there.'' Michonne says.

Layla nods. ''I know, it's time she came home. I don't want to hate her anymore, I can't she's one of the two reasons why I'm still alive today.'' She says with a small smile.

Michonne places a hand on her shoulder. ''And you're one of the two reasons why Andrea and I are still alive today.'' She says.

Layla smiles. ''The three bitches fighting to survive.'' She says.

Michonne smirks. ''Hell yeah. Now come on sit down, put ya feet up.'' She says shoving her into the seat next to the guns.

Layla glares at her. ''Let's go take Woodbury down and get our sister back.'' She says.

Michonne nods. ''Too right.'' She says.

Layla watches from her seat as Glenn and Maggie approach her father.

''Rick we're staying, we don't know where the governor is, if he comes back we'll hold him off.'' Glenn says.

''Just the four of us?'' Daryl questions. ''All right.'' He says with a nod whilst putting on his crossbow.

''I appreciate you staying.'' Rick says.

''Sure.'' Maggie mumbles.

Maggie and Glenn open the gate and Daryl leads the way as they leave for Woodbury, ready to fight whatever would greet them when they arrived.

On their way, they come across two cars on the side of the road with a small huddle of walkers around eating the remains of other people who would soon turn. They all step out of their vehicles and Layla arms her knife stabbing one in the head with a grunt as it turns towards them. They walk a few steps forwards watching out for more of a threat, Layla sticking close to Daryl at all times. Suddenly someone bangs on the window of one of the cars behind them making them both jump. Layla looks at the woman with shock recognising her as one of the people of Woodbury straight away. They all aim their weapons towards her as they let her out of the car. Layla offering her a small smile as they do.

They press on until the sun falls towards Woodbury, all keep their weapons drawn, Layla with her trusty pistol, Daryl with his crossbow, Michonne with her katana and Rick with his riffle as Karen follows behind them cautiously. They reach the gates of Woodbury only to be shot at, so instantly all four of them open fire aiming straight for the two people standing on watch. All of them duck behind a beat down car as the shots begin to fly.

''Tyreese don't shoot, it's me!'' Karen shouts.

''Get down!'' Rick shouts pulling her down.

''Karen!'' A male voice shouts. ''Karen are you ok?'' He questions.

''I'm ok!'' She shouts.

''Where's the governor?'' The man named Tyreese shouts.

Karen keeps her hands up. ''He fired on everyone, killed them all.'' She says.

''Why are you with them?'' Tyreese questions.

''They saved me!'' Karen shouts back.

''We're coming out.'' Rick shouts.

Daryl and Layla both let out hard breaths and prepare themselves. ''We're coming out.'' Rick repeats in a softer tone. They all put their hands up and walk out from behind the car as Tyreese opens the gate.

''What are you doing here?'' Tyreese asks.

Rick looks Tyreese dead in the eye. ''We were coming to finish this, till we saw what the governor did.'' He says.

Tyreese breathes a heavy breath. ''He... He killed them?'' He asks.

Rick's breaths become heavy. ''Yeah... Karen mentioned Andrea jumped the wall going for the prison she never made it.'' Rick says. ''She might be here.'' He finishes.

They all walk into Woodbury and into the familiar rooms of where they came to find Glenn and Maggie.

''This is where they kept Glenn and Maggie.'' Rick states as they run through the multiple corridors.

''They held people here?'' Tyreese asks.

''Did more than hold them.'' Daryl states.

They all come to the door and Layla gasps at the blood on the floor and clings to Michonne's arm. Layla couldn't lose another friend, she couldn't.

''Will you open it?'' Michonne asks as Layla's head rests on her arm, if Andrea was dead she didn't want to see.

Everyone then points his or her weapons, Layla's hand shaking the whole time. ''One, two.'' Rick whispers before he opens the door to show Milton lying on the floor. Layla squeezes Michonne's arm as she scans the room looking for a sign of Andrea. Then she sees her.

Both Layla and Michonne run it. ''Andrea.'' They both gasp taking a place at either side of her.

''I tried to stop him.'' She whispers out and Layla wraps her arm around her.

''You're burning up.'' Michonne says and Layla can't help the little scream escaping from her lips.

Andrea then shuffles along and reveals the huge bite on her shoulder, Layla can't help but let the tears fall. ''Andrea no, please no.'' She sobs. She watches as Daryl to step forward but Rick stops him.

''Judith, Carl, the rest of them.'' Andrea breathes out.

Rick looks away trying to control his emotions whilst Layla cries into Andrea's shoulder. ''The rest of us.'' He breathes.

''Are they alive?'' Andrea asks.

Rick nods his head. ''Yeah they're alive.'' He breathes out.

Andrea breathes out a sigh of relief and then takes Layla's and Michonne's hands in her own and looks between them. ''It's good that you found them.'' She says. They both nods at her unable to speak as they cry. ''No one can make it alone now.'' She say leaning her head back.

''I never could.'' Daryl says making Layla and Andrea smile at him.

Layla then takes both of Andrea's hands. ''Hey Andrea look at me.'' She stutters out and Andrea obeys. ''Daryl and me are having a baby, a little baby.'' She sobs out.

Andrea smiles at her and runs a hand down Layla's face before looking between her and Daryl. ''You're going to be the best mum and dad for your baby; you look him or her all right? You keep them safe. Oh Layla.'' She breathes out. ''Look after yourself for my sake.'' She says.

Layla nods her head through tears. ''I will I promise, this baby will be loved.'' She sobs.

Then Andrea looks at Rick. ''I just didn't want anyone to die.'' She says. ''I can do it myself.'' She continues.

''No!'' Both Michonne and Layla protest.

She looks between the both of the still gripping to their hands tight. ''I have too, while I still can.'' She breathes causing Layla and Michonne to be overcome by more tears.

Andrea and Rick then share a look. ''I know how the safety works.'' She says and Layla can't help but smile at her friends comment.

Rick takes a minute before handing Michonne a gun, she glares down at it and she and Rick place it firmly in Andrea's grip.

''Well I'm not going anywhere.'' Michonne says.

''Me either.'' Layla adds squeezing Andrea's arm.

She looks between the two of them again and Layla shuffles across the floor so she is sitting by Michonne who takes her free hand instantly. Andrea looks at the two of them with a soft smile. Then she looks to Daryl who has a stone look on his face and he nods at her shortly.

''I tried.'' She whispers out looking straight at Rick.

Rick looks at her sadly. ''Yeah, you did. You did.'' He says shakily before standing up.

Then Daryl and Rick leave the room, Daryl placing a hand on Layla's cheek before he leaves and all Layla can do is offer him a small smile. ''Go.'' She stutters out. He nods at her and follows Rick.

The three of them then get closer to one another Layla putting a hand on Andrea's face and Michonne stroking her hair whilst they all connect hands.

''I love you.'' Layla stutters out still crying.

Andrea smiles at her softly and squeezing her hand. ''I love you too.'' She breathes.

Layla collapses into her knee. ''I'm so sorry for being so cold towards you, I never should have been you're my friend and I can't believe I treated you that way.'' She stutters.

Andrea releases her hand from Michonnes and picks up Layla's head via her chin. ''You had your reasons.'' She breathes, and then she looks towards Michonne. ''You both did.'' She says.

Layla sobs even more and all three of them come together in a small embrace just remembering the memories they had shared together whilst they were just the three of them against the world with the boys keeping them safe in a way. All three of them come together once more before Michonne and Layla pull away.

Andrea puts the gun down and then places her hands on Layla's face. ''Look after Daryl, look after your baby, look after your brother and your sister.'' Layla nods through tears, and then Andrea removes one of her hands from Layla's face and puts it on Michonne's. ''Look after each other.'' She says with a small smile. ''Please keep each other safe, I love you both so much and I can't believe I'm leaving you.'' She breathes.

They both nod at her and then Layla hands her the gun. Michonne and Layla take hands and then both place theirs on top of Andrea free one. She puts then gun to her head and looks at them both with a smile one last time before she pulls the trigger and she's gone. Layla let's out a loud sob as does Michonne and they both crumble into Andrea's now lifeless body and cling to her as they cry, mourning the woman who meant so much to them. After they lie with her for a good ten minutes, they both lift themselves up and help each other off the ground. They hug each other tightly and then cover her with a sheet and tie is around her, just as Andrea had done to her sister a year ago.

They pick her up, Layla taking the legs and Michonne taking her head. Rick opens the door for them and they walk out of the building with solid looks on their face. Daryl watches his lover carefully; he had never seen her like this before, not even with Amy, Lori, Chris, or Merle. There was something different about her; she was more solid, more broken. They walk out and Michonne and Layla carry Andrea's body into the truck they had come in which Sasha had kindly driven into Woodbury and they both climb in Layla supporting her head and Michonne her feet, both frozen and unable to utter a word. Layla acknowledges Daryl approaching her.

''We're bringing everyone in Woodbury to the prison.'' He whispers.

Layla nods. ''Ok.'' She stutters.

Daryl takes hold of her hands and kisses them all over and Layla collapses into him sobbing into his shoulder. ''I love you.'' She whispers. ''I love you so much.'' She repeats.

Daryl takes her head in his hands resting his hands on either of her cheeks. ''I know, I know you do. I love you too.'' He whispers.

Layla looks down at Andrea sheet covered body and then down at her covered head that lies in her lap. ''I can't believe she's gone.'' She sobs.

Daryl runs a finger through her hand and points to her chest. ''She's always here, just like Amy, ya mama, Jenny, Chris and Merle. She will always be in your heart.'' He says roughly.

Layla nods her head. ''I know.'' She stutters.

Daryl nods. ''You gonna be ok whilst I help ya dad?'' He asks.

Layla looks over at Michonne. ''Yeah I'll be fine I have Michonne.'' She says.

Daryl kisses her forehead. ''All right I'll see you soon.'' He says before walking away and shutting the car's door behind her.

Layla doesn't even register that they are setting off and arriving back at the prison. The only thing that reminds her is Michonne mumbling. ''We're home.'' And climbing out of the truck. They both smile at the weakly at the new arrivals before walking into the field with two shovels and digging a grave for their friend. Once they are done, they lower her gently into the ground and then bury her. Layla makes two planks of wood into a cross whilst Michonne makes an A with stones. Once they are finished, they take hands and just stand their silently remembering their friend. Remembering their sister.

There we go people the last chapter of Existing hearts, which I sobbed through whilst writing! I really am going to miss Andrea she was such a strong female and was loved until she went all lovesick on the governor. I really hope you liked how I wrote her farewell, she and Layla truly were close and they did have a rocky relationship but they stood by one another through it all. Thank you all so much for the follows, reviews and favourites they really have kept me going through this story and I am so touched that you have all liked it! Now as you, all know Layla is pregnant and I want to get a poll going for the baby's name so here's the list...





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