A.N. What would have happened if Sirius hadn't gone looking for Peter that fateful Halloween night. What if they hadn't caught Sirius and charged him with the betrayal of his two best friends… What if they had never found Harry…

It's been 15 years since that terrible Halloween, and no one knows whatever became of Sirius Black and young Harry Potter. Some say that Sirius went mad, and murdered the child after the downfall of his master, Lord Voldemort. Others say they're still out there. Remus doesn't know who to believe, or what to make of the letters that he has been receiving…

That is the full summary, and I hope that you enjoy this *cackles * I know, I know, I said that I probably wouldn't do two stories at once, but I couldn't help myself. I absolutely love this idea, and I hope that my version of it is to your enjoyment! Please Review!

Sirius Black drove through the skies of England on his enchanted motorbike, looking at the small housed underneath him. It was Halloween, and several loud parties could be heard even from his perch above the world. It had been a week since Lily, James, and little Harry Potter had been placed under the Fidelius Charm. Almost everyone thought that Sirius himself was the Secret Keeper, but no, he had come up with a brilliant plan.

It all started a week before…

He was at the Potter's home in Godric's Hollow, bouncing Harry on his knee. The child was making happy gurgling noises with each bounce, and smiling a smile that seemed to wide for his little face. A small mop of black hair sat on his head, and his emerald eyes gleamed as he grinned up at his godfather. But he wasn't there to just play with his godson. He was there because they needed to cast a protection spell called the Fidelius Charm.

It was an advanced curse, used when one wanted to go into hiding from someone else. And that's what Lily and James needed to do. The Dark Lord Voldemort was getting stronger and stronger, and he posed a certain threat over the Potters. He had already attempted to kill them once. The spell concentrated everything on one person, the Secret Keeper, who was supposed to be Sirius. But Sirius had a different plan.

"Sirius you don't know what you're saying!" James exclaimed, pounding one of his fists on the kitchen table. Lily had taken Harry and was looking nervously between her husband and friend.

"James you can't deny that you haven't heard what Dumbledore has been saying! There is a spy that is extremely close to you, and has been passing Voldemort information for months! Possibly years-"

"But Remus? How could you accuse Remus! I have known him since our first day at Hogwarts and there is no way that-"

"Who else could it be?"

"Sirius, I don't know but it can't be Remus-"

"But what if it is? Remus knows that I'm going to be your Secret Keeper. I was there when you told him. We all were. If Remus really is a spy, then he could use me to get to you. Do you want Harry to be hurt or possibly killed!" Sirius pointed at his godson who was utterly uninterested in what they were saying, and was more involved in playing with his mother's long, red hair.

"Even so, Sirius," Lily said, pulling her hair out of her son's grasp. "What can we do?"

"You can switch Secret Keepers."

"To who!" James exclaimed. "You said yourself that Remus might be the spy."
"Peter," Sirius said simply.

"Peter? Peter can hardly stand on his own, how do you expect him to do this? What would Dumbledore think!"

"Dumbledore doesn't has to know," Sirius sighed. "You're going to be performing the curse yourselves, so it can be just between us. No one would suspect Peter. No offense to him, but he's weak and innocent, but he's a wonderful friend and he would never think of betraying us. He didn't betray us at Hogwarts and he won't betray us now."

"Sirius, school boy pranks and a life and death situation are two totally different things."

"Everyone thinks that I'm the Secret Keeper. No one will look at Peter twice."

James couldn't think of anything to say and just mouthed wordlessly at his friend.

"James if you don't do this for me, do this for your family. I don't want any of you to be hurt."

James sighed weakly and finally nodded, running a hand through his messy hair. Harry gurgled and clapped happily, making spit bubbles.

"All right, but we'll have to ask Peter first. And you still have to go into hiding."

"Of course. Let's go ask him right now."

And so it had been done. Peter had been made Secret Keeper, although the world thought that Sirius was. And now, Sirius was going to go check on Peter in his hiding place. But… maybe he should go check on Lily and James first… They were on the way, after all…

Sirius turned his bike slightly to the left and drove off in the direction of Godric's Hollow. He drove over the houses, counting them until he spotted Lily and James' house in a mass of trees.

He dove down until he came to a smooth landing in their driveway. He stopped the engine and took off his helmet, shaking his long black hair out. He looked up at the house.

Something's wrong. That thought hit him immediately. It was too quiet, for their house was usually filled with laughter or crying (whichever mood Harry was in at the time). Sirius frowned at the house and slowly walked up the rest of the long driveway. And then he heard it, a piercing scream from one of the upstairs rooms!


Then silence, before a loud, wailing cry echoed out of the room.



Suddenly there was a deafening sound coming from inside. It sounded like engines of those giant planes, or whatever Muggles flew in. But plane engines didn't have horrible screams in them, and they didn't make the air freezing cold, like they were sucking the life out of you. There was a giant flash of green light, and another loud explosion, before everything went black…

Someone was screaming again. It was a pitiful cry for help.


"Harry…" Sirius groaned. His head was pounding, and he didn't even notice that he had fallen to the ground. He raised his head slightly, and saw that the house had been reduced to a pile of broken rubble, with a few familiar items sticking through.

"Harry!" Sirius yelled a bit louder, getting to his feet quickly. "Lily! James!"
"SIIIIIIIIII!" Harry's voice shrieked. "SSSIIII!"

"I'm coming Harry," Sirius whispered, more to himself than to his godson. He jumped into the ruins and started searching for Harry.
"SIIII!" The cries of the one year old was getting louder and louder as he ran through the rubble. "MAAAA!" Sirius followed his godson's voice, digging through the mass of burnt wood and building materials until he saw-

"Harry!" Sirius sighed in relief as he scooped his godson into his arms, pulling him from halfway beneath a board that looked to be from his crib. He had a gash on his forehead, with blood trickling from it, down the side of Harry's face. Sirius wiped away some of the blood on his cloak, and then cradled Harry close, rocking him and trying to stop the boy's desperate wails. "Shhh… Shhh… it's going to be all right. Don't worry Harry… don't wor…"

Sirius stopped rocking and stared at the rubble. There was a hand sticking out from beneath it. Lily's hand. It was burnt slightly, and it wasn't moving, her wedding ring still on her finger.
Sirius dived down and grabbed his friend's cold and immobile hand. He pulled the board off her body, and looked down at his friend. Her bright green eyes were open, but held none of the warmth that usually filled them. Her face was twisted in a look of horror and fear.

Harry was reaching for his mother, saying, "Maaa… maaa…."

"Mama's gone now," Sirius whispered to his godson, holding him tightly. He could feel the tears leaking from his eyes, but he didn't care. It was his godson that mattered now. It was his godson that needed him the most.

Sirius searched for a short while, until he found Harry's father's body. James' body was covered in small scratches, and his wand was clutched in his hand. He had a determined, brave look on his face. Sirius' frame was wracked with sobs as he looked at his friend, who he had known since childhood. He was gone… It was all gone…

"How did Voldemort get them?" Sirius asked himself. "How could he have gotten Peter…"

Suddenly realization hit Sirius like a ton of bricks.

"Peter you bastard, how could you!" Sirius yelled into the night. "How could you kill Lily and James! How could you!"

Harry was crying again, looking up at his godfather. Sirius hugged him and started humming lightly, trying to coax the infant to calm down. Sirius walked away from the rubble, unaware of his torn and dirty robes. He managed to find his motorbike at the edge of the ruins.
He put Harry in his cloak, started the engine on his bike, and flew off into the night back to his house.

"Does anyone know what happened?" The Auror asked some of the neighbors. They were walking among the piles of wood and brick that used to be the Potters' house. The two bodies of Lily and James Potter were already on their way to the morgue.

"All I 'eared was a grea' explosion," said an elderly woman. "Then a baby cryin', but that's all. Such a pity though… Potters were always so kind…"

"You say that you heard a baby crying?" The Auror asked. "Do you think that it was their son?"

"Yeah… yeah it could've been."

"Stevenson! Stevenson! Come get a look at this!"

Another Auror was calling him over. The Auror, who's name was Harp, was holding up a large piece of wood.
"What is it-oh my…"

Beneath the wood was another body but this one was totally burnt and shriveled up.

"Is that… You-Know-Who?"

"I-I think it might be."

While several other Aurors were brought over to investigate the newfound body, two men watched. Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

"I can't believe Sirius actually did it," Remus said quietly, his eyes still red from the crying he did earlier. "He's known James since they were little kids… they were the best of friends. He was an Auror with James. Why did he hand them to Voldemort? I mean… I sort of suspected that he was a spy… but I didn't think he would really do it."

"I know what you mean," Peter said, blowing his nose. "Who would've thought… I started to suspect something when Sirius didn't show up at my hiding place, like he said he was going to. But Sirius adored everyone in that family. He was jumping with glee when he became godfather to Harry. Why would he kill them?"

"Evil can infect even the warmest of hearts, sometimes," said a new voice. It was Albus Dumbledore. He looked grimly at the ruins, and said, "From what I've heard, it appears that little Harry Potter's body is not among the rubble."

Remus and Peter both looked up at their former headmaster.

"N-not… there? That's impossible," Peter said.

"But they have found a body that appears to be Lord Voldemort's."

Remus' eyes got wide and Peter paled visibly.

"You-Know-Who?" Peter spat out, trembling slightly. "Does that mean that he's… gone?"

"It appears so…"

"But-but how?" Remus asked.

"Harry," Dumbledore said simply.

"But, headmaster, how could someone so little do that?"

"I don't know, Remus. I don't think we ever will."

"But where's Harry?"

"Sir," said a young Auror's voice. "What do you make of this?" He held up a helmet.

"That's Sirius' helmet," Remus whispered.
"He was here…" Peter sighed.

"Probably helping Voldemort get the job done," Remus snarled. "Is the bike there?"

"No, but there are tire marks on the drive."

"We need to find him. He could hurt others," Dumbledore said swiftly. "Any sign of little Harry Potter?"

"No sir. No body, no nothing."

"Sirius has him. I'd bet my life on it," Remus said urgently. "What if he hurts him! Sirius could-"

"We'll get some people over to his house, to see what's going on."

"I'll go," Remus said. "I'll go now."

* * *

Sirius knew that they were going to come after him. He knew that they were going to take Harry away from him, the one thing that was still dear in his life. Sirius had packed a few things that he needed before he was supposed to go into hiding, and he grabbed that duffel bag. He shrunk it, and shrunk a few other things before he grabbed Harry, who was sitting on the couch munching on his own fingers. Before he reached the door, he stopped and scribbled out a note on a piece of paper.


I've got Harry with me. He's perfectly fine, just a bit shaken up. He has a cut on his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt. I expect that he got it tonight either before or while the house blew up.

Remus, you have to believe that I did not do this to Lily and James. Just last week I asked them to change Secret Keepers to Peter. He was the Secret Keeper. Not I. He was the one who betrayed Lily and James. He's probably been passing information to Voldemort for a while now. Now look what he's done to Lily and James. If you can somehow prove this to the Ministry, I will come out of hiding with Harry, unharmed. I might be in touch soon. Harry says hi.


Sirius tied the letter to his owl's leg, gave her one last stroke and told her not to come looking for him when she finished giving the letter to Remus.

"Stay with Remus, he'll take care of you."

Then the owl flew out the into the night sky… Sirius and Harry bolted out the door and disappeared with a pop.

Monti, Sirius' owl, glided through the chilly night air. She knew where Remus' house was, and was almost there when-

There was a flash of green light and a whooshing sound as the owl fell from the air and landed in a broken heap on the Muggle road. A short, plump figure walked from the trees and over to where the dead creature had landed. One pudgy hand took the letter from the owl's leg and read it by the light of his wand. And then Peter Pettigrew laughed wickedly and tore the letter into a thousand pieces.