A/N: Just a little oneshot based off of the ending from 8x01, and something AJ said in an interview at FanExpo.

Hotch's eyes widened as he slid the glossy photos free of the manila envelope. He felt sick as he took in what each image had captured.

Two figures, clearly depicted in the first photograph. The man had pushed the woman up against the wall of their bedroom. It was clear that they were leading up to a very intimate act.

The sick feeling was worsened as he realised the photos were in chronological order.

He wouldn't have felt as terrible as he did if the two people in the photo weren't people he knew.

If they weren't JJ and Will.

The next photo showed Will, topless, lying over JJ on their bed as they kissed deeply.

Then it seemed as though JJ's shirt was gone too, but Will was blocking the view of the camera.

When the next photo showed Will kissing a trail down JJ's stomach, Hotch flipped the photos over, slamming them down on his desk.

Getting up, he took a deep breath and crossed his office to the door. Opening the door, he stepped into the frame and looked straight at JJ, who had looked up as he came out. The sickening feeling wasn't getting any better as he beckoned for JJ to join him.

"What's going on?" JJ asked softly as she lowered herself into the chair across from his desk. Hotch handed her the envelope, watching as she slid the photos free.

"Oh my god...," she gasped softly, realising what the photos meant.


"Someone...someone watched us?!" JJ asked in shock, her blue eyes darting up to meet Hotch's.

"It seems so. JJ, I promise that whoever did this will be found," he explained gently, moving around to stand beside her.

JJ took a few deep breaths, her face pale. "I think I'm gonna be sick"

Hotch grabbed the trashcan, holding her hair out of the way as her stomach rejected its contents.

Taking a deep breath, JJ sat back in the chair, taking the tissues and the bottle of water Hotch offered her. "Sorry"

"It's alright," Hotch replied, tying off the trash bag and dumping the can near the door, a reminder to take it out to the bins when he got up.

"I just...I can't believe someone watched us...it's such a personal, private thing...to think there was someone at the window...," JJ trailed off softly.

"We'll find the sick son of a bitch, JJ, I promise. For now...keep those photos safe. We may need them"

"I'm not letting anyone see them"

"You'll be the only person that lays eyes on them, should we need them as evidence. I promise"

JJ stood up, hugging the manila envelope to her chest. "Thank you"

And as she left the room, fear swelled inside her.

Who had been standing in the window?

What else had they seen?