Nick sat at his desk. It had been quiet lately, cop-wise and Grimm wise. Nothing really big had happened lately, and while he was trying to take in the peace and relax, he couldn't shake the feeling something was coming. Suddenly the phone rang.

"Nick Burkhardt."

"Hey, Nick. It's me," Monroe answered.

"Hey, what is it?" he asked. It wasn't in Monroe's nature to call for no reason.

"You're gonna wanna make your way down to the Creston Movie Theater right now."


"If the guy I just saw go in is as bad as he looks, then these people are gonna need a Grimm."

"I'll be right there."

Nick pulled up outside the theater, jumped out of his car, and marched into the lobby. Monroe was waiting for him by the door of a theater at the back wall.

"I saw him go in here."

"You sure he's dangerous?"

"Oh, yeah, and rare around these parts. He's called a Leben Sauger. They track down the ill people who are due for heart attacks and stuff, and then they suck their last breath out of 'em."

"You get a good look at his target?" Nick asked, going into full Grimm mode.

"Yeah. Overweight guy. Wears a suit and has bad taste in movies by the looks of it," replied Monroe while gesturing to the poster of the playing movie. Nick had to agree. It was a sappy rom-com.

"Let's stop this guy from hurting anyone." With that, Nick pushed open the doors and went in.

Monroe waited outside for a minute. "As in, me to?" he asked before following suit.

The theater barely had any people in it; a few in the front rows, a fat guy in an otherwise empty middle one, and a man wearing dark clothes sitting in the row right behind him. The dark clothed man wasn't watching the movie, but rather he was keeping his eyes directly on the man in front of him.

Nick walked down the side isle, and Monroe pointed to the guy. Nick took his place behind the man in dark clothes and waited for him to do something. He didn't want to make a scene for no reason.

Suddenly, the fat guy started to choke. He took a hard swallow and was about to recover, when the man in dark clothes put his hand to the fattie's neck. His coughs became strangled as claw-like nails sprouted out of the Wesen's hand and dug into the man's neck.

Nick put his gun to the Wesen's back and prepared to shoot. "Take your hand away from him now!"

The Wesen looked over his shoulder and smiled at Nick. He rose from his seat and Nick followed suit, not letting his gun lower from his Wesen target.

"Sorry, Grimm. You're not getting in my way," the dark clothed man said in a deep, growly voice. He gave Nick a punch that sent him flying into the empty back row of seats, which received an annoyed, "Shh!" from one of the front row viewers.

"Hey, you might wanna back off," Monroe said, stepping into Blutbaden mode. Suddenly, the Wesen formed a fireball in his hand. "Or, I can just leave you alone."

The Leben Sauger raised his hand, preparing to incinerate Nick with the fireball, when suddenly someone kicked open the door.

The person standing in the doorway was a girl. The light streaming in around her from outside made it hard to tell what age, but you could see that she was decked out in black clothes, a black t-shirt, skinny black jeans, a studded belt, and combat boots. Her face was hidden by a pair of sunglasses, and her square-cut, dark hair fell down past her shoulders.

"Doesn't that burn your hand?" she asked, looking at the Wesen fireball.

Judging by her voice, she was definitely young, Monroe thought.

The Wesen threw his fireball at the girl, but without hesitation she jumped high enough to touch the ceiling and landed on a row of chairs.

"Whoa!" she said, balancing herself out. "Okay, so help me out here. I'm new at this." She looked back at the smoking area where the fireball had blown a hole in the wall. "Who pays for that?"

Angrily, the Leben Sauger marched toward her. She jumped off the chairs and gave him a round-house kick that sent him falling backwards.

She stepped forward and looked down at him. "You know, I was expecting a little more of a fight from my first Wesen." She stopped and held her hands up apologetically. "You are a Wesen, aren't you?"

He let out a grunt of anger and prepared another fireball to throw, but she bent down and pulled a silver knife out of her boot, throwing it at his hand. The fireball went out, leaving a long, bleeding slash across his palm.

"Ahh!" he screamed out in pain.

This time the annoyed viewer did more than shush. She turned around and let out a piercing scream at the sight. The girl looked around at the stunned viewers, and the Wesen took it as his opportunity to escape. Once she realized he was gone, she grabbed the knife and slid it back into her boot.

She looked at the emergency exit the Wesen had run out of. "Next time," she said, then turned and sprinted out the door she came in.

Monroe simply stared at the stabbed seats, screaming pedestrians, and scorched wall, not fully believing what had just happened.

"Uhh..." Nick groaned from where he'd landed.

"Hey, Nick. You okay?"

"I'll live. What happened?"

Monroe gave one more look around him. "You'll hear about it in the witness statements."


Nick sat back in his chair, running his hand over the bump on the back of his head. He looked over at Monroe, who was sitting in the opposite chair. Juliette had the night shift at the animal shelter, so he had invited Monroe over to fill him in on what had happened at the movies.

"And she just ran out?" he asked.

"Leaving no trace in her wake."

"Okay. Well, I guess I'm going to be seeing her again."

"Yeah, and by the looks of it she's been practicing," Monroe replied.

"But what I don't get is since when can Wesen throw fireballs?"

"They don't. And trust me, if that was a thing Wesen could do, I would have used it in high school."

"So, where are all these new powers coming from all of a sudden?" Nick asked.

"I don't know," Monroe said simply.


Unbeknownst to the two, in the other room, three Leben Saugers were sneaking in and preparing to attack.


"You think maybe that girl knows?" Nick asked.

"She did look prepared when he threw that fireball at her," Monroe answered.

"Well, let's hope we see her again."

"Only if you see her in the next five seconds," said a voice from behind them.

Standing before them were three Leben Saugers, led by the one at the movies. Nick instantly went into fight mode, grabbed the lamp on the table next to him, and made it over to the Wesen in one stride. Nick smashed it into his head, and he fell to the ground. The blow wasn't enough to leave him unconscious, and he looked up at the Grimm in a daze.

"Hurts, doesn't it?" Nick smirked.

The other Leben Sauger prepared fireballs to throw, but Nick whacked the lamp down on his shoulders, and then against the hands of the other one.

Backing up, Nick tossed the lamp over to Monroe. "I've gotta gun upstairs. You think you can hold them off?" He looked over to see Monroe turning into a Blutbad, and with that he ran for his gun.

Monroe threw the lamp at one guy's head and prepared to attack the other, but he was hit with a fireball and thrown back against the wall. The leader prepared one more fireball that was about to obliterate him, when the front door was kicked open, and guess who it was.

"Looks like you could use a little help," she said, flicking out a knife.

"What is it with you and kicking doors open?" Monroe asked pointedly.

The girl threw a knife at the Wesen, landing right in its throat.

The leader, who had been at the theater, looked at the slash mark across his hand "Who are you?" he yelled as he threw a fireball at her.

She dove forward and slid across the floor, jumping up as she pulled another knife from her boot, she made a slash across the leader's face. From behind, another Wesen rose up and prepared to strike her down.

"Get down!" Nick yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

The girl quickly did what he said when she noticed the gun in his hands. With the help of the silencer, he fired three quiet shots, and the Leben Sauger fell dead. The girl quickly crawled across the floor and sprung up to her feet beside Nick.

"I take it you and I are in the same line of work," she said with her knife raised.

"Trust me… I'm just as surprised you are."

"Ever heard the saying, 'Two Grimms, one fireball.'?" the remaining Wesen asked while raising his flaming hand.

"Ever heard the saying, 'You talk too much.'?" Nick replied. He fired a shot at the Wesen's shoulder and he fell to the ground.

The girl stuffed her knife back into her boot and looked at Monroe. "What about him?" she asked.

"He's a friend," Nick replied.

"I didn't realize Grimms had friends who were Wesen."

"I didn't realize there were any other Grimms in Portland."

"So you said," she replied with a light laugh.

Little did they know, while they were talking, the Leben Sauger was pulling the knife out of his friend's throat. Nick caught sight of the Leben Sauger, getting up just in time as he threw the knife. The girl turned around, but Nick pushed her to the ground, taking a shot that hit the Wesen in the heart. He fell dead in an instant.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked without looking away from the dead body. When he finally turned away, he was shocked at what he saw.

The girl sat herself up on the floor while her fingers glided over a spot above her eyebrow where the knife had made a small cut. She looked up at Nick, taking in his shocked expression. She then looked behind her where her sunglasses and dark-haired wig were discarded on the floor.

"You're a kid?" Nick asked with eye wide.

"You're blonde?" Monroe asked.

And true enough the girl, who looked no older than fifteen, had long, dark-blonde hair.

Wasting no time, she jumped up and ran out the door, leaving the Grimm and the Blutbad in a stunned silence.


The next morning she walked through her room and reached her hand under the bed. Pulling out her boots, she reached in and brought up her knife. She gave herself a slap on the head. How stupid of her to leave her now one-and-only weapon lying around like that. She walked into her bathroom and lifted the lid off her hollowed-out hiding space. Placing the knife in the sheath, she tucked it back in its secret spot along with her one, thick, leather book that rested there. She placed the lid back on the wall.

She gazed into the mirrored reflection on the lid, ensuring she looked normal. She adjusted her floral, purple top and smoothed down her dark-blonde hair, pinned up to where it covered the tiny scar above her eyebrow. Satisfied, she let out a breath and tightened her hair clip.

"Sarah, come on. We're gonna miss the bus," her friend Jamie called from the other side of the door.

She ran out, picked her backpack off her bed, and met Jamie in the hall.

"I'm here," Sarah said in a reassuring voice. Jamie was horrified at the idea of being late for anything.

Together the young Grimm and young girl walked out the door of the Portland children's home.

"Hey, Reg," Jamie said to the bus driver as they climbed in.

"Hey, kid," he replied back.

Sarah gave him a small nod. She didn't want to seem cold, but she'd been a little wary of him since she started seeing him with green scales. The two girls took a seat at the back, while Jamie talked about today's history test. Sarah nodded, but was thinking about the man who helped her kill those Wesen; the man who was just like her. Sarah had a gut feeling they'd be meeting again soon.