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It was a view that kept on hunting him. He's only been three weeks in his new post. But that hauntingly pale face against the midnight blue sky, that silky brunette hair dancing at the slightest breeze, that white coat in the middle of the dark grounds shining like a fallen angel, and that green eyes gazing into oblivion was etched in Takano Masamune's head that left him breathless.


"So, Takano, have you already settled in your new residence?" Miyagi Yo, the general director of Nishijima Mental Institute asked as he sipped his coffee

Takano Masamune, a general practitioner with a psychiatry background, was assigned in Nishima for they were lacking of personnel at that time. Takano willingly accepted because of the sole reason that he was beginning to get bored with his job and he's looking for a change.

He looked at the director then at the staff list, he's having difficulty remembering their names and faces since he wasn't really interested.

"You know I accepted to be transferred here because I'm looking for some thrill. But I suppose there won't be any. What could I expect from talking to mentally challenged people anyway?" He said with a complete dejection.

Miyagi chuckled as he begun to browse his emails for the day. "I know you're bored with your life but please don't treat the patients here as a subject for your enjoyment. Besides, this institute has been only open for a year so there isn't much patient yet, if you're looking for so many thrills, why didn't you join the military instead?"

Takano chose to be a doctor for no reason in particular. He didn't choose the profession to save the world and make it better. Or even to help people. It's part of his job, nothing more, nothing less. But lately his boredom is getting more intense that he's beginning to ask what he's doing with his life and why he's even living.

It was eight in the morning and the patients were being led to the institute's grounds for some sunlight and a little exercise. Though all of them are not in their senses, being under the morning sun makes them look livelier. As if remembering a part of themselves they already lost.

Takano gazed out the window and grimaced at the sight of a forty year-old man knocking at the window and yelling words he could only understand. "I feel like they're contagious in some sort of way…"

"Miyagi, if I remember correctly there are 8 permanent doctors here. Me and this Sakami in health care, two assigned in diet and nutrition and three in psychology department and you in the Special Care. Do we have any other departments here?"

Miyagi frowned a little as he turned to look at Takano.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, all of the doctors here as part of the code wear a green coat instead of the white one right? I'm just curious if there is a department here that wears a white coat."

Miyagi crossed his arms and smiled teasingly. Takano got irritated at the way Miyagi is looking at him, like he's being toyed with.


"So you saw him? When?"


"Oh right, you're assigned the other night to do the night shift correct? And while doing the rounds you saw the doctor in white coat."

"What are you snickering about? Was he a ghost or something?"

"Does he look like a ghost to you?"

"Oi, if you're not answering my question, then don't." Takano said in a cold manner and started to gather his equipment for his early round.

"Onodera Ritsu, been here since the institute started. Assigned in the Special Care ward. And he likes strolling in the garden every midnight. Why, concerned or something?"

"What are you saying? I just thought he looks awfully young to be a resident doctor in this exclusive institute."

Takano started walking out the office when Miyagi called out to him again.

"Don't be so cold! I'll introduce you to him if you want!"

Takano glared at Miyagi. "Huh? It's not like I want to make friends with that doctor. I'm going on my rounds now."

"Tsk. Aren't you going to help me? He's being a pain in my ass these past few days just like you. I guess he's bored too. Maybe the two of you will get along just fine. Don't you think?"

"I don't have the time to mingle and have a chat with a fellow who's bored as I am. Manage your subordinates properly."

"Maybe he's getting bored of my face," Miyagi muttered. "Alright! Takano, follow me, I'll introduce you to him right now!" And Miyagi walked passed Takano and pulled him by the arm.

The hallway to the Special Care ward is deserted and quiet. It's separated from the other wards for reasons unknown. And as irritated Takano feels being pulled to meet with a doctor he isn't interested with, he just went with the flow. Too lazy to raise any more discussion with his happy-go –lucky senior and mentor.

Miyagi stopped in front of a steel door and swiped his pass. It beeped thrice and the knob made a clicking sound. Takano couldn't help but think that the Special ward is too much secured. He's never been in the Special Care ward so he didn't know what to expect. And he's now starting to think that a doctor being assigned in this ward must be a real genius.

Once they entered the entrance to the ward, they are welcomed by a wide reception area. It also has a mini library on the side where only a single person was occupying the large round table. The person, totally absorbed at what he was reading, didn't notice the two resident doctors approach him.

Takano glanced at the other books laid out in front of the young doctor. "The Mentality of the Mentally Challenged", "The Brain Theory" and other psychiatric books thick enough to make him go sleepy again. Well, I guess there was a time when I was also eager to get to work. But this is too much. It's just what, eight-fifteen?"

Miyagi knocked on the table.

"Hello! Onodera-kun! You're busy as always." Miyagi said in a very playful tone it made Takano feel Miyagi is talking to a child.

Onodera slowly raised his head and looked at Miyagi and slowly turned his gaze to Takano. His long eyelashes fluttering as he glanced at them.

"Miyagi-san? Good morning and good morning to you too –uhm…"

Miyagi tapped Takano's shoulder and smiled broadly at Onodera.

"This is Dr. Takano-san. A new resident here and a friend of mine and also my good old follower," Miyagi said tapping his chest while Takano's face is in disbelief. " Takano, this is Dr. Onodera Ritsu. I hope the two of you become good friends, okay?"

Onodera smiled at Takano and sat back. Takano on the other hand stood there motionless. No matter how I look at him, he's really young to be a doctor…

"Takano, about Onodera…"


But before Miyagi could speak, his phone rang and he ran to the far side of the room to take the call. Takano, being forced to act polite sat across Onodera and tried to start a conversation.

"It's early in the morning and you're reading books already? You're really hard working aren't you?" Takano said, suddenly hoping that the person across him didn't hear the sarcasm in his voice.

Onodera looked at Takano without saying anything.

What's with this guy? Oi, if you've got something to tell me, spill it. You creep me out by staring without saying anything.

"Uhm actually I am waiting for my patient to come back. He said he's going to the wash room but he's taking some time now," Onodera said as he turned to look at the grandfather clock not far from them.

Takano adjusted his eyeglasses and yawned. Wha-this person is really boring.

Then Onodera suddenly stood with a look of irritation on his face.

"Haitani! What took you so long?"

Ah, so the patient is back. I really hate making pleasantries in the morning…

He turned to look at the patient Haitani. He looked sideways and in front of him but the only one he saw was Miyagi on the other side still absorbed in his phone call. Where?

"Ah you. Always making excuses. Did you sneak in the nurse's station again?" Onodera scolded the person who was apparently standing beside him.

What on earth…

Onodera then smiled apologetically at Takano.

"Ah-Takano-san, I'm sorry for acting like that. This is the person I'm in charge with. He's Haitani Shin. Oi Haitani, you go greet Takano-san too!" Onodera said as if scolding the person that he only can see.

Dumbfounder and didn't know what to say, he remained just looking. He then felt Miyagi's hand on his shoulder signalling for him to stand. Miyagi then ruffled Onodera's hair.

"Don't be too harsh on your patient Onodera-kun. Take it easy, okay?"

Onodera pouted as he saw Takano stand up. "You're leaving?"

"Ah—I have patients too just like you Onodera," Takano said unsure if what he said is okay.

Miyagi smiled an approval to Takano and waived at Onodera. "I'll be back in a few, in the meantime, take good care of your patient there okay?"

Onodera beamed and Takano suddenly felt something inside him that seems to be tearing apart.

"You don't have to say that Miyagi-san, but I will. Nice to meet you Takano-san. Let's have a chat one of these days!" Then Onodera faced and scolded the Haitani patient that is nothing but an air.

Takano and Miyagi were walking in a brisk manner, making the soles of their shoes echo in the quiet hallway.

"What the hell was that?" Takano said in a low voice.

"I figured it's best for you to understand his case yourself."

"I never would have thought…"

"That he's also a patient here? Everybody that sees him for the first time has the same reaction. And right now, I am the only one who's able to converse and go near him. He goes hysterical when meeting other people aside from me. I am even surprised he smiled and talked to you like that on your first meeting without him going to hysterics. Like he already accepted you in his world just like that. It's unusual but it makes me kind of relieved."

Takano stopped walking and stared at Miyagi dead in the eyes.

"Why'd you introduced me to your patient?"

Miyagi sighed and a look of defeat flashed on his face for a while.

"Takano, would you mind looking after him while I am away?"

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