A message to Silent Reader (Guest here in our beloved site :D)

Silent reader:Someone in Archive works has copied your work for a fanfic of BTS(a kpop boy band) saying she wrote it.
The exact thing with difference in names..
I'm sorry.

First of all, thank you for informing me. I don't have anyway of confirming what has been done but I am so grateful to all of you people who have very keen eyes to such things. :) It saddens me somehow. Break Down is my first fan fiction ever (embarrassed here, as all the mistakes of an early writer is there) but I treasure this nonetheless.

This may be a fanfiction, (including all the stories for JR and SIH and Haikyuu Fandoms I've written) all of us borrow the characters from the original mangakas. But the ideas in these fanfictions are completely out of each fanfiction author's heads. We don't get anything in return for writing this except the satisfaction that we've made someone cry, angry or go in crazy anticipation through their reviews. So we should all respect these ideas. :)

I'm thankful to Silent Reader for kindly informing the person who did it. I don't hold it personally to the person who did the copying. I'm sure somewhere inside you have your own awesome story to tell. :)

Thank you and love lots,