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Chapter 1 I Hate This Place Already

The sun was just setting over the horizon when the sleek black Mercedes-Benz, 17 year old Annabelle Tillman was riding in pulled to a stop. Pink's Let's Get This Party Started could be heard coming from the cd player inside the car. Annabelle looked over at her friend Sam who was also 17 and tapping her fingers against the steering wheel and dancing in her seat as the song came to an end. Sam shifted the gear into 1st, pulled the emergency brake, and shut the ignition off.

"Where the hell are we?!" Annabelle asked looking out her window at the dilapidated building they were parked in front of.

"It's a surprise!" Sam laughed shaking her strawberry blonde hair, opening her door, and getting out of the car.

"I hate this place already." Annabelle said with a look of disgust on her face tossing her brown hair with highlights out of her face.

"Don't judge a building by the way it looks outside! I was here last week and this place is awesome!" Sam grinned helping her friend out of the car.

"You were here last week and you didn't invite me?! Some friend you are!" Annabelle shoved her friend playfully taking a cigarette out of her pack she had in her back pocket and lighting it up.

"Oh yeah! One more thing, here I forgot to give you this." Sam said handing Annabelle a card that she had in her pocket.

"What's this?" Annabelle asked looking at the card in disbelief. "A fake ID?! Really Sam?! That's how you got in here last week?!" Annabelle added turning the card over in her hand. It looked like her regular driver's license except the date was changed to make it look like she was 21.

"What?! You didn't expect me to get you in on your looks alone did you?! As hot as you are, even I couldn't pull off a miracle like that!" Sam laughed at the shocked expression on her friend's face.

"Where did you get this anyway?!" Annabelle demanded to know as she pocketed the card and fell into step with Sam as they made their way towards the building.

"If I told you that, I'd have to kill you." Sam replied with a smirk nudging Annabelle as they walked.

"You need to come up with a new line. That's so lame!" Annabelle huffed and took a final drag on her cigarette before flicking it aside in the gutter they were passing. Someone shouted at her in anger, but she ignored them and kept on walking.

Techno music was blasting from inside as they walked up the steps and approached the security guy standing by the open front door. They handed him their ID cards and he marked their hands to show they were over 21 before allowing them inside. Lights flashed all over the building as they made their way inside and was assaulted with the smell of different colognes, body sweat, cigarettes, and alcohol.

"Wow!" Annabelle mouthed looking around impressed. She could see people dancing in every place she looked and her own body started moving to the beat of the song that was playing. Closer by Ne Yo started playing and Annabelle saw a bunch of people start dancing closer together as opposed to the way they had been when she came in.

"Ugh! I need a drink!" Annabelle groaned making her way through the crowd to where the bar was.

"Hey ladies! What can I get you?!" the bartender asked giving Annabelle the once over. The bartender had gelled spikey hair that had a purple streak through one side of it and a leather wrist cuff with spikes on her right wrist.

"A screwdriver with more screw than driver." Annabelle replied handing the bartender some money to pay for her drink. The bartender took the money and handed Annabelle her drink that had more alcohol than orange juice in it.

"That thing is making me drunk just standing here smelling it!" Sam laughed at Annabelle and asked for a beer while handing the bartender the money to pay for it.

"Well don't sniff it then!" Annabelle retorted making a face at her friend.

Sam laughed and began dancing to the song that had started up in the background. The Dream's Falsetto was blasting out through the speakers and both girls started dancing while holding their drinks. Annabelle looked across the room and noticed a wavy blonde haired woman standing with some other women dancing and laughing.

"Whoa! Who is that?!" Annabelle asked pointing across the room at the woman she had spotted.

"Whose who?" Sam asked looking in the direction Annabelle was pointing.

"Her!" Annabelle said pointing at the blonde again.

"Oh that's… fuck me up the ass with a double headed purple dildo!" Sam exclaimed putting her empty beer bottle down on the bar and starting to try to move away from where they were standing.

Annabelle coughed as the sip she had been taking went down the wrong pipe at Sam's exclamation. She could feel Sam trying to push them away from the bar and really didn't want to leave her view of the woman from across the room.

"What's going on?! Why are you ever so subtly moving us down the bar?!" Annabelle demanded which forced Sam to stop.

"Because your ex's ex is about to make her presence known!" Sam explained nodding in the direction Annabelle had been staring.

Annabelle turned her head and just managed to duck as a fist came flying out of nowhere towards her head. Sam stood in front of Annabelle to hold the girl that had tried to hit her back, but the girl was dead set on hurting Annabelle.

"What the fuck is your problem?!" Annabelle shouted at her ex-girlfriend's ex-girlfriend.

"You know what my problem is, bitch!" the other girl shouted trying to move Sam out of the way.

"Actually I don't so why don't you make like a tree and leave?!" Annabelle said with a shooing motion of her hand.

"You think you something just because your mother is a Senator. You ain't shit! I don't even see what Kara saw in you!" the other girl glared at Annabelle stopping her struggling.

"Oh! So that's what this is all about?!" Annabelle said with a laugh. "It's not my fault you can't keep your women satisfied and they have to get it from someplace else. Besides in case you haven't noticed she left us both dumbass!" Annabelle laughed again trying to hide the pain the other girl's words had caused.

"Fuck you, you bitch!" the other girl finally managed to get around Sam and started pummeling every inch of Annabelle she could reach. Not one to back down, Annabelle gave back as good as she got and soon the other girl was laying on the floor wishing she hadn't started anything.

"Shit! Come on!" Sam cried grabbing Annabelle's arm and making a beeline for the door. Before they got halfway there, uniform police officers blocked their path and made them stop.

"This is the last time I take you anywhere!" Sam laughed at Annabelle as they were both given their Miranda rights and handcuffed.

Annabelle looked over at her friend and gave a weak laugh. She was in trouble now and wished the cops would give her some tissue to stop the blood dripping from her nose. After being put into the police cruiser, they were taken downtown to the police station and put in the juvenile ward until their parents came. Annabelle and Sam were put in separate cells to keep them from getting into any more trouble which Annabelle thought was stupid since they were technically in jail. Annabelle laid down on the cot that was smaller than a twin bed and let her thoughts drift back to the blonde she had seen from across the room. "Who is she and why can't I stop thinking about her?!" Annabelle wondered aloud to herself as she lay on the cot.

The door opened and the posh impeccably dressed 45 year old Senator from the state of California, Olivia Tillman stepped inside and looked down at her battered and bloody 17 year old juvenile delinquent daughter. The door shut behind her and the Senator sat down on the stool across from the cot where her daughter lay.

"Out of all the things you have pulled this past year, this takes the cake." Olivia Tillman said eyeing her daughter angrily. "Why can't you behave yourself and stay out of trouble?!" she demanded throwing her hands up in the air and shaking her head angrily.

"I was bored." Annabelle replied in a bored tone that only made her mother even madder.

"You were bored?!" Senator Tillman repeated looking at her daughter's uncaring attitude towards the situation she was in. "Well since you're so bored I guess we will have to remedy that. This is the final straw, Annabelle you leave me no choice. I'm sending you to St. Theresa's School for Girls, maybe they can help relief your boredom!" she added as Annabelle finally realized what was about to happen.

"You're sending me to a Catholic boarding school?!" Annabelle shouted incredulously at her mother.

"You brought this on yourself. It's either that or jail, do you really want to stay in this place?" Senator Tillman asked smugly looking at the defeat in her daughter's eyes.

"Not really." Annabelle replied folding her arms over her chest and turning away from her mother.

Senator Tillman's phone started ringing and Annabelle was shocked to see the manner of how her mother's tone changed from angry to pleasant in a matter of seconds. It was like watching someone with multiple personality disorder change from one personality to the next. "Yes Governor, I was just about to call you back…" her mother was saying as she pointed her finger at Annabelle and exited the holding cell leaving her daughter behind.

Two weeks later her bags packed and her fate sealed Annabelle Tillman rode in the limo with her mother and all her mother's security detail and made the drive to St. Theresa's School for Girls in Los Angeles, California. The drive was quiet and uneventful as they reached the gates to the school Annabelle rolled the window down and looked out at her prison she was forced to live at for her final year of school. The car stopped in front of a tall building with a church off to the side of it and a statue of an Angel out in front of it.

Annabelle opened her door and stared at the building for a long time and muttered to herself, "I hate this place already."

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