Hi everyone!

Sorry this is not a chapter, but just a boring Author's Note. However, I am happy to say that as of now, I will be continuing with this story once more! Yay!

First, special thanks to the following reviewers:

Eglantine18: Haha, nice to know that you are following all my stories. Thanks for all the support! :DDD And all the reviews, too! Hehe ... write some stories! I see you don't have any. I'd like to read some of your writing!

Unrequited1: Nice name, by the way. And thanks for your review! It's nice to know that someone actually thinks my story is well-written! :DD I was actually wondering whether this story (and others) should undergo some major editings, because my writing style is just ... yeah. This story seems a bit too much on the turbulent side, you know? Yeah ...

Anonymous: Wish I knew your name ... :D Anyway, great ideas! Mind if I give them a try? : ) And your question ... hmmm ... It would probably just be Warlic (because that guy just knows everything) and Zhoom. (Zhoom has an inkling of an idea ..) His feelings towards Kyra? I'm still undecided on that one :P ... Vayle doesn't know about Kyra's feelings for Artix though ... for now, at least? Regarding the end of the story .. I plan to make it happy. That's all I'll give for now. ;)

And, of course, I would love to thank everyone who has taken the time to stop and read this story!

I had writer's block before, not to mention school and other issues, so I wasn't really able to write much for any of my stories these past few weeks. But now, I will be continuing on this story! So expect updates soon (sorry, but I don't have a set date in mind). Anyway, with writer's block gone, I can finally recommence writing! See y'all soon with the next chapter, dear readers!