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Word Count: 118

Pairing: AoKagaKuro

And here's my debut into writing for KuroBasu. Short drabble that popped into my head while writing the other KuroBasu story I've been working on for the past few days. Please forgive the title, I couldn't think of what to call it for the life of me! Also no three-way tag so.. Stuck it under KagaKuro. Enjoy!


Morning Adventures

Waking up in between both Kagami and Aomine for the first time had been an adventure in itself. Kagami had managed to somehow wrap both arms around Kuroko, holding him snuggly to his chest while Aomine's arms were splayed haphazardly; one over Kagami and Kuroko and the other shoved beneath the pillows above their heads. Kuroko tried to wriggle his way free only to receive a grunt from the redhead whose arms seemed to tighten further and a slurred Stop moving, Tetsu from the midnight haired male behind him. It was with a small smile and a soft sigh of surrender that he closed his eyes and allowed himself to sleep between the two for a while longer.