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Pairing: AoKagaKuro

And here's my piece for Christmas with these three. This is the last chapter, I'm sad to say, but I will not have the time to write soon. I'm working on finishing up all my ficlets. So I hope everyone enjoyed these pieces and I thank you all for sticking with me, even with as random as these tended to be.

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Kuroko couldn't deny that he had looked forward to Christmas this year. While it was not a religious holiday in Japan but a couple's holiday, Kagami had been fervently running about and decorating his apartment. A fake tree sat in the corner by the sliding doors, decorated with large red and gold bulbs, blue and purple garland, colorful lights, silvery strands of tinsel, and a small gold star set upon the top of the tree. It'd been a project he'd enlisted both Kuroko and Aomine's help for before he'd gone to America for a week.

He'd be back tonight, however, on Christmas Eve. After a chat with his parents they'd agreed to celebrate early so he could be home on Christmas—his mother had been more welcoming to the idea that both Aomine and Kuroko were special to him and in supporting the decision to be with them on the holiday than his father. (Kuroko could remember the conversation between the parent and son quite well during their visit to Los Angeles. The two had challenged each other in various points of views for a good hour before Kagami had finally just asked him, almost sad and meek, "Can't you just be happy that I'm happy?") After that the issue had been dropped and while the relationship between the two became slightly rocky, Kagami tried his best to get along with his father.

Kuroko glanced up at the clock, watching the minutes tick by before it encroached on 8 P.M. Aomine had gone to get Kagami from the airport around two hours ago and Kuroko had made his way to the red heads' apartment to tidy it from the week away. The coffee maker had been flipped on, hot water sitting ready to make hot chocolate—the thing he looked forward to the most besides curling up on the couch or bed and cuddling—for when the two arrived. The apartment was dim except for the nightlight in the kitchen and the tree in the living room, leaving a relaxing feeling that lulled Kuroko into a doze as he waited.

The sound of the lock in the door clicking as it opened and soft, playful bickering woke him and he looked up over the back of the couch. Their cheeks and noses were reddened from the cold, more visible on Kagami than Aomine, and Kagami was wrapped in thrice as much outerwear as Aomine who appeared to not mind it at all—Kuroko knew better, however, and Aomine was much more susceptible to the cold than he let on. He smiled as he crawled from the couch, padding up to the two just as they'd removed their coats and hugged Kagami, shivering at feeling his cool temperature, "Welcome home, Taiga-kun, Daiki-kun." Kuroko accepted the quick kiss from Aomine before turning his attention fully to Kagami and pulling him to sit on the couch with the command to wait as he moved into the kitchen to make their hot chocolate.

When he returned with three mugs on a plate, he set them on the table, handing them out to Aomine and Kagami before settling between the three of them. "How was your trip, Taiga-kun? And your family?" He felt a little guilty that he'd foregone them to be with both Aomine and Kuroko on Christmas itself, but he was also happy to know they meant that much to him. With a grin he kissed Kuroko before launching into the trip to L.A. followed by what he did the entire week, and then the trip back all the way up until he and Aomine walked into the door.

After words the three had settled into watching a movie, Kuroko snuggled between the both of them happily and hot chocolate forgotten on the table. He didn't even realize when he'd fallen asleep until Kagami woke him, followed by Aomine whose head had somehow wound up in Kuroko's lap as he'd slept against Kagami's chest. The movie was over and the television off, so Kuroko was actually somewhat confused. But a glance at the time revealed it to be 12 A.M. and he chuckled.

"Merry Christmas, Taiga-kun, Daiki-kun," Kuroko murmured sleepily. He felt the two of them kiss his opposite cheeks, replying just as quietly but loud enough for each other to hear. Yawning, Kuroko tried to cover it only to yelp when Kagami lifted him up from the couch and started to walk to the bedroom, Aomine on his tail. He didn't object to being cuddled close to by the both of them once in bed, quickly dozing back off shrouded in warmth.

It wasn't even half an hour into Christmas but he knew this was the best Christmas yet, and with more to come, knew they'd get better.