Louise still lay in her bed and thought about her relationship with Saito. After just lying there for hours she decided that she wouldn´t care about what her parents would say about her falling in love with a commoner. She just loved Saito too much. Louise knew that she had to talk to him this time and apologize for always being so rude. With that intention she stood up and went for searching Saito. She walked around several minutes before she found Tiffania.

"Hey Tiffa did you saw Saito anywhere?" She asked with hope in her voice.

"Not since I summoned my familiar."

"Oh right. And what kind of familiar is it?"

"It is a girl and Saito said something about that she is hi-…" Tiffa stopped herself from saying that her familiar is Saito´s girlfriend because she was afraid what Louise´s reaction would be.

"She is his what?" Louise asked having a clue what Tiffa wanted to say.

"Maybe it´s better when Saito explains it to you. I really have to go now." Tiffa said trying to escape that situation.

"He will have to." Louise said with a tone of anger.

Louise ran around and searched for Saito but she knew that she didn´t even know what to say so it would be better if she doesn´t find him.

At the same time Saito explained his old friend, Megumi Tesuka, almost everything that happened after he got sucked into this world. He didn´t lied about Louise but he also didn´t told the truth. He just said Louise was his master and friend.

"And how did you get here?" Saito asked confused.

"I was on my way home from school as I noticed some kind of orange glowing portal. I had to move towards it and after I touched it the thing immediately sucked me in."

"And did you have another boyfriend?"

"No. I couldn´t stop thinking about you and I still loved you the whole time." Megumi said serious.

"Everyone said you were dead but I just couldn´t believe it and now I am here with you." She said before starting to cry. She didn´t cried because she was sad but because of happiness. She laid her head against Saito´s chest and he put his hand around her waist.

"Do you still love me?" She suddenly broke the silence.

"I do." Saito wondered why he said that immediately without even thinking about Louise. But his thoughts were interrupted by Megumi´s lips pressing against Saito´s.

"I missed you." She said after their lips separated.

"I missed you too." Saito answered.

"Are we a couple again now?"

"I don't know." Saito replied. He wasn´t sure about his feelings for Megumi or Louise.

"So you have a girlfriend here." She said disappointed.

"No but I see to you the first time after three years. I need some time to collect my thoughts."

"I see." She answered.

"I should go now." Megumi said breaking the awkward silence.

Saito didn´t said anything he just nodded and saw her slowly leaving. He still loved Megumi but he also fell in love with Louise.

"Saito?!" He could hear Louise calling him but he didn´t wanted to talk to her now so he hid until he could hear her moving away from him. He lay down and thought about everything what happened recently. He was very happy that he could be together with Megumi again and Louise told him that she didn´t even liked him so he thought that it would be okay for him to be with Megumi.

Meanwhile Louise went around and searched Saito. She couldn´t find him but a girl she never saw before.

"Hello?"Louise said and walked up to the girl.

"Oh Hello." Megumi returned.

"May I ask what´s your name?"

"I am Megumi. And you are?"

"I am Louise. Are you a new student? I never saw you here before." Louise asked curious.

"No I got summoned as a familiar." As she heard that Louise´s fear of losing Saito grew. Megumi was cuter than Louise.

"What is your relation to Saito?" Louise asked.

"You know Saito?" Megumi asked. She thought that Louise could tell her how Saito changed. However Louise didn´t responded to the question.

"Answer me." Louise said angry.

"I don´t know. Saito didn´t talked to me about it." Meg explained.

"How are you related to him?" Megumi asked confused.

"H-He is my B-Boyfriend." Louise lied to her because she didn´t wanted to lose Saito. Not to her or anyone else.

"I see. So he had a girlfriend." Megumi said disappointed and sad.

"Yes and he said he would never leave me for someone else." Louise said making things worse.

"Could you please go now? I need time alone." Megumi replied depressed.

Saito stood up and wanted to search for Megumi but after a while he found the person he really didn´t wanted to see.

"Saito where were you again?" Louise asked trying not to sound angry.

"You don´t need to know do you?" Saito wanted to get to Megumi as fast as he could so he tried to avoid a conversation.

"Of course I do. I´m still your master." Louise answered. She heard that Saito doesn´t wanted to see her and almost started to cry.

"Louise can we talk later I have to do something." He said and got behind her. Louise wanted to say something but she couldn´t because it hurt her that Saito tried so hard to get away from her. After Saito went further Louise dropped to her knees. She knew that it was too late to apologize. Saito was sorry that he left Louise there but he needed to see Megumi.

He went around for several minutes before he found the black haired girl.

"Hey Meg!" He said joyful and ran up to her. But she didn´t replied. She just stood up and ran away. Saito was confused by her reaction and followed her.

"Why were you running away?" He asked confused after he got to her.

"I know that you were lying." Megumi cried.

"What?" Saito was very confused right now.

"I know that that Louise is your girlfriend."

"She isn´t. Who told you that?" Saito said and came closer to Meg before he tried to hug her but she moved away.

"Louise said that you told her you would never leave her for anyone."

"I said that before I met you again. I still love you Meg." He said and looked her deep in the eyes.

Megumi didn´t said anything the just returned gaze as their faces came closer. When their lips met Louise came around on of the trees and couldn´t believe what she saw.

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