30 Days of Sonokoto – Flame

a/n: Okay! So I really wanted to make a fanfic but I was out of ideas, when inspiration came to me. What about prompts? So I have tackled this 30 day prompt challenge with the pairing Sonoko/Makoto, since we need more of this in our fandom.

Oh, and another thing. I know the series doesn't mention their middle names, but still I needed to make them up to fit the story, so just bear with me. Thanks, and hope you guys enjoy!

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Prompt: Flame

"9…10…11…12! Ran-chan! You got an L! That's got to say something!"

"Kazuha-chan!" Ran blushed under Kazuha's mischievous smile. "Fine! Then how about we do you and Heiji?"

"Oi! St-stop changing the topic!" It was Kazuha's turn to blush furiously.

"I'd hardly call it a 'change of topic'. Hey, I let you do Shinichi and me! It's my turn!"

"R-Ran-chan!" Kazuha and Ran both made a grab for the paper and pencil on the bed, which soon turned into an all out brawl.

"Hey! What's going on in here? I leave for a snack and you guys are squabbling like 8-year olds!" Sonoko walked into the room and barely managed to dodge a kick from Ran before taking cover behind the bed. "H-hey! The both of you, cut it out!" A thwack was heard as a pillow flew across the room, its fluff flying everywhere. "I said, CUT IT OUT!" Sonoko screamed.

The two girls froze, Ran in the middle of a kick and Kazuha still trying to make a grab for the paper and pencil Ran was holding out of her reach. "Now, what in the world is going on? This was supposed to be a sleepover, not a karate competition. What are you guys fighting about?"

"It's Kazuha-chan's fault! She's trying to stop me from Flaming her!"

"Fl-flaming? What's that? Is it something to do with fire?"

Now both Kazuha and Ran were staring at Sonoko with wide eyes. "Are you telling me you don't know what Flame is?" Kazuha whispered.

"Well, no…" Sonoko blushed and looked at her feet, embarrassed that she didn't know something obviously important to her friends. Not to mention Ran knew something she didn't.

The two girls looked at each other, new resolve in their eyes. "Well, come on then! We are not having a sleepover without Flame!" Kazuha announced as Ran dragged Sonoko to the edge of the bed.

"So, Flame basically shows or predicts the relationship between a couple. F stands for friends, L for lovers, A for affectionate, M for married and E for enemies. It's never wrong!" Kazuha explained.

"Now what you do first is write down the names of the people you want to match up. Let's say…Kazuha and Heiji." Ran gleefully said, snatching up the paper as Kazuha watched grumpily.

Kazuha M. Toyama

Heiji G. Hattori

"So now you cross out the letters common in both names"

Kazuha M. Toyama

Heiji G. Hattori

"So now you count the number of letters left, which is 13. Then you have to write the word, FLAME."


"Then starting with F you count until the number you got. So the letter you end at is the relationship between the couple."


"Kazuha! You got an A! Someone's affectionate with each other!" Ran giggled as Kazuha turned fire engine red. "You get it now, Sonoko?"

Sonoko nodded. "C-can we try something?" Sonoko bit her lip as color rushed to her cheeks. "C-can we Flame Makoto and me?" She purposely looked away as she saw her two friends snicker at her request.

"Well, then, let's do it! But don't look – this should be a surprise!"

The two girls turned scribbled furiously, Sonoko waiting impatiently at the foot of the bed. Every second seemed like hours. She was desperate to know the answer. What would her relationship with Makoto be?

Her head snapped up as Kazuha and Ran turned towards her with mournful faces. "What? What is it? Is it bad?"

"Uh, ummm…" Ran looked pleadingly at Kazuha who seemed intent on the wall in front of her. "Well, you landed at enemies."



"Well," Ran said, trying to make up for it, "it's okay, I mean, it's not …"


Sonoko wasn't listening anymore. Enemies. Was it destiny that she and Makoto wouldn't be together? Was it a sign? Was it someone telling her they weren't meant to be together?


She tried to act like her normal self, she really did. She tried to gossip with the other two, tried to be interested in girl talk, tried to do everything one was supposed to do at sleepovers. But at night, when they finally fell asleep, the thought haunted her.


The next morning, as Kazuha and Ran left her house, Sonoko stayed at home wondering about the meaning of her Flame. Enemies. Out of all the letters, she landed on E. Enemies. She and Makoto were enemies. She had always been superstitious by nature, and took everything seriously and to heart. It nagged at her all day and night. She and Makoto were…enemies.

Brrrrriiiiiing. Brrrrriiiiiing.

The ringing of her cellphone immediately snapped Sonoko out of her thoughts. When she glanced at her phone, her heart sank. It was Makoto.

She so badly wanted to grab the phone and talk to him. She wanted to do what they always did every night, talk for hours on end on his karate competition and how he would win for her, but she didn't have the heart. She just couldn't. She felt ripped to shreds as she let the phone ring again and again and again.

Sonoko sulked off to the mall. Usually on Saturdays she'd jump up and scream with glee as she would run to the mall and pick about a hundred dresses to wear. But she felt downcast. She didn't talk to Makoto, because every time she thought about him, it would all go to that one word.


For the first time in her life, she didn't feel like shopping.

After leaving the mall empty-handed, she took a shortcut through the park to get home until she felt a hand on her shoulder.


She whipped around to see who had called her, and her heart leaped when she saw a tan, tall and muscular boy with a plaster on his left eyebrow.

"Makoto" she whispered.

My enemy.

"Wh-what are you doing here? Y-you should be abroad for a karate competition, right?"

"I cancelled it."

"C-cancelled?" Sonoko's mind whizzed with possibilities. What made him cancel a karate competition?

"I needed to see you." He said gruffly.

See me? "What for? Is there something wrong?"

"That's what I came to ask about."

"W-what?" Her brow crinkled in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"You didn't answer my call. You never not answer my calls."

"Y-yeah. I…I was busy." Sonoko looked away and stared at her shoes. "Listen, I have to go home, and…"

He took her chin and tilted it upwards to meet his eyes. "What's wrong, Sonoko?"

Looking into those eyes, Sonoko couldn't help but whisper, "We're enemies."

Makoto's brown creased in confusion. "What? Where'd you get that idea?"

"Flame. We were flamed, and we were enemies." She looked down in sadness.

Makoto frowned. Then he sniggered. Then he threw his head up and laughed, clutching his stomach as he tried to contain his laughter.

Sonoko's head snapped up at his laughter. "What? What's so funny about that?" She said indignantly.

"So-sonoko." He tried to explain while holding in his laughter "Flame isn't supposed to be taken seriously. It's a game that girls play in sleepovers! It doesn't predict the future!"

"But Ran said! She said it showed our relationship as a couple! And we're enemies! Enemies!"

"Sonoko." He tilted her chin up and brought her closer to him. "We shouldn't let a silly game predict our relationship."

"But…Kazuha said Flame's never wrong."

"Then I guess we'll have to prove it wrong." And he brought their lips together.

And that's when Sonoko realized Flame was wrong. Because she could never be enemies with Makoto. Enemies didn't spend every waking moment thinking about each other. Enemies didn't care about one another. Enemies didn't love each other.

"SONOKO! SONOKO! SONO-" Ran halted at the sight of the couple. "Ahhhhh…" She silently backed away.

Ran would later remember to tell Sonoko that she had miscounted and forgotten their middle names, so their Flame had really landed on L, for lovers.

a/n: How did I do? I know that it's dumb to believe in a FLAME, but I picture Sonoko as those people who believe in all those predictions and fortune tellers. Please review so I know how to improve!