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3 at least + probably an extra chapter as well

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It was dark and Himeko was choking Chikane's palm out of fear. They were lost in the middle of a forest.

They could remember running from Chikane's crazy fans into the forest and falling down some slope. They had woken up two hours later, beside a small creek and the slope they fell from, not knowing how to get back or to get out of this forest.

Himeko was now shivering and clinging onto Chikane's elbow. Chikane was starting to get worried and kept her mind on constant vigilance. 'This is my fault, if I had never had those fans of mine crazy like this, this would never had happened… I should have held them on a tight leash…'

They stopped at a bigger tree, to see if they could find any sign of moss, which would tell them which side is north; because they lost track of west since it was getting dark when they woke up. Chikane touched the tree calmly, even though she wanted to rip it out of the ground and break it into pieces. "This one can't help us either… I'm sorry I'm so useless, Himeko…" Chikane leaned on the tree looking at the ground.

"I… It's okay, Chikane-chan. You're not the one to blame here. And if somebody is useless here, it is me…"

Chikane snapped out of her state immediately. "Hush, Himeko. That is not true! You had brought us up from that slope, you were brilliant! You're not useless…" She took Himeko's hand into her own. "You hear me?" She smiled at the blonde as the latter replied back with a small smile. "We have to keep on moving so we can possibly find a way out." Still holding Himeko's hand, she continued on walking towards the direction she thought that was east. 'We must get out of here. I must save us somehow! I must get Himeko to safety…' A cold wind blew past them and with the corner of her eye she could barely see Himeko shivering even more. 'As fast as I can…'

The wind stopped after a few minutes, but the air around them kept the temperature the wind brought with it. Above them, they could hear a higher wind moving the branches of the trees, making it hard to see the sky. The stars. 'They are beautiful, I know it; but we can't stop and enjoy those precious moments of alone time at an hour like this. If only we weren't lost in this forest…' She started walking faster by the passing minute; not very conscious of her doing, and after a few minutes they were practically running.

"Chikane… Chikane… chan? Why… are… we… running…? Is there… something after us?" The blonde could barely ask, running behind the dark-haired girl.

Chikane suddenly stopped. "We were running?" She blinked. She was almost breathless. Chikane turned towards a terrified and breathless Himeko. "No… I… Forgive me, Himeko, I unconsciously started running…"

"Maybe you felt something…" Himeko shivered again and looked behind them.

Chikane saw her breath in front of her face. "Or maybe it's too cold so I speeded up for us not to freeze. Let's continue, Himeko." It didn't seem right to Chikane, this sudden coldness. It was too cold for a summer night. What was going on? She didn't like this one bit. "Something must be wrong; we got to get out of here fast…" Now it was Chikane's turn to shiver. Not out of coldness, but out of pure dread that just crashed into her. Dread of what ever is out there that is doing this to scare them. They were powerless, Chikane had not brought her blade with her, and they can't find anything they could use as a weapon around here. They had no light, no clue where they were going or where they were - what ever was out there could easily get them, they were an easy target. Chikane swallowed her saliva, took the closest hand she could grab with hers and continued on with their journey.

They were going through some lower trees and bushes, when Chikane realized she didn't hear a thing from Himeko ever since she grabbed her hand. At first, she thought she was too scared to let out a breath, and continued on. But as seconds passed by, she was getting more worried. Is she alright? Do they have to stop? 'Is she in a state of shock? Of course she'd be in a state of shock, who wouldn't be in a place like this and at a time like this. But should I continue on dragging her like this, or should we stop so I could calm her down? Which choice is less dangerous, I wonder. Oh god, help me choose…'

Chikane slowed down a bit, but kept on going; too scared to look back and see a very terrified Himeko behind her. She couldn't handle that right now. Her Himeko like that.

Chikane dreamed of protecting her, being her everything; but how could she do that if she can't even get them out of these woods? They should have reached at least one end of the forest; she knew the size of it, and it wasn't too big. As a matter of fact, they hadn't run too far in the woods while running away from those crazy fans and falling down the slope. This was very strange. Like there was someone who was trying to prevent them from leaving from here.

She was just about to share her thoughts when her heart throbbed in her chest. She stopped and touched that place with her free hand. Dread was coming back to her, and she was scared of turning back to Himeko. But something felt wrong, very wrong; she could strongly feel it. It was getting colder. She was just standing there, in the dark, beside a tree, seeing nothing, feeling nothing but dread and her skin crawling. And the strangest thing was that she heard some sounds, strange sounds. Not the sounds of the wind, or the branches, or maybe even the birds, the crickets. But the sounds a radio would produce when it's not catching stations.

Himeko's hand was cold and seemed too big to be a hand of a teenager girl. Chikane thought she was imagining things because the fear is getting the best of her. Curiosity killed the cat – but saved Chikane that night. She turned around.

A tall, slender black figure with long hands had one of his hands linked to Chikane's. When she looked a little better at him (it got to be a 'him', right?) she noticed the tall creature was wearing a black suit. What terrified her the most was not the sudden appearance of the creature behind her, not the abnormality of his long hands, nor the fact that the creature was very pale and had no face!

When she saw Himeko was not there behind her, she was frozen to the bones. 'W… What… Himeko! I must find her!' She let the monster's hand go instantly after that thought and felt goosebumps climb up her spine. Right then did she realize in what situation she was and really see the creature in front of her. He had something like a dark tentacle coming from his back and going towards her. He was just standing there, motionless and expressionless(no sh**?). At that moment, two instincts were fighting inside of Chikane; 'find Himeko fast' and 'get the fuck away from it'. One must win fast, since that tentacle was getting closer, and she didn't like it.

Her eyes filled with tears as she proclaimed the winner, turned around and started running as fast as she could. Fear was griping her whole body now; it was a miracle she was even able to stand on her legs!

She ran through the woods carefully as well as fast, so she would not fall, since it will be her final downfall and Himeko's end. "Himeko! Himekooo!" She cried not spearing her voice. She needed to know if the girl is alright, or if she could hear her. "HIMEKO!" She cried again with her throat choking itself in pain, fear and worry. Tears were now flowing down Chikane's face as she was running, but she decided she wasn't going to sob because it will only drain the energy she needed to escape this creature.

She could feel his aura getting closer while she was running, but after a while the presence was slowly fading away and was completely gone now. She stopped cautiously, in case she needed a fast start to outrun this creature again. As she stopped, she felt her whole body shivering, and she was barely gasping to get some air into her lungs. Cold sweat dropped down her face. She was in a state of deep shock now.

Her muscles hurt so much, they paralysed themselves, and the only muscles that could move were on her face. She was sobbing for a while, but stopped and gathered her senses rather quickly. The thought of Himeko in trouble helped the process. The thought of Himeko being caught by that creature consumed her whole being.

'Find Himeko' She had to go back there to find her – and every single muscle, every single cell in her body was against that! But her soul, her love, was pulling on her resolve and determination to run into the unknown with all that fear inside her. It was stronger, she loved Himeko more than anything in this world. She'd do anything for her, even risk her own life. And that she will do right now.

Chikane decided, and took a few minutes to catch her breath and strength back. She turned towards the direction she came from and instincts started working. It was pushing her back, but she stood there, trying to win this war finally and go search for Himeko. 'This is madness' every cell in her body was screaming, but she really didn't pay attention to it. She took her time to recollect herself and started moving, started running. You would think she had lost her mind.

Well, in a way, she did. Himeko is her everything; without her, Chikane is only a lifeless shell that gracefully walks the world, with a prefect fake politeness to talk to other people. A perfect princess. A lifeless princess. She's aware that her life without Himeko was empty; the blonde was like a sunny flower that gave energy back into that pale, lean and inert body of Chikane's. She must hurry.

And again, tears flew down her cheeks. She hated crying, she hated fear, and she hated this forest. She hated feeling helpless, she hated Himeko being scared and she hated her fans for driving them further into the forest. She hated that 'thing'.

While running, she stumbled upon some branches and grabbed a hold of the nearest tree for support. Gathering herself, she looked at the tree she was holding onto. It seemed that there was something on it. A paper that looked like it was shining.

Chikane took it and stared at it. 'You cannot escape' said on the paper, and there was something red on it, like… blood. Chills ran through Chikane's body and she instantly backed off, but did not throw the paper away. Funny, the paper was not glued to her, better said, attached. She couldn't get rid of it. That was the last thing she needed right now, a creepy note that was saying that she is going to die. That Himeko is going to die.

'No! I must keep on going! This note does not change a thing or mean anything to me!' She put the paper in her pocket and continued going straight.

It was silent. Too silent. No animal was heard. Only the wind and an occasional branch breaking was heard. It was very unnerving, especially for an overly emotional and scared, nervous wrack of a teenager. Everything was going against her now. But she wasn't stopping for anything. She couldn't stop now, especially when Himeko was in danger and god-knows-how far away from her. She must move on.

She ran into the night once again, looking out for bigger branches, roots and trees in her way. Something was pulling her to that direction she was going now; and as helpless as she was, she accepted the 'help' she was getting.

The next area was a bit clearer from trees, and when she came closer, she noticed a swamp in the middle of the clearing. She came even closer to see what was that strange white square, that was floating on the surface. It was very near the bank Chikane was standing by. She leaned in to grab the paper and took it to her face to see what was written on it. Strangely, the paper wasn't wet. She turned it around.

'Don't look back'

Everyone would look back at these words, even Chikane. And she did, on impulse, as everyone else would. Looking behind her, she saw something near her, with hands like branches outstretched towards her.

Chikane screamed and took a jump back in enormous fear, landing in the shallow water of the swamp.

The figure wasn't moving, so she had time to focus her sight on what was in front of her. She blinked. It was only a tree. She sighed with a relief and a huge rock fell from her heart. 'I didn't notice it, was it there before I came to this note? Oh lord, I don't want to know…' She took a few deep breaths, step out of the swamp, and continued on.


tips for those who are playing Slender:

walk, walk and walk, run at times, and never