She was hot.

Boys lined up to get her and she was constantly being drooled over by the boys at Whitechapel High.

Name 1 jock she hasn't dated.

You can't, because she dated them all.

You could tell that she enjoyed her power. Her power of attracting every guy in sight.

Even Ethan who was hooked on Sarah would occasionally stop and stare.

She was Erica Jones.

There was one boy who admired Erica more than the rest. Benny. That's right. The dorky spellmaster fell head over heels with her after her transformation. He would admire her from afar, and up close, too. Erica didn't like to admit it, but Benny was her favorite admirer. She loved the way that he wanted her. Even if she didn't feel the same way, it was touching to know that the boy was crazy for her.

The thing that Erica liked most about being admired by Benny is that she knew she was the only girl he cared for like this. Sure, there came other girls, but Erica was always his number one. And she liked being number one.

Rory was also one of her greatest admirers. Sometimes, he even showed more affection to her than Benny. But being admired by Rory was different than being admired by Benny. Benny was less creepy about it. And his compliments actually...meant something to her. But Rory was more of a stalker.

Erica craved Benny's admiration. She actually wished the world could have more Bennys.