Hello everyone this is zheil. Inspired by Fenikkusumaru's "Shinigami of Zero", this is a crossover between Familiar of Zero and a tale I had discontinued in Fiction Press. Since it's been bugging me of the possibilities for Louise to summon someone other than Saito, this one tells a new tale of what would happen if she summoned my OC. Seeing that I will use the same protagonist from my story, it's obvious that he would be strong.

Anyway Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Warrior of Zero

My Servant that Exist in this vast Universe

My Wise, Beautiful and Powerful Servant heed my Call

I wish in the Servant from the very bottom of my Heart

Answer my Guidance and Appear!

With the swing of her hand, a powerful explosion covered the wide area with dust and smoke. The student covered their eyes as dust blinded their sight.

"I told you that was gonna happen" a brunette said coughing

"Are you alright Montmorency?" a blonde boy said to a blond girl who only stared at the center of the explosion

"What's wrong?" the boy only received a point to Louise as an answer

Guiche looked at the pink haired girl and was stunned on what stood in front of Louise

There at the center of the explosion stood a tall human. He had shoulder length red hair with red eyes, he wore a strange warrior like outfit consisting of a grey polo shirt, a black long coat with golden linings, grey trousers and a pair of black shoes.

"A human?!" Guiche gasped which was followed by the other students

Absalom stood tall as he gazed at the area, they were surrounded by a tall brick wall yet the ground was filled with grass. He gazed at the people surrounding him and made a quick observation.

There scattered around where teenagers he could tell where at the age ranging from 16-17, they wore matching white shirts, black pants for the men, black short skirts for the ladies and all wore the same black cloak.

Gazing behind him, he saw a man in his late 30s, he was half bald seeing that he had hair on the back of his head, had circle glasses, a blue robe with white trimmings, a brown staff and a brown shoulder bag.

Turning his gaze away from the man, he looked in front of him to see a small girl with long light pink hair and pink eyes. She wore the same uniform as the other girls. One thing Absalom noticed was that she had a disappointing look in her eyes.

"Who are you?" Louise said


"Don't you understand, I said who are you?!" she repeated with a more force

"Man this girl is like Ellouise? Short yet loud" Absalom rubbed his forehead thinking of how much trouble he got into, "Putting that aside where am I? This is not Seltrinta"

"Exactly what I would expect from someone who boasted like you did, to think that you would actually summon a commoner" a female voice said with a laugh with the other students following her

"As expected from Louise the Zero"

"Yeah, she always lives up to our expectations"

Absalom ignored the students as he glanced at Louise, he could see that she was getting irritated by their taunting

"Shut Up!" Louise shouted, "Professor Colbert?"

"Yes Louise?"

"Um…can I try the summoning spell again?"

"I can't allow that?" he said shaking his head


"The Summoning Ritual is sacred that affect the mages entire life, trying a second time would be a blasphemy against the ritual itself, like it or not, this one has been chosen as your familiar"

"Familiar?" Absalom whispered

"But a commoner as a Familiar? Isn't that impossible?"

"Commoner" there was that status again, who are these people? Royalty?

"No matter what, continue with the ritual or I will expel you from this ritual" the man called Colbert said

Louise grumbled a little before gazing sternly at Absalom, she was a little mocked on how he stood there with one eye brow raised and a small smile on his face, it looked like he was enjoying this. How dare a commoner like him enjoy her torment!

Grabbing him by the collar, she blushed a little as she neared her face towards him, "You should be grateful for this, normally someone of noble birth never does something like this to a commoner"

"What is she planning?"

"My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc De la Valliere…"

"That's one very long name"

"…oh pentagon that rules the five powers, bless this individual and make him my Familiar" she neared pulled him towards her. Just before Absalom could move, she planted a kiss right on his lips.

"What in Azerthrot's Name?!" Absalom was stunned by the action and could only stay stuck as the pink haired girl kissed him for a moment before finally retreating

"What was that for?!" Absalom asked backing away from the small girl. He had experience many things, being shot by spells, slashed by swords and finally going against a titanic demon but he had never been kissed by a little girl in the lips, there were similar situations but not on the lips!

"Very well that contract has been completed" Colbert asked approaching the two

"Contract? What is going on her-" Absalom stopped as he felt his body burning, he could even see steam coming out of his body. Impossible! He didn't activate the Bringer of Darkness spell! Why was he releasing steam? "What is happening to me?!"

"It will soon be over, it's just the rune of the Familiar being burned on to you"

The burning continued and was instantly followed by intense pain which was quickly shot to every part of his body, the most painful part was on his left hand. Absalom clenched his teeth as he endured the pain, he had his arm blown off and he could still endure it yet this one was intense.

Soon the rune on his hand shined and appeared, Absalom noticed Colbert being shocked a little but ignored the reaction. Just as fast as the pain started, it instantly vanished. Absalom happily sighed as the pain was gone.

After it was done, the other student flew away wanting to fraternities themselves with their familiars. Absalom watched as they flew and stood up nearing Louise. As he stood next to her, a red haired busty black woman approached the two

"Congratulations Louise, you have summoned a mar~velous familiar" she said adding a haughty laugh

"Kirche you…" Louise said as she stood in front of her familiar with her arms spread protecting her familiar from her. She wanted her familiar to never become this woman's fan boys. Slightly glancing at her familiar, she noticed that he was rather looking at her than Kirche.

"I don't intend to do anything…for now" she quickly added and then followed the other students, "See ya!"

Absalom was rather amazed at the girls lack of modesty, seeing how she wasn't afraid to show her undergarments as she flew.

"Let's go back" she said turning around

"Sure but I think you need to explain a few things to me"

Louise for now sat on her chair both disappointed and amused at the story that her Familiar, Absalom, had told her.

"So you are from another word?"

"Indeed, it is called Azerthrot" he stood near the window and gazed at the two moons, "Is there any chances that our contract could be destroyed?"

"Only one, one of us has to die"

"Interesting, it seems that summoning spell here is truly different from my world. So about how your summoning works…"

"As expected of a commoner, I guess I can explain: The summoning ritual determines which type of magic a mage will use. There are a total of five, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and the lost element Void…"

Five? He frowned on how this world only had a small number of elements, back in Azerthrot, there was no limit on what element could be used. As long as that element existed, one was capable of manipulating it.

"One thing for sure is that magic users are naturally all nobles!" she said with a proud smile on her face and her hands on her hips. Absalom chuckled a little seeing that his master was atleast energetic.

"So how does this Familiar and Master thing work?"

"Isn't it obvious? You're my Familiar. That means that whatever I order you to do, you should obey like a good dog"

"This woman really is like Ellouise? Anyway I think I'm gonna enjoy doing this again" he said before clearing his throat "So what is your first order Master?"

"Wash these and iron them" Gazing at his master, she threw her school uniform at him now showing her wearing a light pink night gown

Placing the school uniform perfectly on his hand, he watched as Louise laid on the bed and began sleeping. Absalom was rather blessed that he was summoned after he had served Ellouise, the situation was very much similar except rather than being bounded by a contract, it was more of a mission.

"Goodnight my master" Absalom bowed slightly before finally exiting her room

After exiting his Maser's room, Absalom went down the stairs and entered the hallway only for him to see a very interesting scene...

"You know I've been told I'm very good at making Souffles" a voice of a young woman said

"I would love to have a chance to sample one of them" a smooth voice replied. Glancing at the side he noticed the same blonde boy he saw in the school yard with a brunette girl. A devilish smirked appeared on his face as he entered the hallway…

"Ah, you really mean it?" the brunette asked with hope

"Yes of course I do Katie! Don't you know by now that I would never lie to you?"

"Oh! Lord Guiche!" the woman called Katie was clearly in loved with this blonde. Absalom could pretty well see small hearts floating around her

"There is absolutely nothing hidden behind my feelings for you" suddenly he noticed a person on the side, "Hey, it's the commoner Louise had summoned"

The girl followed Guiche's gaze and was stunned at what the Familiar was doing, he was practically sitting on a chair with a cup on his hand, his legs crossed and a very warming and enchanting smile that made her blush

"Oh am I interrupting something? Then I shall take my leave" Absalom stood up and passed the two

"Hold on, a commoner in troubling the hands of nobility and not even a word of thanks"

Absalom turned his head to look at them and gave a smirk, "Thanks? Why would I even thank someone like you? If you want my thanks, then earn it boy"

Guiche and Katie could look stunned at the familiar's response, normal commoners would quickly thank him but this one said something ridiculous. Why would he, a noble, earn the thanks of a commoner? Hmph, such stupidity!

Absalom could only chuckle at the shocked faces of the two noble, noble? More like a playboy without true skill as a noble. Anyway, it seemed that he was truly going to enjoy this world.

"Maybe I could even enjoy a good battle" he said followed by a laugh that troubled the people who heard it.