Jimmy got off his chair and started walking over to me. My heart begins to vibration and thump like crazy more than ever! He touched my hand. My face became more and more red. He hand me a paper in the other one. I felt like a very dumb person now.

I walked out of his class room with my face on fire!(Meaning that I was blushing) I felt like a real moron. Who was I kidding? I bet he didn't like me like that. He probable likes someone else, or he was married. Of course he wouldn't. I'm a student and he was a teacher. We are two different worlds. Plus he is way older than me.

Walked into my next class which was Math. My teacher in that class is name Mrs. Periwinkle. She was the boy that had no names mom. My brothers best friend. He and his mom are very strange. They eat nothing more than bread. She even tells her son to clean his panties.

"Now Ass Hole" Said Mr. Grimm.

"It's Axel, you cream ass whip." Said Axel.

"And I can care less if your name is fucked up. You have to clean the class up today after class. Got that?" Mr. Grimm told him.

"Got it, Mr. Grimm Dick." Said Axel.

"Hey!" Shout Mr. Grimm.

Mr. Grimm and Axel started fighting and beating each other up. I sat down and was rolling laughing. Mrs. Periwinkle came in the room and was laughing to. It took us 5 minutes to calm everyone down from the humor. After that Mike came in the room looking very mad. He hand Mrs. Periwinkle a piece of paper then he sat down next to me still mad.

"Can someone stick a sick up a fucking donkey?!" Shouted Sweet Tooth.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Stu.

"He wants to have sex with his own mother." Said Mikie.

"Oh! That's also me man. I had sex with my mom when I was 3. She finally died after I was 4." Said Stu.

Everyone begins laughing again. I couldn't stop laughing myself. I fell off my chair and still could not stop laughing.

That bell was finally over and It was lunch time. I went to lunch with my brother Bruce and his strange friend. Angela was there to.

"Man my ass hurts a lot this week. Said Bruce.

"Really. Mine itches with a lot less bread." Said Bruce's friend.

"You two are missed up." I said with a little laugh.

"Man you two boys are strange…. Out should go to the zoo and tell them to clean you with a mud brush." Said Angela.

"That's just as strange as them." I told her.

"Guess what I did last night when I was watching my dog dancing?" Asked Angela.

"You feel a sleep?" I said.

"YES I! Wait….. how did you know.?" Said Angela.

"Because Iwas there. How do you think I went home? You feel asleep on me." I told her.