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It was a very quiet Sunday afternoon in Beacon Hills. The streets were unbelievably empty as Stiles Stilinski walked toward the Sheriff station to bring his dad lunch. "Hey Stiles," the teen hears his name behind him and turns to see who the woman is; a smile grows on his face when he recognizes the woman of his dreams, Lydia Martin.

"Lydia. Hey," he is all smiles as he watches the one girl he has ever loved walk up to him.

"What are you doing," she asks curiously, her red hair blowing in the wind along with the end of her pale dress and Stiles can't remember seeing a prettier girl in his life.

"Bringing my dad his lunch," Stiles replies, lifting up the brown paper sack in his hand to show her. He usually didn't take the time to make his father a lunch, but after his dad found out about the whole werewolf stuff Stiles figured he should be a little kinder to his dad since the sheriff will obviously have a lot more on his plate at work now that there is more than the threat of humans, but also supernatural things.

"Well I am on my way to Derek's house for that meeting thing," she says wrapping the sweater she was wearing tighter around her shivering body. "You're invited to that," Stiles asked in disbelief, thinking that Derek had always hated Lydia. Stiles specifically remembering Derek insulting Lydia and Stiles ending up with a bruised arm and a sprained wrist because he tried to defend her honor.

"Derek thinks that because I am Jackson's anchor I should be there to understand what I am going to be dealing with," the girl responds as the pair starts walking down the sidewalk hoping to get to their destination quicker and to get out of the cold breeze. "Lydia take my coat," Stiles demanded, pulling it off his body and draping it over Lydia's shoulders and quickly pulling his arms away as he feels his hand graze the skin of her neck.

"Thanks even though this completely clashes with everything I am wearing," Lydia scoffs looking down at her attire. "Yeah well let's get back to the werewolf talk. How are you dealing after finding out," Stiles asks, wanting to tell her that no jacket could ever make her look unappealing but decided that if Jackson ever found out he would be a dead man.

"Well it's not something I ever thought would be real, but I am surprisingly okay with it. I mean it isn't the perfect situation to have my boyfriend a werewolf but I guess everybody's life has to have some kind of excitement in it," Lydia responds, and Stiles can't help but be surprised by how calm she was being about the whole thing.

"Well if you want, we can go to the meeting together. It will just take a few seconds to drop off this lunch," Stiles suggested, as they came up to the stairs into the police station. "Sure. I will wait here," Lydia replied, leaning up against the hand rail as Stiles raced toward the door.

"Hey Dad," Stiles said as he entered his father's office. "Stiles what are you doing here," the sheriff responded, looking up from stacks of paperwork to see his son leaning against the door frame.

"I brought you lunch," Stiles said, walking toward his father's desk and dropping the sack down onto it.

"Thanks, I am starved," the man replied, digging into the bag as though he hadn't had a bite to eat in days. "Well I have to go, but I will see you for dinner tonight," Stiles said turning on his heel to leave, his hands buried deep in his pockets.

"Be careful," the sheriff called his voice muffled by the food in his mouth that he was trying to talk around. "Always am," Stiles yelled back as he pushed through the front doors and back toward Lydia.

"I am parked just down the street if you want to drive there. I mean the walk would take way too long and I don't want you to freeze to death," Stiles said, motioning toward his jeep that was parked outside the grocery store.

That's the problem. You don't care about getting hurt. But you know how I'll feel? I'll be devastated. And if you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind.

Stiles shakes his head at the memory that popped in his head. He had been brave, he had laid it all down on the line for Lydia to take and she chose Jackson.

"I said let's go then," Lydia responded snapping her fingers in Stiles' face before grabbing his arm and dragging him toward the jeep.

They arrived at Derek's house only minutes later and Stiles saw that they must be the first ones there. "You run inside, I am going to call Jackson and make sure he remembers to show up," Lydia said with a smile, pulling off his jacket and handing it back to him, whispering a soft thank you. Nodding, Stiles made his way up to the dark and rundown house, pulling his jacket back on.

Not even bothering to knock, the teen stepped through the door. "Yo Derek, Lydia and I are here. So if you are upstairs having your happy time please stop, wash your hands, and come down so we can have this little werewolf chat," Stiles yelled, walking through the house to the living room.

"You didn't knock," Stiles hears Derek say through gritted teeth behind him, anger radiated off of him. "Yeah well what's yours is mine right? I mean a pack is like family therefore since you are Papa Wolf I thought this was everyone's house," Stiles replied, plopping himself onto the couch and smiling up at Derek with a toothy grin.

"You aren't even a werewolf, so what makes you think you are pack," Derek spits out angrily, not liking that Stiles shows him no respect. "Oh Derek you say the sweetest things to me," Stiles coos, reaching out to tenderly touch Derek's hand, but the alpha pulls away before their skin touches.

"Just shut up Stiles," Derek growls, turning when he hears footsteps behind him. "Jackson just left his house," Lydia said happily, taking a seat next to Stiles.

Derek didn't respond, instead he disappeared into the kitchen and all the two teens on the couch heard were the slamming of cupboards.

"What's got his panties in a bunch," Lydia whispered to Stiles. "The sourwolf is upset that I didn't knock before I came in and now he is throwing a tantrum like a two year old," Stiles replies loudly enough to ensure that Derek heard what he had said.

"Do you think you should be saying things like that, I mean Derek could kill you at any moment," Scott asks as he enters the living room, with Allison following behind him looking down as though ashamed of her past mistakes.

Stiles wanted to feel bad for her but for some reason couldn't get past the fact she wanted Derek dead. He will always admit that he hated Derek but deep down he felt safe around the alpha.

"Derek is all bark," Stiles replies, standing up to slap hands with Scott.

"Until he gets tired of your smart ass comments and rips your throat out," Scott says with a smirk, taking a seat and motioning for Allison to sit in the chair next to his.

"With his teeth," Stiles finishes Scott's sentence, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and beams a smile. "Who does what with his teeth," Erica asks as she steps into the room.

"Derek is going to rip Stiles throat out with his teeth," Boyd replies as he steps through the door to the kitchen with Derek trailing behind him glaring directly at Stiles and carrying a tray with drinks.

"Since when have you been here," Stiles asked. "Derek let Isaac and I stay here for a few days," Boyd replies, just as they hear footsteps coming down the stairs and only moments later Isaac is standing in front of everybody.

"Oh is it like a wolfy sleepover? Did you guys stay up and share secrets? Maybe have pillow fights in your underwear," Stiles asked, a grin spread out across his face.

"You would like that wouldn't you Stilinski," Stiles hears Jackson sneer as he comes out from behind the group of wolves standing. "Jackson," Lydia squeals, jumping up from her seat and throwing herself into Jackson's arms. Stiles looked away, not wanting to see the girl he loves kissing another guy.

As he turns though, Stiles catches Derek watching him. The alpha knows how much Stiles cares for Lydia and his eyes show Stiles that he is there for him even if he would never admit it.

"Can you all just take a seat and shut up," Derek barks as his eyes leave Stiles and instantly silence spreads through the house as everybody rushes to find a spot to sit.

"We have three more alphas we need to take care of. I was thinking we could attempt another attack the night before the full moon. They will think that I am going to be making sure you all are prepared for the shifting the next night, so I don't think they will anticipate the attack," Derek says, his voice full of confidence and power.

"I think I can get my dad to help," Allison chipped in, knowing that Chris Argent was now on the wolves' side. "That would be okay, but make sure he knows that if he comes after my pack I will be forced to take him out," Derek replies, and everybody knows that last time Allison's family tried to mess with his pack, her mother was bitten and before taking her own life.

"He is on our side now, you don't have to worry," Allison tried to reassure Derek, but looking down sheepishly because she had turned her back on the people in this room to work with her grandfather in attempt to kill Derek.

Derek just eyed her curiously, trying to determine whether or not to trust her. "To prove your loyalty to my pack you and Stilinski will be our bait," he said casually. Allison looked up and nodded eagerly, wanting any place in the pack.

"What about me," Lydia whined, wanting to know her part in the whole situation and not wanting to be left out.

"She isn't going to be a part of this," Stiles yelled before anybody could say anything. "Don't worry Stilinski, I already told Derek that Lydia isn't helping. You aren't the only one who cares about her, I am her boyfriend and I'm going to let her be put in danger," Jackson replied, his arm wrapped securely around Lydia's shoulder and she turns to look up at him, a smile on her face.

"Jackson has decided that Lydia can stay at her house. As long as they don't smell his scent on her then everything will be fine," Derek said.

"But how can we make sure his smell won't be on me," Lydia asks. The two had become inseparable since Jackson was turned.

"Well since we don't want any of the humans to have any scent of werewolf on them, for the next three days you are to avoid the pack like the plague. No secret meet ups, no kissing during passing times at school. If you want this plan to work then Stiles and Allison need to smell human. And if Lydia is to be safe then she needs to also smell human," Derek replied sternly.

The rest of the meeting went by with more talk of the alphas but was soon switched to who would win in a fight between Coach Finstock and Stiles' dad.

"Finstock would totally destroy your father. I mean have you seen how much he benchpresses," Jackson argued, accidently knocking over one of the glasses that thankfully had nothing in it or Derek would kill him.

"My dad is the sheriff. He is totally trained to kick serious ass," Stiles retorted , throwing his hands in the air. "Your dad is too nice to hurt someone," Scott sided with Jackson. "Well the coach is fucking loony of course he would hurt someone," Isaac yelled, earning him a smile from Stiles.

"But seriously why the hell would Stiles' dad fight I mean he should just shoot the stupid guy and let us all finally get a new lacrosse coach," Boyd spat, having a strong dislike for the coach.

The girls just sat back listening to the boys argue and Stiles looked over to find Derek sitting there, looking as though he wanted to kill everyone.

"Will you all shut the hell up and go argue somewhere else," Derek boomed, his voice full of anger and it left everyone whimpering and scurrying to get as far away from him as possible, well except Stiles who just sat back smirking at the alpha.

"So you all know the plan," Derek asked again to check that nobody was misinformed, as he ushered them toward the door.

"Yeah," the rest of the pack said with nods as they headed toward the door. "Make sure to stay the hell away from each other. If I catch on that any of you are jeopardizing the plan I will personally rip your throats out," Derek warned, flashing the pack his fangs to try and prove he was the alpha.

"See he always wants to basically suck on our necks. That man has a serious fetish with biting," Stiles whispered to the others with a laugh.

Stiles was grabbed by the back of his neck and pulled backwards. "I need to talk to you," Derek growled angrily, shoving the boy back toward the living room, Stiles nearly tripping over himself at an attempt to gain balance.

"You could have asked politely," Stiles mumbled, motioning for the others to go on without him. "Isaac, Boyd get out of here for a while," Derek said to the two wolves that were about to head back upstairs. The two nodded their heads and disappeared out the front door, shutting it behind them.

"What do you want," Stiles asked as he leaned up against the wall. "Are you sure you can handle being in the woods alone. Allison has training, but I know you have no physical strength at all," Derek asked.

"Hey I am still alive, I haven't died yet," Stiles pouted, knowing that Derek thought he was worthless.

"You get lucky, look I want you to take this," the older teen responded, pulling a small box off the side table next to the couch. "What is it," Stiles asked, looking at the box as it was placed in his hands.

"It's a dagger. My sister Laura got it for me when she was out of town once. I guess she says it's laced with wolfbane. Just one stab with this and those alphas will leave you alone," Derek replied, opening the lid and showing him the blade.

"What is the engraving," Stiles asked noticing the Latin written across the blade. "It means protect my brother, but I suppose you can just borrow it until we finish off these alphas," Derek replied quickly, shutting the lid on the box and turning away.

"Now get out," Derek said harshly, heading upstairs and leaving Stiles alone. Shrugging his shoulders, the teen held the box in his hand and made his way toward the door. "Thanks for the gift sweet cheeks," Stiles called up to the alpha before heading out toward his jeep.

When he got home Stiles headed into his room and got on his computer. Typing in the Latin from the dagger, he held his breath.

Protect my Mate

Confusion was all Stiles could feel as he stared at the screen. "Mate," he questioned out loud, grabbing the dagger and flipping it around in his hands.

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