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"Where is Derek," the sheriff asked as he stepped back into Stiles' hospital room preparing to have a talk with the two teenagers about their new relationship. "He left. But dad we don't need that talk I don't know how long this relationship is going to last. All he wants to do is argue," Stiles replied bitterly, standing up and grabbing the edge of the bed to help him stay upright, cursing at his broken foot.

"You know son when I first met your mom we hated each other. She was so prideful that I thought things wouldn't last. We argued every night but we never fell asleep angry. We pushed each other's buttons, but we also couldn't live without the other," the sheriff said, reminiscing about times with his wife. "We matched each other," he said quietly with a smile and Stiles had to hold back tears. Standing in the hospital room talking about his mom brought back memories of her passing away.

"You think Derek and I match each other," Stiles asked, pulling himself into the wheelchair that his dad rolled over to him. "You are the only one he opens up to. The only one he lets talk back to him. You are his match no matter how bad I wish it wasn't true," the older man replied, handing Stiles his jacket. Stiles laughed knowing that his dad just saw Derek as a criminal not a potential boyfriend for his son.

"So if I ask if you can drop me off at his house you would say," Stiles asks with a smile, his hands clasped together as though begging his father to say yes. "If I don't take you someone else will," his father replied rolling his eyes and pushing Stiles out toward the hallway. "You should let me ride this bad boy down the hill by our house," Stiles laughed and his dad just smacked the back of his head.

After a few minutes of checking out and getting Stiles into the car, the sheriff drove toward the rundown Hale residence. "I am going to go into the station for a little while. Call me if Scott can't come get you tonight or if you need anything," the sheriff said as they pulled up the driveway, his dad rolling his eyes at the condition of the charred house.

The older man helped his son out of the car and handed him his crutches. "I will see you tonight," Stiles said, heading toward the door, trying not to end up tumbling to the ground as his crutch hit a loose rock.

The door opened as Stiles was at the foot of the stairs, and Derek said nothing as he helped the younger teen up the stairs. Waving to the sheriff, Stiles let the door close behind him, feeling as though he was about to enter a warzone.

"You should be home resting," Derek grumbled, holding onto Stiles side as he practically dragged him to the living room and dumped him on the couch. "I should be with you," Stiles responded, pulling Derek down with him.

Stiles' lips were instantly on Derek's before the older teen could say anything. Stiles licked open Derek's willing lips and briefly got to explore the alpha's mouth with his tongue before Derek regained dominance and Stiles' tongue was back in his own mouth. Groaning, Stiles' hands grasped at Derek's shirt, pulling him closer, trailing his fingers up and down the alpha's shirt clad stomach.

Derek's hands were clutching Stiles' face, never wanting to let go, knowing that Stiles was his only reason to live, that without the younger teen he would have no one else in his life who cared about him. Stiles nipped at Derek's bottom lip and smiled when the alpha moaned and pulled Stiles closer. "We need to stop before I end up hurting you," Derek groaned, pulling away. Wanting nothing more than for both of them to lose the clothes and have some fun but Stiles had only just left the hospital, and Derek knew that Stiles' needed to be at his healthiest for their first time because he wasn't sure how long he could keep his wolf under control.

Stiles pressed another lazy kiss on Derek's lips. "I wish I was healthier," he whined, tugging at the hem of Derek's shirt, wanting to take it off and explore the alpha's body.

"How did we end up making out after we had just fought," Derek asked, letting Stiles lean back on the arm of the couch and drape his legs across Derek's lap. "I just really wanted to kiss you again, despite the fact you are a dick," Stiles replied.

"I want you so bad," Derek said, surprising Stiles and forcing a blush to creep up the younger boy's neck. "You do," the boy asked in a stutter, as Derek traced patterns on Stiles' healed foot. Getting an idea in his head, Derek leaned over to the side table and pulled out a pen from the drawer.

"What are we in sixth grade," Stiles joked as Derek started writing something down on his cast. "Yup," Derek replied, his brow furrowing as he stared intently down at his writing. "What are you writing," Stiles asked, trying to turn so he could see but Derek used his hand to hide the words.

"Be patient," Derek growled as he scribbled more. It was a couple more minutes before Stiles was allowed to see what Derek had written.

I belong to the handsome, charming, loving, amazing Derek Hale. Anybody who tries anything will end up in the hospital so please stay away for your own safety.

"You little shit," Stiles yelled, wanting to punch Derek who was laughing hysterically."This is so embarrassing," Stiles whined, throwing his head back and whimpering.

Seeing the younger teen's neck tilted like that, his Adam's apple bobbing, Derek launched, his wolf taking over control and wanting to feel the teen's skin against his lips. Derek's lips attached themselves to the soft skin of Stiles' neck and began to suck and nip. A groan slipped from Stiles' lips and he didn't even bother with the fact that his back was very uncomfortable with Derek on him.

Derek, sensing the discomfort however switched their positions, so Stiles was partially laying on him, but allowing his broken leg to lay down flat on the couch. Derek's knee ended up between Stiles' thighs and the younger teen breathed out a moan.

Derek's lips continued working on the younger teen's neck as his hands gripped the teen's hips. Stiles threw his head back with a groan when he rutted against Derek's knee. "Stiles stop," Derek growled, knowing that it was just going to torture both of them because Stiles wasn't healthy enough.

"You started it," Stiles groaned, as Derek bit down on his pulse point. He felt his cock spring to life and he ground down against Derek's knee again.

"I want you so bad," Stiles whimpered and Derek had to forcibly pull away and tumble off the couch.

"We can't touch anymore," Derek said, and Stiles smiled as he saw Derek's bulge in his pants. "But I want to," Stiles replied leaning over and tracing the outline of Derek's erection with his finger, earning him the pleasure of hearing Derek let out a loud moan, before getting his hand swatted away. Sitting up straight, Stiles' own erection tented up in the sweats he was wearing.

"Maybe when you are healed," Derek replied, his eyes staring down at the younger teen's crotch. Shaking his head Derek crossed the room and sat down on the chair across from Stiles. "Don't be like that," Stiles cooed, going to stand but stopping when Derek glared at him.

"You don't realize how hard this is," Derek growled, his claws digging into his own thighs. "Can we at least cuddle," Stiles suggested, with a pout. "Maybe in a couple minutes we can go upstairs," Derek replied, rolling his eyes at the teen.

"Tell me about some of the stuff we talked about before the incident," Stiles said, putting his feet up on the coffee table. "Well a lot of stuff, you just asked me questions and I answered," Derek replied, swallowing the lump in his throat as he finally gained control of his own body and noticed Stiles did too.

"What do you like about me," Stiles asked, his arms crossed across his chest. "Everything," Derek replied shortly and Stiles rolled his eyes. "I like your laugh, your sense of humor, how you can take any situation and make a joke out of it. I like how attractive you are and don't realize it-"

"You think I'm attractive," Stiles asked, never hearing anyone actually say that.

"You think I would have gotten hard earlier if I didn't," Derek asked with smile. "Stiles I think you are probably the most attractive person I have ever dated," he continued and Stiles beamed at him.

"Good because I think you are extremely hot and I can't wait to have you inside of me," Stiles responded and he was surprised by how bold he was around Derek. The older teen's mouth dropped open and Stiles couldn't help but laugh.

"Have you ever thought of me sexually before you found out I was your mate," Stiles asked. With a blush creeping up his ears Derek nodded, letting his gaze leave Stiles' face and look down toward the ground.

"So you jerked off to this sexy man," Stiles asked with a laugh shaking his body. "Don't be an idiot," Derek laughed, rolling his eyes. "What about you Stiles? I remember hearing that you said you weren't gay, so will you own up to thinking about me when you were supposedly straight," Derek asked, cocking his head to the side, his eyes staring into Stiles'.

"Well-uh-you see-yes dammit," Stiles yelled, slumping down in his seat. "So you weren't as straight as you said you were," Derek smirked. "Shut up," Stiles pouted his lower lip puckering.

"I already knew. I mean I could smell the arousal every time I pushed you up against a wall. Why do you think I did it so often," Derek replied laughing.

"Ugh I hate your werewolf abilities. It's not fair," Stiles groaned, a blush creeping up his face again when he remembered fantasizing about Derek taking him up against the walls he always shoved him into.

"Are you going to fight tonight," Stiles quickly changed the subject. "No," Derek replied shortly, his face getting serious and his smile disappearing.

"I want you to know that I choose you over my pride so I told Allison that her father can handle it."

"I don't want you to think I am trying to control you," Stiles replied, frowning. Standing Derek walked over and sat down next to the teen. Placing a soft kiss on Stiles' temple, Derek grabbed his hands.

"I know that you just want me to be safe. I guess I just never had people in my life after my family passed away that wanted the best for me," Derek said with a soft smile.

"Can we go cuddle now," Stiles asked with a laugh. Nodding Derek helped him off the couch and up to his bedroom. Both of them laughing when Derek nearly let Stiles slip down the stairs. "This is quite dangerous," Stiles mumbled as they tripped down the hallway to the bedroom.

It was the first time Stiles had ever been in the alpha's room and smirked when all he saw was a dresser and a bed. "You sure do know how to spruce up the place," he joked and smiled when he saw their dagger sitting on the bedside table. "Shut up," Derek replied, helping Stiles settle down on the bed. Placing a pillow under Stiles' broken leg, Derek crawled onto the bed. The older teen helped Stiles' out of his shirt.

"I suppose the sweats should stay on," Derek suggested as he pulled off his own shirt and jeans. "God you are amazing," Stiles mumbled as he traced his fingers across the ridges of Derek's stomach. Laughing Derek pulled the covers over both of them and laid his head on Stiles' chest, listening to the soft beating of the heart of his mate.

Stiles' smiled when he felt Derek's hand tracing patterns on his stomach, getting lower and lower. "You really are pushing this whole 'no messing around until Stiles' is healed' motion you declared earlier," Stiles said as Derek's hand brushed under the waistband of the younger teen's sweatpants.

"How is your back," Derek asked changing the subject, his hand moving back up toward Stiles' chest. "Sore but nothing too bad," Stiles replied remembering he had just taken pain medicine right before he left the hospital. Stiles let his hand brush up and down Derek's arm, hearing the alpha sigh against his chest.

"I really am sorry I wasn't there to protect you. I should have went home with you, made sure you got there safely," Derek said, tilting up to meet Stiles' eyes. "You didn't know I would stop at the meadow," Stiles replied, brushing Derek's hair back and smiling, wishing that Derek would just forgive himself because Stiles didn't blame the older teen for anything that happened.

"I don't want to see you in the hospital again, I almost had a heart attack when Scott called me," Derek said, breathing out a sigh of relief as he traced Stiles face with his fingers. "And when I killed that female alpha, I just let my wolf get the best of the situation. It was so hard to stay in control knowing that you might not survive, I wanted to die too."

"We are together now. Nothing will ever happen. I promise," Stiles replied, leaning down and kissing Derek.

"I can't believe we are already this invested in this relationship and we have only technically been together less than a day," Derek laughed, his breath warm on Stiles chest. "I think both of us knew all along that there was something else between us," Stiles replied, remembering all the times they had been there for each other.

"You were the only one who I ever truly trusted since Kate," Derek said, clutching onto Stiles' like the teen was his lifeline.

"You can always trust me," Stiles cooed, stroking Derek's hair. "We need to stop this girly moment now. We are men," Derek demanded with a laugh. "Hey we are being cute," Stiles jokingly whined.

"When you get better can I help train you," Derek asked, knowing that Stiles will need every bit of protection since he was still human and that other wolves will want to hurt him knowing that he was now an alpha's mate. "If it will make you feel better," Stiles sighed, knowing that training is another name for 'Derek kicking my ass'.

"Well I would feel a whole lot better if you would take the bite, but I won't force it on you," Derek said.

"It still isn't a definite no, but just not now. Not when my dad is still adjusting to my boyfriend being a werewolf."

"I like being your boyfriend," Derek said with a smile. "I thought we were done with this girly moment," Stiles joked, his laugh echoing in Derek's ear.

Derek nodded and held on to Stiles tighter as he started to drift off to sleep. "I need to go home tonight," Stiles remembered telling his dad that he would see him later.

"I will take you home in a couple hours, but let's just nap for right now," Derek mumbled, his eyes closing, the last thing he remembered is feeling Stiles' lips against the top of his head.

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