Two weeks had passed since Mary's legs were amputated. She was not doing well. Physically she was fine. Her vitals were up. Her circulation was improved but her mood took a downfall.
"IT'S NOT FAIR," she yelled one day at the top of her lungs, "I SHOULD HAVE LEGS!"
"You're right honey," Lily said, "It's not fair but your legs don't make you who you are. I know what. Let's go outside. Maybe we'll go into the garden."
"Go into the garden where I fell," Mary asked.
"Okay maybe it's a little soon for the garden," Lily admitted.
"Ya think," Mary scoffed.
"I think you're angry," Lily said, "and justifiably so."
"Well gee I'm glad you understand," Mary said, "I'm a FREAK" She burst into tears.
"Mary Lennox Craven," Lily said seriously but gently, "You are a lot of things but you are not a freak. I don't ever want to hear you say that about yourself." She held her until she calmed down.
"I'm sorry mom," Mary said, "I'm just so mad about this."
"So am I," Lily said, "So am I."
"Are you going to get mad at me," Mary asked.
"No I'm not," Lily replied, "You did nothing wrong. You had an accident and that accident changed your life and you are justifiably angry about it. I would rather you express that then hold it in. But now you need to start healing."
"Soon," Mary said, "I'm going to take a nap."
"You've been sleeping far too long,"
"Fine. I'll read then," Mary snapped.
"I think we're going to go outside," Lily said, "You've been indoors too much."
"There's too much light out," Mary tried.
"You need some light," Lily replied gently. She lifted Mary into her wheelchair.
"I hate that thing," Marry said, "I WANT MY LEGS BACK"
"I want you to have your legs back too," Lily said, "But your legs were making you sick." Slowly Lily pushed her daughter's wheelchair outside.
"What do you think," she asked.
"It's fine," Mary said, "But it reminds me that I can't walk."
"I know but there are lots of other things you can do," Lily said