Author's note: Based on a poem within the Lord of the Rings, some parts are verbatim. Because I can't do poetry, and they work for the story. Also my prophecy concepts taken from Terry Goodkind's: Stone of Tears, also the name The Keeper because it works for this story as well.

The Ballad of the Elysian Rose

Within the deep dreaming,

the darkest rose preens,

No stain yet on the Moon was


No Realms yet to be sown

into stone.

When the Thorne woke and walked the dreaming alone.

He was the nameless one,

He was the bastard son,

He stooped and pondered the


And saw a crown of stars


As gems upon a silver thread,

A shadow sown from within his head.

The realm was fair, the mountains tall,

In the elder days before the fall

Of the Mighty Realm of Elysian.

And Selene, who's power's sleep,

her heir gone astray.

Since the Deep Dreaming have

slipped away.

The realm once bloomed with roses,

at play.

A king he shall be, upon a carven throne.

In many-pillared halls of stone.

With a golden ground and silver sky.

And runes of power to never let the dreaming die.

The light of star and moon

In shining crystal shards


Undimmed by cloud or shade of


There shown forever far and bright.

There hammer on the anvil


there chisel clove, and graver


There forged was bladed and

bound was hilt;

In gold and silver pale.

The runes of gods burned

bright hale,

The boxes revealed, the Devil's forged sword.

Shall return to destroy the shades horde.

Glorious was Thorne's folk,

Beneath the dreaming music


The harper harped, the minstrels's sang,

At the gate the trumpets


Now the realm is grey, the dreams are old.

The forge is dark and cold,

No sound is heard, no voice


And darkness dwells in Thorne's


The endless shadow lies upon his land.

In Elysian, within the garden's tomb.

But still the stars appear.

In dark and windless


There lies his crown in shadows


Till Thorne wakes again from



It took most the day to reform the army and direct them back down the narrow passes, and into the lush foothills further south. The army of over ten thousand Lunarian Soldiers, hale and strong they moved as a wave of shimmering silver through the barren rocks of the spine. The banner of the White Moon led the charge, carried by a young boy of barely tweleve. Wearing the grey cloth tunic of a squire, with white breeches and long sleeve undershirt. Leather boots, barely making a sound as he moved in the lead of the army, his pretty face smiling proudly. Rusty red hair blowing in the cold breeze whistling down the mountain pass. The thunder of metal boots following behind him, a constant powerful tempo to make his heart race.

Jupiter and Mercury were both surprised and excited to see their little Princess in Guardian form. Who moved now as a woman, full of confidence and self assurance in her abilities as a Senshi. Steeds were brought, and soon the girls were riding near the edge of the armies ranks recounting their last few days apart. Venus and Mars had transformed back into their armour before making their way down the towers's steps. The halls were barren and lonely, the shadow magic dispelled. The Priests seemed in hiding deep within the thousands of chambers of the great spire. Mars was so pleased to have her powers back, she had done a little dance on top of the open chamber of the keep before they made their way down. The spell caster, The Lord of Shadows whom had sealed her powers had been killed by Moon's hand. Releasing her Guardian power back into the fabric of the universe for her to tap into once more.

Now Venus and Mars rode to the left of Moon and Mamoru, while Jupiter and Mercury rode on the right. Flanking them and chatting amiably over the latest events. Serenity joked, and bantered with her sister's so pleased to be one of them.

Mamoru kept his council, sitting behind Serenity on her black hell steed holding her tight around the waist. He had never ridden a horse, had no clue as to how to steer one. He wasn't nervous at all, feeling confident in his Princess's prowess behind the reigns. So he sat back and relaxed, holding her close and enjoying every moment being so close to her.

He felt no shame in having to depend on her to get them back down the mountain on horse back. To pleased that all this struggle was over and he could enjoy some time of peace with the woman he loved. Tuxy had disappeared into one of the heavy leather saddle bags, and was happily munching on some apples.

Luna and Artemis, he found out were bonded mates, who hadn't seen each other in months. They had quickly charged away from the army, for some much needed alone time when they reached the foot hills once more.

Mamoru could tell Usagi was nervous and tense. Her back was stiff and she wasn't as happy as she once was back in the mountains. He didn't understand why, but he supported and comforted her. Holding her close, lightly rubbing her sore shoulders and back as they rode. Usagi leaned into him, resting her head against his shoulder. Turning her face to gaze appreciatively up into his handsome face, with her warm soft blue eyes.

She was worried about meeting her mother, about showing her, her Soul...Bonded Mate.

She knew the Queen would be less then pleased that her wild young daughter had bonded herself so young to a human man. Probably less happy, that the young man was an Elysian Guardian. She never did think things threw a great deal, just followed her heart. They were meant to be...she felt that this was how her destiny was to play out. She just had to find the courage to confront her mother over her rash decisions and convince her that he was a good, strong and intelligent man who would one day be a good ruler.

Thankfully, Jupiter and Mercury had put her mothers worry to rest about her fate. Explaining she was safe on the Mortal Plane of Earth in the custody of a resourceful and responsible young man. Giving her mother words of approval for the young man.

Her mother had sent word through the ranks, with a young messenger. A young teen of barely fourteen, he also wore the grey leather tunic and white breeches of a squire. With the dusty blonde hair and bright blue eyes of her homeland. He had handed her a rolled up missive, nervously jogging beside her steed. Thankful once she took it from his hand and he could silently fade back into the ranks of soldiers.

Her mother wished to meet with her at the Commanders's Tent at dusk, when they set up camp.

Serenity swallowed the lump forming in her throat, this was going to be an interesting conversation to say the least.

The muted darkness of coming night fell silently as the Moon's great army spread out for miles making camp. White tents and smoking fires lay sprawled over the soft rolling hills and within groves of spruce, fir and oak of the spines foothills. Mamoru had lost track of Serenity in the ordered chaos of the camp setting up, she had headed out with her four Guardian's in search of supper. He was still buzzing from the battle and the massive recovery spell he used on Mina. His body felt full of energy, and slightly tingly with the residual magic coursing through him. The soldier's he past gave him odd looks, as if he was a rarity and he guessed maybe he was, striding around in Elysian armour.

It was nothing compared to the shocked and sometimes appalled looks Serenity got earlier from the the soldiers. Becoming a Senshi seemed to have bruised some kind of innocent, damsel image she seemed to have obtained before with the Lunarian soldiers. He had to chuckle, she had become as much of an enigma as he was.

Wandering aimlessly down the long aisle of tents, his dark navy armour creaking softly as he walked unhurried among the soldier's. He found himself entering a small campfire filled with young men, his age. They had partially removed their armour, taking off their breast plates and helmets, packing them away in the leather packs on the horses tethered nearby to a stand of birch trees. They had set up one white tent with a roaring campfire built just before it. The group of four men lounged on the grass, munching quietly on bags of dried meat, sharing a loaf of bread and a block of cheese between them. Cutting off chunks of it with their boot daggers.

"So you are the Elysian Stray, our dear Princess has found?" A taller man, with dark shoulder length hair called to Mamoru as he crossed before the tent.

Mamoru inclined his head mutely acknowledging he had heard the snide comment, and quickly changed course to confront the Lunarian soldier.

"I mean no disrespect..." He raised his hands in submission. Catching the deadly glare Mamoru was sending him as he hovered threateningly over him.

"Sit...Speak." Another man if a bit older invited him by patting the ground. He wasn't so off putting as the first, with soft blonde hair and the same sweet blue eyes as Serenity's.

Mamoru nodded and sat, silently taking each mans measure uncertain as to their intentions. Noticing instantly how the men became nervous and more insecure in his pressence. Fidgeting slightly and avoiding eye contact with him.

"What my idiot friend was starting to say, was that the Elysian people we thought extinct, if you were to meet one in your life time it was your own bad luck. " He smirked, finishing his back handed comment.

"Because we are a cursed people right?" Mamoru grumbled, rising back to his feet, realizing he just walked with open eyes into more ridicule. Spending time talking with these ignorant men was an effort in futility. He had no time to endure their rude comments about his homeland or his people. A large part of him wanted to teach then better manners, with a few choice strikes of his fists. But that would accomplish nothing, he needed to stay in Queen Serenity's good graces. If he ever wanted to be worthy of asking her for her daughter's hand in a few years.

The group of four merely nodded, muttering and gossiping as Mamoru moved away understanding that the soldiers felt threatened by him, as if an evil curse was going to fall on their heads if he as around. "Go back were you came from Elysian Dog!" The dark haired man shouted to his back as he left the warmth of their fire.

The group of soldier's growing more bold, as he walked away.

"Yeah! Take your curse back to your own realm, leave our Princess alone!" Another shouted, his voice breaking with fear.

"His touch brings Ruin, you know..." the last most quiet soldier whispered conspiratorially to his companions.

Mamoru found himself wandering once more through the avenues of tents, the sky had deepened the cold navy glow of the Dead Moon just hinting against the rolling hills. The thick smell of roasting fowls was floating through the cool evening air. A sweet, spicy aroma that made his mouth water. His stomach grumbled at him, urging him to follow the scent. Serenity and the girls had headed out to find the cook tents, so they must be nearby. Turning a bend in the trampled dirt, rounding around a tent that was being used as a stockade for the armies steeds. The rancid stench of manure assaulted his nose, souring his appetite. He briefly glanced in through the open flap. Catching sight of several young stable boys tending to the great black and dark brown war horses. Brushing down their sweaty coats, or digging at their metal shod hooves. As he returned his gaze back to the dreary twilight path of this moving city of soldiers. He was greeted by an out of breath young boy the very paige that had come to Serenity's steed earlier that day. He was a fair looking young man, with bright blue eyes and an almost feminine charm to his face.

He heaved before him, face red with beads of sweat trickling down the sides of his face. Wearing a simple grey leather tunic and off white breeches and leather shoes. A simple tan belt with one large satchel hanging off a hip for carrying his messages around the camp.

He kept his distance, word around the camp that he was an Elysian had traveled fast. Looking nervous and jittery. He handed him the message with trembling hands. Mamoru took the scrap of paper lightly, sighing with frustration. The Lunarians treated him like he had some kind of plague.

Before he even had a good grasp on the flimsy piece of parchment, the boy was dashing away, back the way he had come. As if fleeing an advancement of a horde of demons.

Mamoru unfolded the paper, reading the poorly printed Kanji. This note wasn't from Usako, she could write his human language much more eloquently then this. The message beckoned his pressence before the Queen in the Commander's tent. The boy must have written it under Usako's direction, Mamoru mused lightly.

Mamoru hadn't a clue were that tent was, with a shrug and bit of cursing he trudged deeper into the camp.

(Usako...Your mother wants to see me?) He called to her in his mind, their soul link giving him the powers to speak to her in this subtle and intimate way.

(I know I am with her right now...did the messenger find you?) She called back, her tone sounding exasperated and slightly frustrated.

(Yes...but I don't know were the Commander's tent is?) Mamoru relented in frustration.

(Oh, for the Love of Selene!...) Usako responded furious, then went silent.

(Jupiter is coming to find you, she will take you to my mother's tent.) Usako added a few minutes later, nearly growling. (The messenger boy was to guide you...I am sorry. Mamo-chan.) She finished with an apologetic sigh.

(I am getting the impression they are scared of me.) Mamoru chuckled back, as he watched several soldiers moving to the far side of the avenue as he walked past them.

(They are an embarrassment, Like frightened is a sad display of my people.) Usako explained sadly.

Mamoru merely laughed, he had been angry at first as to how they treated him. But now watching them act like scared, nervous little children was amusing.

In time, just as full dark was falling over the tents. Jupiter's shining silver plate mail thundered into view down the avenue he was walking down. She cast him a disgruntled look, her face flushed and damp from sweat. She had been running all over the miles of camp looking for him.

"Your a pain in the Ass!" Jupiter raged, falling into step with him.

Mamoru chuckled charmingly at her.

" I figure her tent is near the centre..." He offered with a grim smile.

"You guessed right." Jupiter sighed, brushing a hand through her wet brunette bangs, letting the cold wind blowing through the camp cool her hot face. Giving her long sweaty pony tail a couple curt flips to let the breeze touch the back of her neck.

Several minutes later they drew upon the largest tent in the camp. This one was not made of a simple leather tarp. It was more sturdy and round, with leather or wool over poles of wood. It was built in a large circular design, the walls padded with wool, and a heavy leather fabric. Covered in simple silver crescents along with the Lunarian symbols of the ten cosmic forces. Fire, Water, Storm, Light, Wind, Ocean, Time, Ruin/Rebirth, Earth, and finally Moon. It looked very much like a Buddhist Ger, with the rounded ceiling and central pillars to hold up the bamboo roof.

They could both hear two female voices nearly screaming at each other as they drew near the elaborate structure. Jupiter sighed, casting him a look of compassion and sorrow. She felt like she was leading him to an execution. Jupiter moved to the open flaps of the tent, giving him just enough room to pass into the flickering orange fire light within before moving to block the doorway. Sealing him inside with the Queen, he never looked back at the serious guardian stance Jupiter now claimed in the entrance. Taking a deep breath to settle his nerves, his rapid heart beat roaring in his ears from anxiety. At the very angry voices echoing from deep within.

Moving through the small front entryway of white curtains, he noticed the flickering light was coming from several glass and iron lamps set into the four main support poles of the tent. The smoked glass lanterns filled with oil and fire lit wicks. Hanging upon nails pounded into the poles surrounding the main area of the tent. Mamoru found the main area of the tent rather large and roomy. A simple wooden bed sat against one wall, covered with a white cotton sheet decorated with silver thread work. The mattress was filled with hay, tied closed with a leather weave of bindings. A rack was filled with an assortment of weapons and shields and bows. A small bookshelf next to it with small wooden boxes set on top. A long oak table sat against the wall on the other side, with a large roughly sketched map pinned up on the fabric netting that was draped over the bamboo ribs of the wall. A simple wooden chair sat behind the desk, the desk itself was filled with open books and pieces of parchment. The inside reminded him a roman emperor's command tent. A powerful looking woman with silver hair, done up in the same style as Serenity was standing, in full silver plate hunched over the table. Glaring down at her golden counterpart who's hands were leaning on the back of a wooden chair out front of the table. Glaring up at her mother, in her white leather and silk Guardian armour her eyes just as fierce.

Queen Serenity was a formidable woman, dressed in a more Ornate version of the Lunarian silver plate mail. A flowing white cloak hung off her back trailing to floor, the tails of her silver hair nearly that long as well. Her face seemed gentle, but twisted up in such fury and displeasure she looked as deadly as a siren.

Her daughter, Princess Serenity stood her ground against her mother's powerful glare with one of her own. She was still regaled in her white leather and silk armour of the Senshi of the Moon looking as threatening as the Queen herself.

Rei was still transformed into her red and black leather armour, standing aloof near the opening to the short entry hall. Nervously fingering the dark leather hilt of her dagger at her hip. Mamoru slipped in beside her, as both Serenity's went at it yet again.

"Rei, what's going on?" Mamoru muttered quietly.

"You..." Rei never even glanced at him, keeping her emotions at bay. Her feelings of love having been replaced with that of anger and resentment. He was causing so much ill will in the Royal family. She felt Elysian curse was beginning to taint the Moon Kingdom...

"Mother, I will not be staying at your side, or returning to the Moon Kingdom. My place is with my mate." Princess Serenity sighed, rubbing her temples with her fingers. "I promise to come home from time to time to visit." She smiled hopefully, then groaned as her mother rolled her eyes in disgust.

Having been going over this with her mother for the last hour, only to have her deny she had, wisdom, powers or the will to complete a soul bond with anyone let alone a human man. Cursing her rashness and lack of thought, that she had royal responsibilities and honour to up hold for her kingdom. That she had just cast it all to the wind by foolishly falling in love with a human.

"I will never believe it..." Queen Serenity shook her head in disbelief, then slammed her chair with a loud echoing bang into the table before stalking around it.

" could you let this happen? You were the first to find her. You have failed me, and your duty. " Queen Serenity wailed in anguish to the heavens.

It was then that Mamoru saw Luna, the great panther sat against the back wall of the Ger. Slightly hidden by the massive table. She was sitting so still on her hunches she could have been a statue.

"It's wasn't her place to stop me!" Princess Serenity interceded. Her second mother did not deserve to have her pride trampled on.

(It was already begun, by the time I found them.) Luna responded in their minds, her voice and tone cool, and controlled as if keeping her temper. Luna never mentioned that fact that she had convinced Mamoru to stay, when Serenity began to form the first links of soul bonding. She only wished that they would have waited to commit to each other, to seal the bond until after all these complications with Ruin had been settled. Luna always believed Mamoru had the ability to be a strong mate for Serenity. But as she had discovered his true identity...her blood ran cold with dread. The bond could not be undone, the deed unsung, the thread of fate had forever sealed them as one.' They would have to remain strong to one another, to this love that seemed to trump anything else in the universe.

"You should have been stopped! You have no idea what peril you have placed us in, tainting our bloodline with mortals!" Queen Serenity rounded on her daughter, seething.

Mamoru didn't know how to proceed but he felt he needed to defend himself at this point. Rei grabbed his wrist and pulled him back to stand beside her. Silently shaking her head, telling him to calm down, have patience, wordlessly.

Mamoru growled low in his throat, balling his hands into fists against the cold dark plate mail along his thighs. He was so sick of the people from the Celestial Realms belittling him, his people and his planet!

"I have tainted nothing...mother." Princess Serenity ranted back, as Luna crossed over to stand next to her as if offering silent support to help her stand up to her mother.

(Your Majesty...You know the Ancient Gods have their hands in this affair.) Luna's ears twitched back and forth, as she kept a steady stare upwards to the looming Queen in front of her.

Queen Serenity groaned, turning on her heavy grey leather heel and starting to pace.

"They have been meddling in our lives since she has been born." Queen Serenity stated, with frustration, waving a hand to incline Princess Serenity harshly.

"Speaking of Prophecy." Princess Serenity leaped on the chance to change the subject for a while. "The Lord of Shadows, voiced words of power to me before he faded into the Abyss."

Both Queen Serenity and Luna gave her their undivided attention. Mar's shivered at the mention of prophecy. The princess had the powers of divination and was the centre of many prophecies, none that she took very seriously. Mar's had studied the great tomes, hidden within the Palace Library and understood how complex and misleading a prophecy can become.

Princess Serenity took a deep breath, reviewing the words now burned into her mind, thanks to her powers.

"Within the dawn of dreams, the two shall come of Light and Dark.

The tapestry thread by love, shall burn and be forgotten.

What once was lost, shall be found.

As the realms fall into thrall within the Eternal Shadow.

The four of four of four shall circle the two.

Brought together by fear, held together by love.

To find that which hides within the veil of dreams. "

She finished, her voice echoing with timeless energy only voicing powerful words could create.

Queen Serenity contemplated the words,casting Luna an odd look a few minutes later.

"Is it a core prophecy or merely a fork created by my Daughter's recent actions. Will it be a true path or a false one?" Queen Serenity voiced her thoughts out loud. Seeking council from the dark Panther.

"What are you talking about now." Princess Serenity responded her voice sounding exasperated, when her two mothers began to talk in hushed tones with each other. Acting as if she wasn't even there. As was typical of them, upon her youth. But she was a grown woman now, she deserved some respect to at least be a part of the conversation she had begun.

"Dear, Your Lullaby is a Core Prophecy." The Queen began quietly.

"I know that..." Serenity cast her head down and to the side sullenly, as a sudden ball of ice formed in her stomach. Her lullaby was the prophecy of her ascension to the throne upon her mother's death.

"Working through the lines of prophecy is a tedious task, filled with confusion and frustration. If you don't know what your doing." Mars spoke up, proceeding into their midst. Leaving Mamoru standing alone. No one had noticed him yet, he wanted to find out more so remained aloof.

The Queen, Luna and Serenity listened intently as Mars spoke. "I have studied all the prophecies in the Great Library. I understand how they work, how they weave together or fray. What Serenity spoke was a Core Prophecy, not a fork. Some prophecies can be changed. Some are set and can never be changed. Based on our actions and decisions when moving through a prophecy we can change it down another path, be it true or false. Some prophecies can even be voided all together." Mars finished, her voice carrying a power of infinite possibilities.

Queen Serenity sank down into the wooden chair behind her desk filled with maps and military campaigns. She had been slowly dominating the dark realms under her rule, destroying the Lords and armies in each province. No longer would this realm be left to its own devices, it was to wild to unpredictable. By years end she hoped to have conquered all the provinces. She was slowly uncovering more to this plot of killing her daughter and releasing the Demon Beast Khalas. It was larger and more complex then she had thought, and had more players then she truly knew and The Keeper was at the heart of it.

"It is a formidable task, changing ones fate..." She breathed, her hands clasped in her lap lost in her dark thoughts.

"Linking the prophecies is like one giant puzzle, sometimes they can relate to one another. Some times not." Mars shrugged.

"Right now, we wait to see what events come to pass then we should be able to start deciphering the new Prophecy." Luna offed, nodding her head.

Queen Serenity huffed loudly, her elegant face coming up from her contemplations, finally noticing Mamoru standing quietly by the entry way.

"This is the man then. " Queen Serenity stood, offering a bit of respect.

Mamoru took her invite, and Princess Serenity's proud smile towards him as his que to move in front of the desk.

"Yes, Your majesty. Chiba, Mamoru." Mamoru offered her his hand in greeting.

Queen Serenity glanced down at his proffered hand in confusion.

"It's a mortal act of greeting, Mother. Your shake his hand with yours." Princess Serenity moved in beside him. Offering him silent support in his introduction with her mother.

Queen Serenity paid him a small smile, clasping his large hand in her much smaller, thiner hand.

Her fingers had just barely curled around the side his hand, when her light blue eyes shot wide and she yanked her hand back as if it was on fire.

"ELYSIAN THORNE!" She screamed, rounding on her daughter almost immediately.

Princess Serenity was suddenly very scared of her mother. She backed away, eyes wide and stunned. Her hands raised to defend herself. Mars stood in stunned shock as things spiralled out of control.

Luna cringed, she knew this was coming, but this was a trial young Serenity had to go through. She would be faced by much worse in the coming months. She had to keep her heart strong, and never falter with her love for Mamoru.

"Of all the men in this universe to Bond love. You chose him!" She ranted, her face red with fury.

Mamoru didn't know what to do, the Queen was beyond mere rage at the moment.

"Mother..." Princess Serenity voice wavered as she continued to back away.

Queen Serenity took two quick strides, before her shorter now cowering daughter. And struck her hard across the face with the back of her hand. "Stupid! Rash! Impetuous girl! Your actions are beyond reason! You have destroyed your own people, you selfish little girl!" She screamed in fury. Her eyes glowing with a cold burning anger.

"Queen!" Mamoru rushed in front of Princess Serenity. Who was cradling her cheek mournfully, tears threatening to fall. Her mother had never in all her life ever hit her, the act was so brutal. Her mind was going numb, as her body began shivering in fear.

"Bastard son of a Bastard son!" Queen Serenity seethed in his face, whirling around, her silver tails wiping in an fierce arc as she headed over to the weapon's rack. Clasping the hilt of a long sword, with a shiny silver chain grip on an elegantly arching hilt and runes of power etched upon the heavy blade. She twirled back, swinging the sword down towards Mamoru.

With a ring, Mamoru released his own dark metal sword catching her blade upon his own.

"Mother!" Princess Serenity screamed in horror.

"I can not allow you to destroy my kingdom! Wretched curse born child!" Queen Serenity swung her sword low, as Mamoru parried refusing to do more then defend against her furious attacks. His arm was vibrated by the raw strength in her brutal strikes though.

"Calm down, your majesty!" Luna raced up to her, seeking to have her see reason. This was going farther and more horrible then she had first thought.

Mars never made a move, standing stoic beside the table. Casting Jupiter who was now hovering in the entrance to the inner room of the tent, nervous looks. Her broad sword was released, holding it in white knuckled strain as she watched stunned as her monarch was in battle with Mamoru. Uncertain as to what to do, her emerald green eyes darting back and forth between the Queen and the Princess.

Princess Serenity flew into action, releasing her own sword and thrusting the tip against her mother's neck.

"Stand down...Mother." She spoke softly, threateningly. Making her choice once more towards a chosen destiny. Her mother's blood trickled down the tip of her blade, breaking her heart.

Queen Serenity reluctantly lowered her sword, her soft blue eyes darting to her daughter's cold stoney face. Then stubbornly glared up at him, her blue eyes shimmering with hot tears of pain. He had destroyed everything she loved, just as she had been warned years ago, when she had visited Elysian with her young daughter. She and the council had done everything within their power to change this fate, to no avail the Elder Gods wished this and their was no way to fight against them. She backed off of Mamoru, her sword falling to her side in defeat.

"I will not have this curse within my realm." Queen Serenity refused to look at her daughter. Turning her back on her and proceeding back to her table. Her hands gripping the wood on the edge tightly, shoulders hunched over the maps, face downcast in utter misery.

"As long as you are bonded to him, you shall never be allowed to enter the Gates of Heaven again. The Moon kingdom is here by sealed to you, my dear. You are banished. Leave my sight!" She hissed, her shoulders shaking as she finished her harsh words.

Princess Serenity blinked in shock at her mother, valiantly trying to swallow the lump in her throat. She had just given up her whole world for Mamoru. Bowing her head, a sense of finality falling over her, dropping shoulder's in defeat as she left the tent.

"Usako!" Mamoru cast the queen a glare of hatred, before dashing after his true love. He understood so very little about his past. But to have the queen act so crazy, about them being together he knew he needed to claim all his memories and quickly.

Jupiter moved aside as Serenity dashed past her, sheathing her sword at her back as she went back to her guard position outside. Then Mamoru stormed after her. Luna padded out soon after, her proud head bowed feeling her daughter's great hurt within their link. She would not comfort her, she was a bonded woman now. An adult, her comfort was to come from her mate or herself. Letting her go was killing her...

Jupiter swallowed her anxiety, as the intense moment closed returning to her post guarding the tent's entry way outside. Moving aside just in time as Mamoru exploded out of the open flaps, dashing away into the camp.

Mars turned to leave, her heart thundering in her chest she had known that the Queen would be less then pleased Mamoru was a mortal, would be even less happy he was an Elysian...but the Elysian Thorne! That was a far worse fate then anything.

"Mars I wish for you to remain a moment." Queen Serenity's voice was quiet, filled with the cold reserve of a long time ruler.

"Your majesty?" Mars turned from the entry way, face held impassive. Her insides screaming at how unjust the universe was treating her princess.

"I do not want any progeny from this union. The curse will die with them. I can not allow the Keeper to get his claws into the Moon Kingdom." She nodded towards a small cedar box that was set on a small book shelf the sat beside her weapons rack.

Mars proceeded to the box, lifting the light lid she found a small ornate glass vial of oil with a metal stopper and syringe for the cap. Pulling it out, she turned back to the Queen her face a question.

"It is the oil of Silphium" The queen remarked her face set in stone.

"You wish me to poison her womb?" Mars gasped, staring at the vial with contempt.

"Yes...until he is dead or the bond breaks. I can not allow any children to be born from his seed.

It would bring further Ruin to the Celestial Realms." Queen Serenity raised her eyebrows, "Can I count on your loyalty Guardian of Mars."

"I am no longer her sword, Your Majesty. I have no Senshi Status anymore. " Mars commented darkly. Avoiding the Queen's further frustrated stare, knowing if she knew Mamoru was Serenity's sword now she would lose her temper once more. It's wrathful target would be directed at her. She didn't want that, it had been hard enough for her to gain what minor respect she had with the Queen.

"I will do as you command though...I am loyal to the Moon Kingdom." Mars tucked the vial into her leather travel satchel on her hip and took her leave with a curt bow to her Sovereign.

Mars hung her head feeling like a pawn, a betrayer to her best friend, her 'sister.' But she was trapped, she was loyal to the Moon Kingdom for taking her in. An abandoned child, with no family, no prospects towards a future. The Queen had raised her, educated her, gave her purpose. Gave her a sense of family and belonging.

But Serenity was her 'sister.' In every way that counted, they grew up together, were taught by the same tutors, she loved her more then anything. Could she really secretly poison her daily?

She knew the prophecies if Mamoru truly was the Elysian Thorne then the road to Ruin was now on its way. The elder God, The Keeper... Ruin was hunting once more...she needed to protect the millions of lives within the celestial realms. Mars walked blindly, lost in her tortured mind out of camp and into the darkness of the woods beyond needing to avoid her fate at least for a little while.