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Chapter one-How it began.

4 years ago

She knew she was powerful, when all through your life you hear stories and prophecies of what you will become you get the hint your powerful. Her mother taught her everything she knew and considering her mother was one of the most powerful witches known to the magical world that meant she knew a lot. She was only fourteen but she knew that she was mature for her age, when you're constantly being attacked by demons who either want to destroy you or take your power for their own you have a tendency to be more alert and more focused than any fourteen year old should be. Guess that's what you get for being a powerful witch. Well she says witch when technically she's not a full witch, you see she's part whitelighter as well. There was a time when whitelighters and witches weren't allowed to have a relationship, let alone children but that all changed when a whitelighter married a witch and had two children, but this whitelighter didn't marry any witch, No! He married a Charmed one. Even if they wanted to keep their relationship quite they wouldn't be able to, everyone knew the Halliwell's. They were like royalty in the magical world and so were their children. Just like her family were known.

No matter how powerful she was or how mature she was no amount of pep talks or preparation could ever get her ready to lose her mother. Her mother was her rock and her protection. Her mother had killed to keep her safe but she would never hide away, she would not let 'fucking demons' ruin her life. So when they had attack her mother when they were walking home one night and had been killed because she threw herself in front of a knife aimed for her, she lost it. She couldn't heal yet, she couldn't save her best friend, her rock. As she watch her mother's bloodied body drop to the floor and heard her finally whispered words of 'I love you baby' she lost it, she knew if she didn't keep a hold on her power it could take over her but in that moment she didn't care. She slowly faced the demons that stood in front of her laughing; a sadistic laugh that she knew would haunt her every waking minute. She let her eye lips drop shut and when she reopened them her eyes were fully black. She held her hands outstretched and for once let ever inch of power in her rise and it came flooding out of her hands in a wave of electrical current which had each and every one of the demons falling to their knees in excruciating pain. She watches as blood gushed from their mouths and as their eyes bulged out of their sockets. Strangled cries turn into whimpers as their lives are slowly sucked out of them. When they finally turn to ashes and the whimpering stops, she lets her eyes changed back to the deep brown they are. She turns to her mother's body and stares, she can't cry. She just stares at the body and contemplates what to do next. She can't report the body, they'll send her to care, and she can't be with strangers they'll just get killed by demons who are after her. She lowers her head to her mother's body and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, "I love you mum, I'm so sorry"

It was raining, not just a quick shower or a steady fall, it was violent rain that attacked your body and soaked you though after only a couple of minutes. She didn't know where to go, so she went to a place she visited frequently when she was stressed or upset. She was leaning against one of the many poles that made the great San Francisco Bridge; she was sat at the top of the bridge with her knees pulled against her chest with her head resting lightly between them. She had nowhere to go, she couldn't go back home, what if they had already found her body and came to take her away. No she couldn't go home, she couldn't go to any of her friends, news of her mother's death had probably travelled around the underworld, and they'd be after her. She sighed, great she thought for the first time in your fucking life you're speechless. Her mother had connections with a lot of people that could help her but she had no way of contacting them. She sighed again and orbed to an alleyway, yes she knew that wasn't a great idea but she needed to walk around where no one can see her, just to think. She was pacing at the back of a night club when she sensed them behind her. She quickly turned and came face to face with five demons, she quickly gulped, she couldn't do this, she was still worn from what she did earlier she couldn't fight them; she had no chance of winning. They were staring at her with hunger in their eyes and a cruel grin plastered on their mouths. They could see she was in no position to win; she was trapped in a corner with her back against the wall and nowhere to run. Fuck, she thought. They could see her discomfort but she would no show them fear.

"What you doing out here alone sweetheart, shouldn't you be with mummy?" he asked in a sarcastic tone, she simply glared at him and refused to speak, she kept her head held high and her back straight she would not give them the satisfaction of breaking her. She watched as each of them as a fireball appeared in each of their hands. She felt faint and tired, the day finally catching up with her, she held onto the wall for support. Fucking perfect, I'm going to die. She thought. At least I don't have to do that Math test tomorrow.

Wyatt's Pov

"Yes Mum, I'm on my way home right now. Yes I'm walking around the back of P3 right now Mum. You don't have to worry; it's not even that late." He rolled his eyes at the phone, his mum had been calling him for the last hour asking if he was alright. It was staring to get annoying. He was listening to her droning on about how it wasn't safe, how he could get attacked anytime and how he shouldn't have gone off alone.

"Mum I kn-"He cut off abruptly as he rounded the corner to the back of the club and was frozen by the sight he saw. "Mum I'll call back later" He said quickly and hung up, he ran towards the demons and the girl that was standing against the wall. He could see she was about to fall down anytime now but he was awed at how she still stood up straight with a fierce determination in her eyes.

"HEY DICKWADS!" he shouted hoping to get the attention away from the girl. They quickly turned to face him and instantly sent fireballs towards him. "Fireballs" he shouted and orbed them back towards the demons. Two down, three to go. He thought to himself. He turned to the other three demons that were advancing on him and used his Pyrokinesis , he watch as the demons were burnt from the fire that had erupted around them. He stood there panting for a minute; his eyes darting around the alleyway making sure no other demons would shimmer in. When he was convinced it was safe he turned towards the girl that the demons had been attacking, he could see she was swaying on her feet; he made his way towards her and caught her in time just as she was falling forward. He had a chance to get a proper look at her, she was beautiful. She had long, luscious red hair that fell in ringlets to her waist, she had big doe eyes that were the most amazing shade of deep brown he had ever seen, with a set of long dark eyelashes to compliment them. His eyes wondered to down her face as he took her beauty in, she had high cheekbones with a cute little nose, but his eyes lingered on her lips which were full and deep red with a prominent cupids bow. He was imagining what it would be like to kiss those lips. She was breathtaking and for a second he actually forgot how to breathe. He was snapped out of his daydreams when he felt her head drop against his shoulder, by this time they were knelt on the floor and he was supporting her weight. He knew they couldn't stay here and he couldn't just leave her but his mum was expecting him home. Damn it! He thought. He was once again snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a soft groan slip past lose delicate lips. Well maybe if you talk to her you can find out where to take her, instead of staring at her like a dickhead! A small voice at the back of his head shouted. He didn't even know if she knew about the magical world, she might of just of been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well ask her then! The annoying little voice demanded.

"So, ermm, what's your name? I'm Wyatt Halliwell" He watched as her head jerked up and she stared in right in the eye, he could see curiosity and confidence take over her as she edge back slightly from his grip.

"Wyatt Halliwell? As in The Twice Blessed, Wyatt Halliwell?" She asked he could hear the wonder and excitement in her voice. See, there you go, she must know about witches if she knows you.

"Yep" he said popping the 'p' "What's your name then?" he asked in a gentle tone.

"Larissa. Larissa Cuno." She replied, energy draining from her face as she lowered her head back to his shoulder. Cuno. She's a Cuno.

"Wait, you're a Cuno. As in Luna Cuno's daughter?" He asked, slightly shocked at who he was with, he knew that the Cuno's just like his family were known around the magical community and the Cuno's were very powerful. He's heard stories about Luna Cuno; she is one of the most powerful witches ever known. The Cuno family ran back generations, longer than the Halliwell's. Just like he was known for being The Twice Blessed this girl who he was holding tenderly was known for being the daughter of the great Luna Cuno, she would be just as powerful as her mother, maybe more. She was a witch-lighter; just like himself but the power she possessed was awe inspiring. Right in this alleyway was two of the most powerful witches that will ever live and they were unprotected, then something hit him. In every book, every lecture it was known that Luna Cuno, no matter where are when would always be there when her daughter was in trouble. In any situation, Luna could save them; she was a fox, cunning no situation could defeat her. Even in situations where Luna was powerless, due to a spell or restriction wards, she would get out, that's what made the Cuno's more lethal than any other magical family, through their line, from parent to child, and they were taught how to fight, not just with their power but also with swords, knife and the occasional crossbow. Luna hadn't come to save her daughter that means something had happened and if someone had taken out Luna Cuno, the whole underworld would be looking for the teenage girl that was shivering in his arms. Shivering.

"Hey, I'm going to orb us make to the manor, my family will be there, it'll all be okay" He whispered in her ear as he felt a single tear damp his shirt. He waited until he felt a small nod, then he orbed to the manor, hoping they would be safer there.