Chapter 4

Oh God. Eric didn't stop running. He had a shotgun on his back and the axe tied to his belt. He had to get to London. He called for a bus at a stop and covered his face. As the bus pulled up he changed his voice to something gruff and angry.

"One ticket to London please?" he growled. "We are in Bath! I'll drop you off in Swindon mate. Okay?"

"Ok!" Eric replied. He sat at the back of the bus and fell to sleep. He arose to the sound of the driver screaming "SHITTT!"

Many of the passengers were screaming. A man was standing in the middle of the road with an RPG lying on his shoulder.

"Bullshit," Eric muttered and smashed the window open with the butt of his gun. As soon as he flung himself out of the window, man fired the RPG. Eric was in shock as he was hurtled out the window, scraping his bum against the glass remaining. He clutched it in one hand as he looked at the remains of the bus.

The man with the RPG threw it down and said into his walky-talky "Eric Vantagas has been eliminated."

"Good," the growl on the other end said.