This is another prompt I got for the previously mentioned challenge: Kate/Magnus fluff. Cuddles on the couch during winter. One of them sick. I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you do reading as well :) Short once more.

Kate was sick. She had gotten a cold a couple of days prior, having been too careless with the cold temperatures. Winter had broken about a week ago and Kate had completely ignored it. Now she was sitting on the couch in the library, cuddled up under her blanket and looking more like a burrito than anything. She was cold and freezing but at least comfy.

Helen had started the fire in the fireplace for the young woman before she had left again to get them something to drink. Kate was growing sleepy in the time she spent waiting, a little bored but too lazy to get up to grab a book.

Magnus came back a couple of long minutes later, two steaming cups in her hands. She handed Kate hers, keeping the tea for herself and sitting down next to her.

"Thanks, Doc." She smiled, warming her hands with the new warmth.

"It's not tea. I thought you'd prefer hot chocolate." Helen said when she noticed how Kate all but inspected her drink.

"Thanks..." The younger one mumbled, feeling a little shy about it.

She wouldn't mind tea to get better but if she could have hot chocolate, she'd take it. Even in her current state. Smiling absently, she found herself glad for the consideration and the way Helen knew her by now. It was nice. The older one gave her another smile and simply sat with her in comfortable silence for some time.

"Do you want to read something perhaps?"

"I don't know. I don't wanna move." Kate replied, half hiding under her blanket.

When Helen got up again though, Kate reached out with one hand to grasp her wrist and keep her from going anywhere.

"I don't want you to move either..."

Magnus smiled and nodded, mildly surprised only and sat back down the next instant. Kate put her cup aside after another long sip before hesitantly scooting closer to the other woman and placing her head on her shoulder after another pause. She always felt cuddly when she was sick and although she had managed to hide that quite well up until now, Helen didn't seem to mind or had already assumed as much. She could never tell with that woman.

Helen smiled and tugged Kate closer, wrapping her arm around her shoulder and rubbing it absently. The younger one pressed her head into her shoulder and pulled her legs up and under her body, readjusting the hold on her blanket and getting more comfortable.

"You're comfy, Doc." She mumbled, half giggling.

She was also getting more familiar with others when she was sick. Kate was getting really sleepy and tired, the sickness exhausting her. Helen just smiled at the statement, not too surprised.

"Do you want to sleep? You sound tired."

"Yeah but no. I don't wanna move quite yet..."

"Alright then."

However, a couple of minutes later, Kate had shifted positions and was now lying with her head in Helen's lap, the older woman absently stroking through her hair. She knew Kate wouldn't be awake for much longer but she didn't mind their current position either.

"Get some rest, Kate."

Kate mumbled something incoherently, her eyes closed as she was drifting off to sleep slowly. She was asleep a while later, the strokes over her head and back having helped with the matter immensely and Helen remained where she was, securing the blanket once more and sipping from her tea, watching over the fire and Kate with a soft smile on her lips.