Darcy watched as Bingley flopped down on the chair next to Jane. He was nothing if not persistent, trying to unlock the door for the past fifteen minutes. Everyone else had given up pretty quickly; poltergeists had a different type of magic.

'Okay, we can't unlock the door, so how are we going to get out?' We? Caroline hadn't bothered, just sat there and complained. He tried to humour her.

'Can we get a message out some way, or do we have to wait for morning?'

'I've already sent a message to Charlotte, but I know she didn't have her paper on her, so she might not see it for a while.'


'Just a messaging thing. Plus, there will probably be a class in here in the morning.' Elizabeth replied, getting up to explore the room. It seemed there had been a charms class in here, as there were piles of cushions at the back. She got some out, shoved some desks out of the way and sat down. 'What?' she said, noticing the others watching her, 'we're in here for a long time; we might as well be comfy.' Jane went and sat next to her, but the Darcy, Caroline and Bingley stayed where they were.

'What's up with you?' Asked Jane in a low voice.

'What do you mean?'

'Well, usually you'll talk to anyone about anything, but you don't seem to want to talk to the others.'

'Oh, that. It's a really stupid thing; I actually find it funny now.'

'Lizzie. Tell.'

'It really was nothing. You know how the Gryffindor table is back to back with the Hufflepuff one? Caroline and Darcy were sitting with Charlie, and I was sitting behind them. Charlie and Darcy didn't know I was right there, but I think Caroline might of; she looked at me after. Anyway, they were all talking about the Yule Ball, in particular, you.'


'Yep. Bingley was talking about what a perfect angel you are, and that he's going to ask you.'


'Why, don't you believe me? That's a difference between us. You never expect compliments and I do. Actually, maybe I shouldn't have said that and let him ask you himself. Try and act surprised. Anyway, Bingley said something about how Darcy was being stupid, and there were loads of pretty girls for him to ask. Darcy said- this is an actual quote- 'Never. You know how I much I hate it; unless I know the person really well. (Caroline practically fell off the bench at this point). In such a place as this, it would be insupportable. Caroline has always been asked (another swoon) and there is not another girl in the school whom it would not be a punishment to me to ask.'

'Okay, I get how that could be a bit insulting, but it's not as if he's even talking about you. He's generally expressing his dislike. Which isn't very nice, but it's not too bad.'

'Let me finish! And stop trying to defend him! I don't really mind, but I would like some support. I'm not finished anyway. Bingley said something along the lines of, 'there's a pretty girl behind you, Jane's sister. Why don't you ask her?' And he said...' Lizzie paused for dramatic effect.


'She's okay, but not pretty enough for me to ask. Go stare at Jane Bennet.'

'Slightly off topic, is it a bit weird that you've memorised his every word?'


'Sure it's not. Again that wasn't very nice, but he didn't know you were there and... fine, it was the wrong thing to do. But I don't think he is bad, just not very tactful.'

'Hey, are you saying I'm not pretty enough?' asked Lizzie jokingly.

'Sorry honey, you're not my type.'

'You would be lucky to have me! Anyway Caroline shrieked with laughter, destroying everyone's eardrums in a 10 metre radius, and declared him quite the cleverest, most perfect person in the universe.'

'Lizzie, you shouldn't lie like that.'

'Fine, she looked pleased. And glared at Adrian Pucey, you know the Slytherin chaser? I think that's the guy she accepted. Just think- she could have been winning the dashing Mr. Darcy's heart had she not prematurely accepted a decent, pretty good Quidditch player! The horror!'

'Be nice.'

'I am! I'm stating truths! 'Oh, Fitzwilliam, how elegantly you hold your utensils, how skilfully you respire, how I long to have the grace to breath as you do'. She is fairly obvious.'

'And she's my friend. You can say whatever you want, but she's never been anything but nice to me, and you won't convince me that she is anything other than perfectly amiable. Please don't over exaggerate.'

Lizzie decided to quit when she was ahead. If Jane had started talking like a period drama (Lydia was obsessed with muggle soaps and TV) you know that you've pushed her far enough.

On the other side of the room, Jane's amiable friend was putting up a not very pleasant fight.

You know, you could at least try to be civil.' said Bingley.

'What! Fitzwilliam and I have been the models of amiability.'

'I was actually only talking to you, but seeing as though you've involved Darcy I can tell you both that I really like Jane. You two have talked amongst yourselves the whole time she's been here, and you've completely ignored Elizabeth.'

'Well I wouldn't say both of us have been completely oblivious to Eliza' she smiled slyly at Darcy. If she could get Charles on his back too he'd probably forget about Elizabeth's invisible good qualities.

'Really?' Bingley blinked at Darcy. 'We need to talk about this later. At the moment could you just try your best to be... nice? Anything really, on the positive spectrum.'

'Are you really that serious about her Bingley? She has very… undesirable connections.'

'What do you mean?'

'Her father is a moderately rich squib, but nowhere near our social circles- don't look at me like that, you know it is important for our families- her mother and younger sisters are muggles.'


'I know you don't care about blood status, and neither do I, but it IS important for both your family's acceptance of whoever you date and eventually marry, and your future happiness.'

'Jeez Darce, I only said I liked her, not that I wanted to marry her! I've only known her for a few weeks!'

'My point still stands for the future. Besides, I thought she was the most perfect person you had ever met?'

'She is, and for that reason I would like you to be civil.'


'Of course, Charles' Caroline trilled, annoyed at being excluded from the conversation, but pleased that Fitzwilliam seemed to find Elizabeth unsuitable and, by extent, herself perfect for his future happiness.

As if to prove her point to Charles, she went across to Jane and Elizabeth. Surely charity to the unfortunate was a quality Fitzwilliam had to approve of.

'How are you feeling Jane?'

'Much better, thanks Caroline. I've had a painkiller' Jane smiled at her then looked at Lizzie as if to say, 'see? I told you she is a good friend'.


'Oh, it's a muggle thing, it stops someone from feeling pain for a while, but Lizzie had some potion of it.'

'I feel so bad for you- I hate hurting my ankle. Have you sprained it before? Usually they take the same amount of time to heal.'

'No, I'm afraid that my lack of strenuous exercise has not left me with many ankle damaging experiences.'

'Ha, I'm glad to hear it. What did you think of History of Magic the other day? Is Professor Binns always like that?'

As Jane and Caroline entered into conversation, Lizzie watched, surprised. She tended to tune out slightly when Caroline talked, but she was genuinely being nice. Maybe it was only when she was around Darcy that she was like that. Although Lizzie was of the opinion that Darcy was proud and unpleasant, he did have his own share of fan girls, though less than he did before Viktor Krum came along. If he had a fan club, Caroline would've been chairman and founder if that wasn't beneath her. Still, maybe I judged her too quickly. She seems like a nice enough person.