Title: Faze Shift

Author: KellethMetheus

Spoilers: none
Category: Gen, Kidfic
Summary: The Team's in trouble and Rodney will have to pay the price.
Disclaimer: Not mine but I do now own all of SG-1 and Atlantis.
Warnings: none

Beta: Thanks to Eilidh17. You did an awesome job. Thanks so very much.

Challenge: Stargate Drabbles Alphabet Challenge #112 F is for Flash


Atlantis's flagship team stood shocked, unsure what to do. They were surrounded by a group of men armed with spears and bows. Sheppard figured that they could probably shoot their way out, but he didn't like the cost to both the denizen's of the planet or his team. No one had done anything wrong, this was all a misunderstanding that he hoped to resolve peacefully.

Rodney was sputtering. "We didn't know it was a sacred temple, in fact we didn't know that anyone lived here. We've been to this planet before and never seen anyone. Just where the heck were you guys?" Rodney held up his hands in supplication. "We just wanted to find the source of power inside. That was all-"

The chief pointed his finger at Rodney. "It does not matter, you must still pay for your crimes. Ignorance is not an excuse. You have violated our sacred site. There was a warning. Just because you could not read it, does not save you. Now you must pay the price. Please give us your weapons."

Everyone looked to John, who glanced quickly around, taking in the odds. With his shoulder slumped in defeat, he nodded and the rest of his team handed over their weapons peacefully.

Then the chief motioned to them. "Follow me or the punishment will be much more severe."

They were lead back into the sacred ruins and the chief dismissed the rest of his people. Using a hand full of herbs, he drew a ring around the team. Then he slapped his hand onto the ruins and there was a flash of light.

Temporarily blinded, John blinked rapidly to clear his vision. Something was very wrong. Teyla was fine and so was Ronan, but Rodney wasn't.

Rodney's voice held a slight whine. "Mommy? Daddy?" He looked around at the adults not recognizing anyone. "Where am I?"

John opened his mouth and closed it again, at a loss for words. Where his teammate had stood only moments earlier, there was now a small boy with Rodney's t-shirt hanging off from his shoulders. "Who are you and where are my parents?" He looked around at all the people, but getting no answer, he burst into tears.

Teyla looked at the other who just stared at the weeping boy. Shaking her head, Teyla knelt down gather the boy into her arms. Rubbing his back she whispered soothing words as she picked him up. Addressing the chief, she asked, "May we return to our world now or must he stay here as further punishment?"

"Take him with you, and you must never return to our world. Your weapons have been left at the Ring of the First Ones to take with you."

John watched the villager start to leave and called out, "Wait just a minute. What about Rodney? Is he going to stay like that?" John gestured to the still weeping boy who's face was buried in Teyla's neck. "How can you do this to a grown man?"

The chief shook his head. "It was not us, it was the First Ones. They chose the punishment. It is up to them to choose the time for it to end, if it does." Then he turned and walked away, ignoring John's further demands for a better explanation.

"Down, please." Rodney asked as he pulled away from Teyla.

Gently she placed him on the ground. On wavering legs Rodney crossed over to John and tugged at his pant leg. Silently, Rodney held out his arms, and Teyla watched John pick the boy up without thinking.

Instinctively, Rodney wrapped his legs around John and laid his head down on John's shoulder. Immediately the boy's crying died down to just an occasional hiccough.

John studied the boy for a moment wondering what they were supposed to do now. Atlantis wasn't always a safe place for them let alone a child. But that wasn't his problem, Dr. Weir made the tough decisions he just did the heavy lifting. Looking over at the remainder of his team. "Well, let's go home. Nothing left for us to do here."

The small boy nodded and murmured, "Yes, take me home, John." Then he stuck his thumb in his mouth, quickly falling asleep.

With a heavy sigh, John motioned for them to move out. Dejected, the team headed for the 'gate, wondering if they would ever see their 'adult' team mate again.

John followed last, carrying the now sleeping Rodney. He wondered how much the boy remembered about his old life, and if he did, wouldn't that be the worst punishment?

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