The Lonely Kings

Setting: Within an area of Poseria, a continent on the planet Ekkuesuteria (no ties to the My Little Pony franchise) that is overgrown with Giant Plants and Tree's. The Year is 2317. Near the Three Main Character's is a stream in which they are washing their hands.

Characters: Rex Owen, 17, a medium sized brown-haired teenager who had lost his girlfriend during the war 5 years ago, against the country of Tracneia. The war was called "The Interest War", which Poseria had lost. Rex Owen is the Heir to the king of Poseria, in which the actual king, his dad, had died in. Rx's aim is to escape.

Nagol, 17, a dual-wielding Demon Knight who was sworn to protect Rex with his life by orders of the King. His pride gets in the way of others from time to time.

Nivag, 19, The Brother of Nagol, is a Beast Warrior Paladin who practices swordsmanship in order to attack enemies who try to kill the future King. He was originally a human, but due to a sorcery accident, he became half beast.

Nimajneb, 16, is a Dark Magic Sorcerer who is trying to kill the son of the king to claim the Thrown. His assistant is a spy named Kcaz (Sounds like Kaz, but Spelled Kcaz. Gets misspelled a lot)

Kcaz, 18, a spy for the Dark Sorcerer Nimajneb and Lord Seth. Helps the "Lonely Kings" in order to get information about them.

Seth, 25, the Dark Lord who rules Tracneia, aims to kill Rex Owen and take over Poseria.

"The Lonely Kings" (History)

The Lonely Kings consist of Rex, Nagol, and Nivag. Nagol and Nivag were fighting in the Interest war against thousands of Tracneia troops, trying to defend the prince. They almost died from trying to take on many soldiers at once. Once the Soldier's cleared the area, a sorcerer came and healed them, gave them Rex to protect, and said that the king was dead and this mortal was untrained in several areas except for Wind Magic, and needs to learn every other element excluding Dark to stop the Dark Lord Seth from taking over Poseria. The Sorcerer disappeared, and the brothers took off to protect the heir to the throne, and to stop Dark Lord Seth, nicknamed "DLS" for whenever they mentioned his name. After a long journey through Mountains and Rivers, and tons of Training, Rex Mastered Ice Magic and Earth Magic. Now, they are waiting near a river while Rex Practices Water Magic. The other Elements he needs to learn before the final Battle are Grass, Fire, and Electricity, Dragon, and Weather magic's.

Introduction from the Author:

Most likely, this is not a Natural Dinosaur King Fanfiction and has a lot of RPG influence. I had to give Seth and Rex Leading roles so this does become a fanfiction and not an original story. Most of this is basically OC, so I apologize that it will take a while to understand the basic plot. This story has a lot of combination characters from other stories, including most of the villains and some new heroes from already existing TV shows, Such as Mai-HIME, Infinite Stratos, and Shugo Chara! Half of the characters are taken from anime, while 25% are taken from French (like code lyoko) or American (Such as Ben 10). This story also plays a role in the DH3D story that is coming up after the end of DH2, so reading this story would be highly recommended to the understanding of DH3D. most of the chapter titles will be a crossover of two titles from popular anime or movies. The first chapter will be short, though, because of most of the information needed to be explained. If you have any questions, put them in the Reviews section or PM me, and I will include them into the Next Chapter. Now, Let the Story Begin!

Chapter 1: Mai-King

Rex was practicing the spell of 'Trote Procheria' near the river as Nagol and Nivag watched him. As he practiced, Rex practiced the words aloud to try and Raise the water. After a few tries, he was successful. After he recognized his accomplishment, he fainted and fell on his back, thankfully not into the water.

"My King, are you Okay?" Nivag asked.

"Don't call me your king; I am not the king yet." Rex Replied.

"I apologize, master." Nivag understood.

"Brother, don't continue talking or your brain will be torn out of your skull." Nagol laughed.

"Watch it!" Nivag replied.

Nagol watched a lot of Comedic anime, while Nivag recognized little to none. Rex just laid there, resting in peace. Nagol and Nivag went into a little argument. soon, that argument turned into a physical fight, and Nivag started talking in Poserian.

"Nivo gal motiv za perengov!" yelled Nivag.

Accidentally, Nivag used a summoning spell and released the Treacherous prosorus from the forest.

And they took off running.

Notes from Ekkue:

Sorry, I have no time to write what happens next. I want to say that some of the story will be written in Poserian, and you might not understand it. So I might be typing near the end of each story translating (there isn't a physical language to it yet). 'Nivo gal motiv za perengov' means 'I summon thee, lord of the forest' (don't ask).