Gemma Jacobs took a breath and dialed her sister's phone, anxiously waiting for her to pick up.
"Hey Ember."
"Dude, where are you? Momma AJ is having a panic attack over here, and Dad's trying to calm her down."
"I hopped on a plane to the headquarters."
A moment of silence before Ember spoke again.
"Gemma, are you at the WWE headquarters?"
"Oh god. Mom's gonna pitch a damn fit. Tell me you aren't at TNA."
Gemma chuckled nervously.
"You told me never to lie, Em."
Ember Jacobs groaned.
"Dad's gonna kill you, Gem."
"I know, but I'm tired of people saying I get everything I want because of who my family is."
"So you go to TNA?"
"Nobody knows us there!"
"True. Alright, Gem. Be careful or Dad's gonna kill me. I gotta go."
"Bye Ember."

James Storm sat in the ring, a six-pack of Coors by his side.
Madison Rayne had dumped him last night, rather harshly, and publicly announced her relationship with Kazarian.
"I don't need someone like her."
He looked up at the entrance to the ring and saw the prettiest woman he'd ever seen.
"I'm looking for Dixie Carter."
James nodded and then continued sipping his beer.
"What's your name?"
Dixie Carter walked past her, then backed up and studied her face.
"You look familiar. Have I seen you before?"
"Probably. Or maybe you've seen my parents or siblings."
"Who would they be?"
"Ember and Ashwinder Jacobs, Tristen and Glenn and AJ Jacobs."
Dixie's eyes widened.
"You're the Gemma Jacobs? Third in command of the Nowhere Kids?"
"You took out Nexus 2.0!"
"Yes ma'am I did."
James raised an eyebrow.
"You're Kane's youngest girl, right?"
"Yes sir."
"Jeff talks about you a lot."
"You know Jeff?"
James nodded, tossing her a Coors.
"He's a friend of mine."
"And Ali?"
"Calls me Uncle Storm all the time."

Gemma smiled and nodded.
Dixie watched the exchange thoughtfully. Gemma and James already had a connection, and James and Madison had fallen through.
Maybe there was something here...