Twisted Transistor began to play as Gemma walked out of the curtain, glaring down at her opponent.
Madison Rayne scoffed and sneered at the brunette before holding her title up.
Gemma tilted her head, sizing the girl up, before dropping her with a kick to the knee and getting in her face.
"You might have that title, Queen Madison, but there won't be any doubts about who is the best Knockout after tonight."
"Who are you to judge me, freak?"
Grabbing a microphone, Gemma punched the Knockout in the face before looking down at her.
"My name is Gemma Jacobs. And by the time I'm done with you, you'll wish you'd never met me."
Madison paled as Gemma set the ringposts on fire and slid out, pulling a kendo stick out from beneath the ring and walking back up the ramp with it.

James' eyes widened as the daughter of Kane and AJ Lee walked backstage, singing her theme song under her breath and twirling the kendo stick.
"Damn, girl. You took her ass out."
"Yeah I know. My momma taught me that part."
James tilted his hat to her, then growled as Frankie Kazarian walked past, whistling at Gemma.
"Hey sexy."
Gemma turned and jammed her biker boot into his nuts, raising an eyebrow as he dropped, before turning back to James.
"Momma Tristen taught me that part."
"Girlie, I can tell you and I are gonna get along just fine."
Laughing, Gemma picked up her cellphone and texted her older brother before walking out of the arena.
James chased after her, grabbing her wrist.
"Do you want to hang out later? Kazarian won't stop until he gets you for himself and I don't want to leave you alone tonight."
She put a hand on his cheek and smiled up at him.
"You're so sweet. But I think I'd rather just be alone tonight. How about tomorrow?"
He nodded and let her go, not liking the feeling his gut was giving him.
Or his heart...

Kazarian waited beside the black and chrome Ducati, leaning against it as the girl from earlier walked up.
"There a reason you're by my bike, Kazarian?"
He grabbed her arm roughly, shoving her against the side of the car beside them.
"You don't embarrass me like that."
Gemma sighed and used her heel to try and down him again, eyes widening when he grabbed her ankle.
"Now what are you going to do, Jacobs?"
She spun and caught him on the chin with her other foot, falling on her hands and knees and smirking.
Grabbing her keys, Gemma started her bike and let the engine idle until she saw James.
"Got him again!"

The cowboy's eyes widened and he looked at her.
"You alright?"
"Yeah. Later, Cowboy!"