Chapter 3

As Irene unpacked her possessions, she began to think. Ever since Sherlock saved her she had been acting differently, of course she still dropped the odd innuendo and flirted with him. But overall she had been acting sweeter and more gentle; which is the exact opposite of her original character.

If she was ever going to get him to have dinner with her then she needed to up her game. Out of all the people she had ever fancied Sherlock was the first to keep on saying no to dinner.

But is that even what she wanted? No she wanted him to make the first move because he had proved her sentiment for him and she confirmed it, but Sherlock was yet to confess his feelings for her. She needed to prove that Sherlock Holmes really did have a heart.

Was tonight the night then? If Sherlock had the decision he would choose to wait.


"Ok then milk, eggs, bread what else?" Sherlock mumbled to himself twisting his lips into a thinking position.

Sherlock never went grocery shopping, firstly because he had much better things to do, secondly because John did't trust him to choose their food for the week.

Yet here he was; stood in the frozen isle of a foreign supermarket, purposely to escape the reach of Miss Adler.

Well just for a while, honestly he did enjoy her company, it was nice to have someone 'almost' intelligent as him around. But there was still that constant sexual tension between them which made it almost impossible for Sherlock to concentrate on anything but her.

He knew that she would never give up on her hope of 'dinner' but then thought would he actually ever give in to the offer?... No that was a ridiculous thought, he would't just let he win, but had he won already? Technically without him there for her she would be dead. He shook the thought off, he did't want to think about that.

Back at the house Irene was relaxing in the bath, thinking up a little plan while smiling at her thoughts. Normal flirting would never work with Sherlock, probably because Sherlock Holmes was anything but normal. So she had decided to take it slowly; and aim for just one kiss. On one condition, he kissed her first not the other way round.

This was going to be hard.
But worth the effort.

Irene was in the bedroom when she first saw the car approaching, luckily she could see quite a distance and only had to walk at a slow pace down the two flights of stairs to reach the front door in time.

She was wearing another one of the dresses Sherlock had packed for her, it was a beautiful emerald green, silk, floor length dress that fitted her figure perfectly.

As he brought the first few bags of shopping into the house; he saw Irene and could barely keep his eyes off of her, so much so that he almost tripped over the steps on the way to the front door that she had opened for him.

"Hello" Sherlock said in a tone which was less confident that usual.

"Hello Mr Holmes, I'm glad you're back" Irene spoke in a sensual and rhythmical voice.

She took the bags from him; stroking his hand as she did it. Irene put the bags in the kitchen whilst Sherlock locked the car then re-entered the house; to find her waiting for him in the kitchen, on a stool with her legs crossed.

"Hungry?" She asked in the same tone as before

"Yes actually ... For food that is just to clarify"

A small laugh died at the back of her throat as she approached him and leaned against the counter.

"So what do we have for dinner tonight?"


"Need any help?"

"No" he said quickly.

Irene gave him a knowing stare.

Sherlock gave out a small yet loud exhale "ok, I guess I could use a little help."

Irene gave him a quick peck on the cheek, Sherlock looked at her alarmed.

"I knew you'd see sense."

Why was she being so romantic and sentimental over normal things like this?
He did't realise he had been staring at her so long until the oven's alarm went off causing him to jump slightly.

"So what do you need me to do Mr Holmes?" She smirked at him, she was fully aware of how long he had been watching her.

"Chop these." He handed handed her two aubergines, an onion, a clove of garlic and some tomatoes. She struggled to hold them all at the same time; but managed to lower them to the island in the centre of the kitchen.

Once their meal was in the oven and the table was laid. Irene retreated to the living room while Sherlock had a shower. She was watching the television whilst sprawled out on the large sofa, she was tired; they had been awake for too long, she did't usually need much sleep; but she needed more than Sherlock.

She heard his phone ringing from inside the bathroom. It was probably John again he was so suspicious of Sherlock at the moment, she couldn't blame him though he had just saved her life and escaped to a foreign country with her.

A few minutes later Sherlock came out of the bathroom dressed in a new pair of trousers and his dark purple shirt.

"I'm really sorry Irene but I can only stay here for one more day."

She gave out a little sigh of disappointment "why?"

"John thinks I've got myself into trouble, he'll realise what I'm doing if I stay too long."

She slumped back into the sofa, he sat beside her.

"I would stay longer if I could but I have no choice." They turned to face each other. Their faces were close now. They watched each others pupils dilate.

Irene held his hand sympathetically, "Its ok, I understand."

They both leaned in slightly, Irene felt his pulse speed up and smiled.

"I'll miss you" Irene whispered.

They both sat silent for a couple of moments; gazing into each others eyes.

'BEEP BEEP BEEP' the kitchen timer sounded.

Sherlock stood up, "I'll miss you too" he said with his normal cold attitude.

She reluctantly watched him speedily walk down the staircase, leaning her head onto the back of the sofa in disappointment. She was so close, if that stupid alarm did't go off he would have kissed her.

She swung her legs off of the sofa, composed herself; and left.

Sherlock was hastily taking the food out of the oven and putting it on their plates. How could he be so stupid to let Irene see his emotions like that and lose all sense of logic. She did something to him that he couldn't understand. He suddenly realised, he had leaned in first.

All these thoughts were quickly cut off by the faint sound of Irene's emerald high heels approaching the dining room.

When she first spotted sherlock he looked terrified of her, she couldn't help but let out a little laugh as she sauntered over to a chair. They both continued in silence as Sherlock brought the food to the table and sat down opposite her.

While they ate; they found themselves staring at each other. For anyone else it would feel awkward, but Sherlock and Irene did't mind. This continued until Sherlock felt Irene's foot running up and down his leg, he jolted slightly. Irene continued and leaned her head slightly to the right; giving him a seductive smile.

She watched him swallow, take a deep breath and briefly closed his eyes, holding in his anger.

"Irene, would you stop that." He said with a surprisingly shaky voice.

"Stop what?" Her tone deep and sensual.

"Please." He almost breathed out the word.

She moved her leg away from his, Sherlock's tense body relaxed slightly.

Irene leaned forward, placing her chin on her hand, bringing their faces closer.

Once they had finished their meal they returned to the living room. Sherlock took a spacious arm chair; just to make sure she had less chance of invading his personal space.

Irene sat on the other side of the room, curled up in the corner of the sofa.

"Sherlock?" Irene stated after a couple of minutes of watching television.


"Will you really miss me when you go back to England?"

"Of course I will miss you, I told you before."

"Tell me how much you'll miss me then Mr Holmes." She stood up and took slow rhythmical steps towards him.

"..." Sherlock did not have a reply; but his mouth was slightly open as if he was about to speak.

She continued until she sat across his lap, leaning her back on the armrest where his arm lay and curling herself into his shoulder, their lips just centimetres apart; her lips hovering over his.

Sherlock stared at her full-rouged red lips, he had nothing to lose, it was too late for logic.

In a split second he wrapped both of his arms tightly around her waist pulling her closely against him. Their lips brushed each other before he kissed her, he felt her lips form a smile under his and she began to return the kiss deepening it further; bringing her arms to wrap around his neck.

This went on for another minute; until Irene pulled away; almost breathless. She removed her arms from his neck but his stayed on her waist. Irene buried her head into his chest, feeling his racing heartbeat.

She looked up at him. Pupils dilated, her lipstick around his mouth, she smirked at that but decided not to tell him; let him find out for himself.

Replacing her head into his chest and nuzzling into him; they continued to watch television without saying a single word to each other.

Laying in Sherlock's arms Irene soon fell asleep.

As soon as he noticed he turned off the television and began to carry her upstairs. She was smiling in her sleep, Sherlock smiled back to her; even if she was unconscious.

He hardly remembered that she was still in her dress until she was placed on the bed.

"Hm" he said to himself, scratching his head, realising he was going to have to change her clothes. Sherlock entered the closet, looking for her nightdress. Once he had retrieved it he returned to the bedroom.

Awkwardly he moved Irene onto her side; unzipping the dress, replacing it with the white, lacy one she had worn the night before. He took out the pins from her hair and removed as much make-up as he could without waking her up.

After he had changed into nightwear he joined her in bed laying a lot closer to her than he had done the previous night. Sherlock fell into a deep sleep; still thinking about the kiss.