Lemony: Goddammit! I'm tired of playing Scrabble with you guys! I always freaking lose! *pouts*

Wicked: Did you forget your standing in this game, dear sister?

Lemony: Whadda mean?

Awesome: Lemony, I always win because I'm the Queen of Games and Wicked wins cause she's The Walking fucking Dictionary.

Wicked: And you, Lemony, are the Witless Wonder. Awesome, I resent that. *upturns nose* Everyone knows Scrabble is my element anyway.


Awesome: There is no way you'll be able to beat either one of us in Scrabble, Lemony.


The sun was setting. Not good. Very not good! She needed to leave. Now. She needed to get home, before it got dark.

Rangiku Matsumoto hurriedly gathered her things from her office desk and stuffed them into her purse. The lights in her office building began clicking off above her head.




Leave. Leave now! She had to get out of here! The orange-haired woman glanced over her shoulder out the office window. The sun was disappearing behind the horizon. Damn. It'd be dark soon. Dark! Rangiku drew in a shaky breath and snatched her cars keys off her desk. She sprinted from the office.

Her sprint dissolved into a quick jog.



Wait! Behind her? Could he be behind her? Following her? Stalking her? She glanced over her shoulder to see nothing but the sun setting in the distance. A few more minutes and the night would swallow Karakura Town like a beast.

The parking garage. Finally she was here. All alone. Now all she had to do was get in her car…but where did she park? Fuck! Rangiku couldn't remember! Now was not the time to get scatter-brained…not when…he was lurking around…

A low wind was blowing. That alone frightened Rangiku to the point of trembling. Shivers of fear racked her body as her eyes darted crazily in search of her vehicle. This was a waste of time! Rangiku needed to get home! Now! If she were home she'd be safe! She couldn't be out in the open like this! He might find her!


Rangiku located her car at the very end of the garage. She unlocked the door and hurried inside. She was a little safe now. Wait! What about the backseat? What if he was hiding in the backseat? Slowly, Rangiku turned her head. Exhale. Thank God nothing was there.

This paranoia was crippling.

Her brain was screaming at her to move! Drive. Drive now!


Rangiku was tearing through the streets of Karakura Town. Cutting people off. Driving like a maniac. She was almost home. She was almost safe. Just a little further now…

Rangiku gulped.

Oh no!

The street lights were on! It was dark! It was dark! She wasn't safe! He was going to find her! Then it happened. She could see her apartment building, finally! She was home! Rangiku breathed a short sigh of relief. There was no way he could get her here…

Rangiku parked her car, got out, and ran into the building.

She didn't say hi to the doorman.

She didn't say hi to anyone.

Instead, the buxom woman kept her head down as she crept through the half-empty lobby. Rangiku made it to the elevator. Thank God, now she was safe. She wasn't out in the open. She wasn't in the dark.

Rangiku's breathing was still shaky as she tried to slip her key into the front door of her apartment. Her fingertips were slicked with sweat and that only made things more difficult. When she was finally able to open the door, Rangiku stepped inside and released a sigh of relief. Safe. Finally. There was no way he could get her in her own home, right?


It wasn't long before the front door shut behind her with the distinct click of the look.

All the color drained from Rangiku's face. She knew who it was. Oh God…please God no…

"Rangiku…" He said, "I've been waiting for you…"

To Be Continued…

Lemony: *playing Scrabble* WICKED! "Anodize" is NOT a word!

Wicked: Oh how I love proving you wrong. "Anodize" means to coat a metal, especially magnesium, or aluminum with a protective film by chemical or electrolytic means. Idiots. Instead of reading smut novels, perhaps you should read a science book.


Wicked: *rolls eyes* I do, you imbecilic dolt, and I'll say whatever I bloody please about your choice of literature. Also, I refuse to be a dunderhead in life. *folds arms*

Awesome: *looking in dictionary* Aw shit! Lemony it really is a word! I'll be damned, man!

Lemony: *looks at dictionary with Awesome* Awww man! It is! Ok, I freaking quit Scrabble! Anywho, readers I'm so sorry this first chapter is kinda short and kinda choppy. But ya have to wonder who is this "he" person and what has he been waiting for Rangiku for? Food for thought! Nom! Nom! Nom! XD And how do Gin and Rukia play into all of this? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Wicked: *chuckles* Oh yes I almost forgot, and when you add up my score please include the double and triple letter bonuses.

Awesome&Lemony: *glares at Wicked*

Wicked: *smirks*...REVIEW!

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