Jessica's POV: Ever since the two brutal beatings from the soldiers I've been haunted by nightmares of the same soldiers beating me senseless. Danny held me close to him as I slept trying his best to sooth me and calm me down attempting to stop my screams of fear. I didn't dare to look at any of the militia at all. What I hated the most was that the soldiers now knew how scared of them I was and would tease me about it. They would all walk by and point their unloaded guns at me and pull the trigger causing me to jump and scream. Or they would walk over with the same heavy sacs they used to beat me with and swing them back and forth towards me again causing me to jump back. One soldier would hold me back while they did this and another would force Danny to watch them as they teased me. Messing with my head and increasing my fear of them. I hoped that this fear wouldn't last the rest of my life. I couldn't spend the rest of my years hiding in fear of these men. I refused to give them any more pleasure than I already have.

As I sat next to Danny a soldier walked by and pointed a gun at me and pulled the trigger causing me to jump and let out a small scream as I hid my face in Danny's shoulder. "Stop scaring her don't you think you've had enough fun torturing her? Just leave her alone" Danny said glaring at the soldier. "Aww I'm sorry are we scaring you sweetheart?" the soldier asked with fake pity. "Yes you are now go away and leave us alone she's had enough" Danny said. "I wasn't asking you kid" the soldier snapped. "Please leave me alone" I said not looking at the soldier. "What was that sweetheart?" he asked. "I said please leave me alone" I said. "Leave you alone? Is that what you want?" he asked. "Yes now go away!" Danny yelled now aggravated with the soldier. "I'm not talking to you kid so keep your mouth shut!" the soldier snapped.

"Captain Neville" I called with a shaky voice. "What is it?" he asked. "If you don't want to put up with me anymore than just kill me other than that I would like your soldiers to leave me alone" I said. "You heard the girl leave her be Nathaniel you've tortured her enough with the rest of the boys" Neville said. "Yes sir" Nathaniel said and with one last glare he walked off. "I don't want to be scared of them anymore Danny" I said. "I know and you won't be, you are the strongest person I know Jessica and it's ok to be scared of these guys but knowing you I don't think that fear will last for long" he said. I nodded my head knowing that he was right. I've been afraid of a lot of things but they surprisingly never lasted. I leaned back against Danny and felt myself relax as he stroked my hair placing a kiss on my head. "We're gonna get out of here Jess I know we will Charlie is probably looking for us now" he said not only reassuring me but reassuring himself too. "Don't count on it kid" a voice said. I looked up and saw a soldier with two plates of food for us. He placed the plates down and before either of us could say a thing he walked away. We ate in silence both of us keeping our eyes off of the Militia soldiers. I turned my back towards the rest of the camp so I wouldn't have to worry about looking at the smirks plastered on the soldiers faces. However the smirks no longer held lust they now held humor they found it funny that I feared them. After eating I leaned back against Danny's chest and closed my eyes. Danny leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on top of my head.

I hoped that it wouldn't be long till Charlie found us. There was only so much of the Militia that I could handle and with them teasing me every day just made me feel weak. I felt like an abused puppy that got kicked. Please Charlie come soon and come with back up I thought.