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Simply One Hell of a Writer

She was almost too easy to manipulate.

The fiancée and close cousin of the target; Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Middleford. Age 13. Blonde, green eyes, 163 centimeters tall. Daughter of Alexis Leon and Frances Middleford. That was all I knew of her, in the basic sense.

At the ball, where we 'met', she appeared exceedingly happy, and naïve. She even gave me a nickname, rather quickly; 'Onee-sama.'

Older Sister.

Why she would want to call me that, I do not know.

Convincing her to bring me along to the target's manor was easy enough. Over the years, I became accustomed to playing the shy, lovely woman, scared of her own shadow. No one would suspect a person like that to be an assassin. During my first year as an hired murderer, I felt truly guilty, and a bit squeamish about killing. About taking a human life. Then, as time passed and I continued, their faces seemed to blur together. I was no longer concern about who or why; As long as I got the job done. It didn't matter, really, that my conscience fell silent; I have too much blood on my hands to ever wish for the gates of Heaven to open for me. Not that I wanted that.

The carriage bumped and rolled down the path, with only the sound of horse's clomping to accompany us. Trees and portions of stone wall from the manor were visible, and I knew we would be arriving any second. The maid, Paula, giggled at something Lady Middleford said. I didn't know much about her maid, really. Typical woman, nothing notable or out of the ordinary. Brown hair, brown eyes. Simple-minded and friendly. That was all I needed to know. Once I completed the mission, I would never see these women again.

"Onee-sama, this is Ciel's mansion!"

Lady Elizabeth's voice pulled me out of my thoughts, and I gave her a fleeting look, then followed her gaze towards the window. When I looked back towards her, she gave me a cheery smile, one which I did not deserve, nor return.

Outside, one of the horses neighed, and I glanced outside to see the carriage slowing to a stop.

We had arrived. The grand manor: Household of my next target, Ciel Phantomhive. Head of the Phantomhive family and owner of the Funtom Toy Company. Age 14. Navy blue, dark hair and blue eyes, 155 centimeters tall. Notoriously known as the Queen's Watchdog and son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive (both of whom are deceased).

The butler slid open the door, and bright rays of light lit up the small space. With a bow, he said. "Thank you for your visit, Lady Elizabeth.". She smiled at him and chirped "Thank you, Sebastian!". She quickly got up from her seat, and after the black-clad butler helped her down, ran out of my line of sight, yelling eagerly. "Ciel, Ciel, Ciel!"

So….this was him. Sebastian. Sebastian Michaelis, the well-known, 'flawless' butler of the Earl Phantomhive. The Boss warned me of him, cautioned that he was more capable than he looked. The first thing I noted about him was his abnormally colored eyes, framed by messy hair black as ink. His eyes were a deep ruby red, like the color of dying embers in the fireplace; They looked harmless enough, but perhaps just like what they so resembled, get too close and they just might burn.

He then turned to me, bowing his head once more while offering his gloved hand. "We've been expecting you, Milady." His voice sounded polished, soothing. I couldn't tell if he was faking or not. After I was sure to pause in 'hesitation', I took his hand and I let him guide me down the carriage steps. My long, pink glove paled in his pristine white covered hand, his black uniform a stark contrast to my current attire. The dress I wore was pink and white, much to Lady Elizabeth's delight, with black buttons and white lace decorating the torso. The bottom flared out around my ankles, concealing the plain shoes underneath, as well as the dagger hidden on my person. My auburn hair shone under the rays of the sunshine, falling over my left shoulder.

The manor loomed in front of me, much larger than the previous one I had visited. It appeared to be made of stone, with a large wooden door and decorative handles. An older man, another butler, stood poised at the top of the stairs. Sebastian Michaelis stood to my left, bowing, hand over his heart. Before me was my next intended target; Ceil Phantomhive, just a boy; Or was he? Most boys don't run companies on their own. Most boys don't have enemies that send assassins to kill them. Ciel Phantomhive was much more than a simple boy.

"Onee-sama, this is Ciel, the Earl of Phantomhive." Lady Elizabeth smiled at me as she gestured to him. Then she turned to him, stating cheerfully. "Ciel, this is the lady I mentioned in my letter. I've made acquaintance of her at the ball last month. She is lovely person who knows a lot of things!" During her explanation, I took the opportunity to study the butler, Sebastian Michaelis, closer. He was still bowing, eyes fully closed, lips tilted upwards politely. Black hair framed his face, a bit longer than usual for men, but it suited him well. Appearance aside, he appeared the average butler, however I wasn't about to let my guard down. I would keep a constant eye on him. "I brought her with me today to introduce her to you." Lady Elizabeth finished, glancing over at me with another smile. The plan appeared flawless in my mind. Everything was going the way it should. I let my lips curl up into a small smile.

"Good grief." The Earl Phantomhive sighed, shaking his head. He sounded mature for his age, as I was told he would be. The target smiled graciously at me, his uncovered eye meeting mine. His left eye was hidden behind a silk eye patch, which made me wonder, just for a second. Assassins didn't have time to be curious. However, even the Boss didn't know the secret behind the patch. What could he be hiding? It didn't matter, I told myself, just keep your eyes on the goal. "I am the head of the Household of the Earl of Phantomhive, Ciel Phantomhive. Please enjoy the ball tonight." A hint of a courteous smile touched his lips as he nodded his head to me lightly.

I'm afraid I won't be staying long enough to enjoy it….And neither will you, Ciel Phantomhive. I thought, holding my smile in place.

"Sebastian, offer her our hospitality." Earl Phantomhive shot a sharp look towards his butler, who in return, nodded obediently. "Very well, my lord." Sebastian turned to me, meeting my eyes with an almost friendly smile. "Pleased to meet you, Milady. I am the butler of the Phantomhive family, Sebastian Michaelis." I already know who you are, Sebastian Michaelis.

Once more, the butler bobbed his head, that smile, whether fake or real, never leaving his lips. "We hope you enjoy hospitality à la Phantomhive." I am afraid I cannot take that offer, for soon the Phantomhive name will be finished. But I have to keep up the act, for now. It's too soon…

Gesturing towards the grand double doors in front of us being pushed slowly open by the older servant, the ruby-eyed butler exclaimed. "Welcome to the Phantomhives!"

"This will be your room." Sebastian Michaelis told me as I stepped inside. He lead me here through the numerous halls in the manor, his long legged stride forcing me to pick up my pace. The first thing I noticed about the room was a tall dresser in the corner, it's burnished wood glinting under the light. On a small table beside it, a mirror edged with intricate gold designs, and a small, plain book sat side by side. Teal curtains were drawn back to let the sunlight stream inside, filling the room. I eyed the window momentarily, then turned my attention to the butler behind me. "What a wonderful room.." I murmured out loud, remembering to keep my voice soft. Sebastian leaned forward to hear my 'shy' whisper, then drew back with a gracious smile. Up close, the butler's eyes seemed an even brighter crimson than I had previously thought, his skin pale and smooth. It suited him surprisingly well…..Not that any of that really mattered, but it was never a bad thing to take notice of the little details. "A wonderful room, you say? Thank you for your compliment."

As I stepped into the room, I noticed a full-length mirror just behind the door, along with a fairly large bed, with it's clean white sheets. A desk stood beside the bed, withonly a small purple and gold lamp to decorate it's dull but tidy surface. I had to admit, this place was much nicer than other places I had been sent to work. "Many of the furnishings of this room are of the finest pedigree, collected over generations of Phantomhive." I imagined the butler's chest puffing in pride, not bothering to glance back at him. How interesting, I quipped childishly in my head, but I'm not surprised at all. Too bad the Phantomhive line will soon be cut short. What will happen to your precious furnishings, then?

Above the fireplace I saw framed photos, all lined up next to one another. "Each of these befits Your Ladyship, so please make use of them as you please." Your Ladyship? It had been awhile since I last played the role of a noble woman. While he continued to talk, I approached the photographs, allowing the tiniest hint of curiosity to escape.

The first photograph was a picture of the target at a younger age, standing in front of this very manor, both eyes revealing their icy blue color. It surprised me, slightly, the difference between the boy in the picture and the one I know now to be Ciel Phantomhive. He looked so innocent and so much younger…It must have been taken before the fire burnt down his home and family….It still didn't explain the eye patch, though. The next few photographs were of the Earl and his parents. The target looked eerily similar to his father. "That is the last Earl of Phantomhive, Earl Vincent Phantomhive and Madam Rachel." I glanced towards the butler, whom simply carried on with his explanation. I already knew this, but he doesn't know that. "Not only were they enthusiastic philanthropists but also proponents of flood regulation and medical services provision," As he spoke, he looked away from me, like he was remembering something. "they were prominent personalities that citizens dearly loved." They were murdered, too. Just as their son will be….What a shame. Situations such as this one would cause any other person guilt, but those feelings left me a long time ago. "Her Majesty the Queen had deep faith in them as well. My Master can tell you more at tea time later this afternoon. For now, please-"

Sebastian was cut off suddenly by a resounding explosion which shook us and the manor. An explosion? I was instantly on guard, resting my hand casually near my hidden blade. Did they figure it out? No. I was puzzled. Sebastian paused and glanced towards the door. Then, still using that fake smile of his, he said. "Please wait here. Now if you would excuse me." With that, he walked out the room, rather calmly, although I swear I saw a flash if irritation hidden in those eyes. Hmm, interesting.